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A Sister Treasure hunt

by Ange Bautista about a year ago in siblings
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Pictures that say more than words

Blooming Jade Vine

“Wow! What a beautiful day” Lyla tells her younger sister Riley, as they are walking next to a blooming jade vine. Alongside them is their cat Kiki who's extravagant with hazel eyes and a white clean coat. “Kiki, come here! says Riley, who's secretly scared of her. They both run after Kiki and find her playing with the most beautiful turquoise jade vine, that appears as if coming straight from the sky. This jade vine known for luck and wealth has a little black notebook right underneath it, with sunshine illuminating it as if they are the only two things in the Garden.

“Hey Lyla! Look what I found.” Riley admires the little black notebook, picks it up, and waves it for Lyla to see. Lyla jumps with excitement and yells “Let me see, let me see!” They both decide to open at the same time. Inside the little black notebook they found five interesting drawings and each one signed. When they went to the last page it contained a list of five names: Mike, Suzi, Janeth, Guillermo, and Fran, at the bottom of the page it said in big bold letters "FROM 1,000 WORDS TO 20,000 DOLLARS !" Riley asked her sister “What could that possibly mean?” Lyla loves to draw and remembered when her teacher told her that a picture is like a thousand words. She replied “I'm not really sure, but these names sound familiar.” Well they did live in a small town, where everyone would come visit the famous garden.

Kiki ran to the garden owner who happened to be walking by, the girls ran after her and apologized to the owner. “Hey Sir, we are sorry for our cat, she loves people.” said Riley embarrassed, “That's alright girls” replied old man Sean. “How are you guys enjoying the garden today?” Lyla quickly decided to tell him what they had found and the names that were in the book. To their surprise he had an answer for them “Well girls this sounds like an adventure and I have good news! The owners of those drawings live on the property and one of them is currently here but you better catch him before he leaves to meet the others for a family gathering.” The girls were so excited to know what those words contained in the little black notebook meant they ran to where the old man Sean had directed them and Kiki keeping up with the girls was enjoying the run. KNOCK! KNOCK! Mike opens the door confused, “Well what do we have here?” The girls so full of curiosity jumped right to it and asked him what those words meant and he replied “it’s a treasure hunt, now I must go but just know pictures tell a thousand words. Bye bye now.”

“No way!” Lyla shouts with disbelief “Riley, we have a treasure map for 20,000 dollars!” Both girls, now even more intrigued, started looking at each drawing. First drawing was the welcoming sign for their small town that's just right outside. It was much prettier and had more colors but it read “Welcome to Redland”. The second drawing contained a beautiful orange, white, and navy blue patterned Taisho Sanke Koi Fish. They girls recognized it because old man Sean used to teach them about the Koi fish in his garden. The third drawing was a wonderful unordinary pond that had a waterfall surrounded by fruitful trees. The Fourth drawing contained a garden with all different types of plants growing like the jade vine, bamboo tree, orchids, and even Venus flytraps. After just looking at the first four drawings the girls both yelled “REDLAND KOI & POND GARDEN!’’ they had gotten 75% of the treasure hunt completed and they were standing inside the Redland Koi & Pond Garden. The last drawing was tricky for neither one of them understood or could figure out what it was trying to say. However they did know that it must be the X like in an old treasure map. “This drawing is where the 20,000 dollars are! We have to find it!” Riley anxiously.

The last drawing was what appeared as a round coin that contained a cut out, small square in the middle, with what appeared as four Chinese symbols surrounding the coin evenly. The girls had never seen this anywhere around the garden, home or school, they didn’t know what to do. Meanwhile Kiki is standing in front of a mirror liking herself and the girl can see her from afar and It was 40 minutes before closing time. Old man Sean came out to turn on the bright elegant paper lanterns that were placed all around the now illuminating garden. He notices the girls seem to be down “Hey, did you young ladies speak to Mr.Mikey?” Riley with joy looked up and replied “Yes, but it’s your help we need now.” Lyla with excitement “great idea Riley! Mister Sean, you gotta help us, have you seen this before?” Old man Sean laughs to himself and replies “yes of course I have, and so have you and Kiki.” Old man Sean continues “you girls walk by it every time you come to my garden, see that mirror where Kiki is looking at herself, come let me show you.”

All three of them walk towards the mirror where Kiki is standing and old man Sean explains what they are looking at. “This small square mirror represents the square cut out that is part of the drawing and well if you step back you can see the mirror is inside a round circle which is the round coin and these symbols are the same ones in that drawing.” This is a magnified version of the drawing in your little black notebook, it's a Chinese currency.” Old man Sean asks the girls “What is my old pops Mr.Mikey have you girls doing if I may ask?” The girls, surprised at the information just received, tell him about the treasure hunt. “Ahh, I see. It's been two years since the last one, well you girls will need this.” Old man Sean gives them a key and says “use it wisely”

The girls take the key and start opening the small camouflaged tiny door located inside the Chinese coin and grab their 20,000 check.“We have to run and tell mom!” Lyla shouts and before they start running off with Kiki, Riley says “It really was a beautiful day.”

The End


About the author

Ange Bautista

Aircraft Tech who loves to write. I'm not saying I'm good at it. :D I do hope you enjoy it.

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