A Letter to My Son

by Arlee Maxwell 2 years ago in children

You were wonderfully made.

A Letter to My Son
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Dear Son,

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was beyond scared, to be honest. I remember sitting in the bathroom floor looking at the test that gave me the first indication of life being formed inside of me thinking “I can’t do this.” I was young going into my senior year of high school and I knew the responsibility of having a child was greater than I could take on when I was still a child myself. Despite all my fears, I decided life for you was the only option I would consider.

When you were in my belly all I would crave was broccoli, salads, red lobster, bread, and cheddar bites from Zaxby's. Well... now I know why because you’re a broccoli loving, salad eating, seafood craving, and bread crazy little boy. You would always twist, flip, and turn constantly making it impossible for me to get comfortable. You would always grab onto my ribs or stick your feet under them, trying to break me it felt like at times. Being pregnant with you was no less than amazing and the best experience I could have imagined. When I was around 38 weeks pregnant, I took a tumble down a flight of stairs, but thankfully you didn’t get hurt but it for sure helped speed up your arrival into this world.

The day my water broke, I was on the way out to eat Mexican with my family. We never made it to Mexican, even though I tried convincing them all you could wait so I could eat first but nobody agreed.

I’ll never forget the day you were born. It was scary, exciting, and overwhelming for sure. You were almost taken out via c-section because our blood pressure dropped to extremely dangerous levels. I just remember having nurses running around screaming for a doctor, to get a room ready for an emergency C-section, oxygen masks being thrown on me, and I had no clue if you would make it or me. That’s when an angel came into the situation, A nurse flipped me upside down and by nothing less than a miracle, everything went back to normal, and I then soon after had you. You came out with the cord wrapped around your waist so tight that your bottom half was purple but the wonderful nursing staff knew exactly what to do for you.

You were the perfect baby and nothing less. You never cried at night or much at all. You always stayed smiling or had some type of funny face. You loved swinging in your chair and being held. But then you started crawling. I knew I was in trouble from then on. You would climb out of your pac n play, trying to get into anything and everything. You were always on the go and I barely could keep up. Then you started walking... This is when I realized I shouldn’t have taken for granted the moments all you could do was lay down. I’m just kidding haha—no, actually I’m not.

Watching you grow every year into the amazing, smart, loving, funny, strong, hard-headed, and dirt-loving little boy you are hasn’t been short of amazing. If I could pick my favorite part of our relationship, it’s the honesty and open communication we vow to always keep with each other. You will tell me the truth even when you know you’ll get grounded, or can’t play your Xbox or outside. I hope more than anything our relationship grows stronger but most importantly that we always keep our honest and open communication with one another.

Life is going to be rough and I won’t pretend you won’t go through hard times, but I can guarantee that I will always be right by your side every step of the way. I will be your biggest cheerleader, hype man, and best friend when you need me. But I will also correct you when you’re wrong and teach you life lessons you may not think you’ll need just yet.

As any mother can wish for her son, I hope all your dreams come true and everything you set your heart and mind to will be nothing short of successful. My hopes and dreams for you is to always know your worth, never sell yourself short, and never be defined by your circumstances but rather rise above them allowing it to shape you into a stronger person. I hope you stay humble, kind, loving, and forgiving and above all, never have too much pride.

I love you, my little spider-killing superhero, forever and always.


Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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