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A Special Thanksgiving Is Upon Us

by Dan Pfeifer 14 days ago in advice

Time to Celebrate in Person With Our Families

A Special Thanksgiving Is Upon Us
Photo by Ann on Unsplash

It’s that time of the year. The Fall colors have come and gone. The garden has yielded its last harvest (almost). The lawn has gone into remission. The big bear will soon sleep. It’s time to give thanks as Thanksgiving approaches. This year this special holiday will have even greater meaning as we will be able to get together in person to give thanks for the first time in two years. Yes, we have been able to gather this summer and get back to a more normal life. It felt good. 4th of July, fireworks and barbeques. Dips in the pool.

However, Thanksgiving seems to hold a special place in our hearts. A time to step back and reflect on our lives as we head into Winter. Time to enjoy our families once again. In person. Even more to be thankful for. A milestone before the even busier times of Christmas and the Holidays approach. Good people and good food. A simple premise.

By Luana Azevedo on Unsplash

It’s been a long pandemic. Even now in the news, there is talk of an uptick in Covid 19 cases, as the weather turns colder and we spend more time indoors. The booster shots are rolling out and hopefully for more of the 60 million eligible Americans who have not received any vaccination, common sense will prevail. I find it hard to understand why so many people refuse to get vaccinated. Just don't get it. To me it's a no brainer.

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Last year we were robbed of two great holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. At least. There were others including Easter and 4th of July. Did we still celebrate the best we could given the circumstances? Yes. But it just wasn’t the same as we missed our loved ones being there in person. Thank God for technology, be it FaceTime, Zoom, or whichever platform you chose. At least we could be in contact.

This year we may be a bit rusty when it comes to family get-togethers. So I urge all of you to use extra patience as we dive back into large family gatherings. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Of course, I’m speaking from the aspect of someone with occasional bouts of anxiety.

The pandemic has left some of us feeling a higher level of anxiety as we try to acclimate back to more normal social situations. Even though I missed family and friends, after a period of time I began to take some comfort in the isolation. In a strange way, I felt more relaxed during the pandemic. Don't get me wrong, I was very concerned for the welfare of my family and fiends and worried a lot about Covid 19. I still do. But for someone with social anxiety, the isolation made me feel more at ease.

So as we get back together for this wonderful holiday, most of all, just enjoy your family. As the nation is becoming more and more polarized, perhaps at Thanksgiving this year we should make a better effort to come together. As a nation, as a community, as a family. It all starts with the family. Let's be civil.

By Jed Owen on Unsplash

I hope all of you are looking forward to Thanksgiving. I can’t imagine if you’re not. The pandemic has brought new meaning to these special holidays and life in general. It has reminded us to appreciate what we have and more importantly who we have in our lives. To those who haven’t been vaccinated, please consider doing so. If not for yourself, for those you love who will be sharing a special Thanksgiving with you.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! And enjoy the turkey!


Dan Pfeifer

I focus on vegetable gardening, bird watching, and outdoor adventure. My posts offer a wealth of information on these topics and offer many photos to enjoy. I wrote for Bogger for 7 years, and have been writing on Medium for almost a year.

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Dan Pfeifer
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