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4 Reasons Of Marriage Breakdown

What Are They?

By Tesfay HailePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Marriage breakdown refers to the process that many married couples go through, where their relationship fails and is no longer possible to return to the way it was before. A gap in expectations leads to a breakdown of domestic relationships, with either one partner usually going through a divorce or leaving the marriage.

The four main reasons for marriage breakdown which are described in detail below are communication, financial, immaturity and addiction

Number One- Communication

One of the major causes of divorce is communication. Communication breakdown the inability to get one's needs met.

Communication is one of the major causes of marriage breakdown. When you first meet your partner the person you want to be with or spend the rest of your time or the rest of your life with I would suggest you learn or you set time aside to communicate honestly and openly with each other.

You should create some time to communicate and stay open when your spouse or your partner is talking to you. Be open-minded and listen to what they have to say and just practice communication .try it on an easy level something easy not a big deal

So when something big happens it's a lot easier to communicate with and if the communication is really that bad,go to counsellor and see if you can get your needs met.

Communication is big. It is big in a lot of areas in our lives and when you're married to your spouse or the one you love you need to communicate with that person on an honest level. I know it is hard and it takes time and practice. If you practice it you'll get there and you'll be together for your whole life.

Number Two –Financial

You probably already know this one may be even feel it because I know it affects most people. The main reason is that one person is a big spender and the other person is a saver.

Many marriages broke down because of financial issues, could not get the budget under control and it used to bring fear into people so one of the main factors of divorce is financial.

Financial reasons are huge because they cause stress, they cause grief, sleepless nights in a marriage. If you have financial difficulties taken a look at your budget, talk to your spouse again communicate your fears what you need financially to function properly and hopefully you come to a happy medium. Everybody can be happy and you can live happily ever after.

Number Three -Immaturity

The third major reason for divorce is immaturity .one of the people or both people in the marriage are immature so they don't have that stay with it power. They don't have the ability to commit themselves through the good times in the bad times and the valleys in the mountains of life so they run.

They take cover they're immature. They can't stay still they don't want to deal with the problems. Immaturity can only be helped by life experiences and by simply growing up.

Number Four-Addiction

The number four reason for divorce is addiction issues .it could be gambling, porn, sex addictions, drug addiction alcohol addiction, or all sorts of addictions.

Addictions cause major problems in the family unit and in the marriage unit. If somebody has an addiction issue it’ll put huge stress on that marriage and the other spouse will have to leave and more likely not by his or her choice but they will be forced to leave because of the addictive personality or the addictive behavior from the other partner.

Again that situation can be helped through therapy. We always hear about it on the radio that there are rehab and outreach programs if you have an addiction issue or you know somebody in your family that is addicted. You can point them in a direction where they can seek help.

In summary, if you want to have a long lasting marriage relationship with your partner, you must master the four reasons that are very destructive to your marriage breakdown. If you do that, be assured that you will have happy marriage life that will last longer.


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