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A Princess and her Monkey

by deanna cree about a year ago in children

A bedtime story for my daughter...

A Princess and her Monkey

Once upon a time not so long ago there was a princess that lived in the clouds. She loved to play with her siblings and run and hide in makeshift forts they made out of items around the castle. Strawberries were her favorite treat and naptime was something that she did not like at all, but who could blame her? When you are young you are in charge of it all… So, she thought.

One day when she and her family were visiting venders from all over the kingdom the children go to try many new treats that came with them. Strawberries on sticks with chocolate! Bananas with chocolate and peanuts, and large apples dipped in caramel were just some of the treats that started off their adventure for the day.

The King sat his youngest daughter on the pony of her choice, with her younger brother behind her, he wrapped his arms tightly around her stomach, he did not like the pony ride one bit. The King’s oldest daughter got to sit on a Horse, she loved the horse with the braids and flowers in its mane she thought it was the most amazing animal she had ever seen in her life.

The King enjoyed watching his children with the animals and enjoyed his meal even more, so much in fact that he had lost track of his youngest daughter whom disappeared into the crowd. He panicked for a moment wondering how to explain the disappearance of a child to his wife, was quickly reunited with the little princess by a shop keeper. In her arms wrapped up tightly as if the creature was alive it wouldn’t be able to breathe. The King chuckled at her and paid the Shop keeper for the baby wrapped tightly in her arms, he bent down to her level and asked her what she had chosen as the next loving toy in her life.

A little black and white monkey’s head popped out from her arms and she squeezed it with all her might. As the evening went on and the children grew tired of all the merriment the King took them back to their homes for bed. As the children snuggled down to sleep the King fondly spoke of the day with his wife, she enjoyed every part of the story except for the tiny princess disappearing.

As the years rolled on the little princess’s monkey had gone everywhere and done everything with the princess and her family. They went for trips around the Kingdom, monkey went too. To balls and meetings with other Kingdoms to talk about peace treaties, monkey came too. The monkey doll had been well loved for many years from the small princess that the King grew tired of her with the monkey and expressed that she should abandon it to her room while she was out for the day. This was unacceptable thought the little princess, and ignored every wish from her father to leave monkey alone all day.

Every day the King would see his daughter with her baby, her life more or less and couldn’t believe how much she had cared for the thing that he believed was not worthless and not important to her development as a princess. Day in and day out every night she would take the monkey to bed with her and hug it so tightly that if is hugged it any tighter she would absorb it into her body. The King did not like the monkey one bit and would always try to get rid of it or hide it on her, but she was too smart for her father and would always find the monkey. The King finally gave up his resistance to the monkey after all these years and finally expressed compassion for her if she had lost it or it became stuck under her bed or thrown into a tree.

The little princess did not talk much for she always listened to what everyone around her was saying, she enjoyed when people spoke to her or asked her about her monkey but always hid when people asked too many questions. Her older sister had many friends and loved to talk and sing and play, she would always be doing something every minute of the day, that made the little princess’s head spin. Her sister liked fancy dresses and make up and her hair done she was always pretty when she would play with the other kids; the little princess liked quiet walks or sitting in her window reading with her monkey baby, she loved simple things like having matching dresses made for her and her baby and play all day in her room with her tea set and other baby dolls, but monkey always got the best seat, right next to her.

One day the King was working on helping the villagers prepare for the fall festival his youngest daughter came up to him to see what he was doing. He was tired and had his head in one hand while he wrote. She spoke softly to her father as not to bother him too much, hearing the quietest words spoken he looked down at her with big blue eyes staring back at him. “What is it my darling?” he asked as he lifted her onto his lap to get a better look at her. She and her monkey were in tow and sat there and over looked what her father was doing.

“The Kingdom is going to celebrate soon and everyone is invited to go.” The King bellowed. The little princess held her baby up to her nose and replied, “Even Nina?” Her father looked at her curiously. “Nina?” She smiled and held up her monkey; “Her name is Nina!” Her father had begun to laugh. He had waited years for her to speak and the first thing he got out of the tiny princess was the name of her beloved monkey.


deanna cree

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