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Why We Should Question Everything!

Asking questions is fun, interesting, and enlightening!

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Quick Facts

-Asking questions is an amazing way to build knowledge, and knowledge is an incredible thing to have!

-Asking questions is one of the best ways to build and entertain our curiosity, which is a very pure state of being!


In American society, the art and value of asking questions is almost forgotten! Questions are often thought of as weak, unnecessary, or even detrimental when quite the opposite is true - they are valuable, critical for expanding our minds, and very helpful for establishing wellbeing!

So, without further ado, let's get started!

The Open Mind and The Closed Mind

A question is a sentence that encourages a response, particularly a response that helps form an understanding and/or a particular feeling (sometimes we say, "that makes sense" when someone gives an answer, sense being a particular feeling).

One of the defining characteristics of a closed mind is the inability and unwillingness to ask and answer questions, and this is one of the main reasons why those with closed minds often live low-vibrational lives. If we don't ask ourselves why we're angry, for example, we'll probably keep becoming angry at the same things/people for the rest of our lives.

On the other hand, one of the defining characteristics of an open mind is the ability and willingness to ask and answer questions! If we ask as many questions as we possibly can, after all, then we'll reach our enlightenment much quicker. We'll also have a lot of knowledge and understanding, and we'll constantly be developing our critical thinking skills along the way.

Having an open mind isn't a guarantee of obtaining the state of the mystic, but it certainly helps. This begs the question, "is the open mind simply superior to the closed mind?" I tend towards yes, and mostly because those with closed minds are usually so resistant to letting their minds become open, even when it's the best thing for them to do. Sometimes these people will ask questions and not even care about the answers they receive!

But, perhaps my biggest qualm with these kinds of people (while I'm looking at life through this perspective) is that they can very well encourage other people to be just like them. They can (and sometimes will) encourage people to comply instead of question, relax instead of think, become complacent, etcetera. This is mostly why I don't like most of the entertainment culture: the entertainers try their best to keep people enthralled in their content instead of being genuine or throwing in there that "hey, maybe you could ask some important questions here and there." This post is being made in direct contradiction to the force of "you don't need to question, just sit down" "you don't need to question, just get back to work" that I see everywhere I go (especially on the TV).

Why Questions Are Valuable

Allow me to make my case!

Questions are valuable because the dialog they encourage is valuable. The understanding they build is valuable. And, answering them correctly/honestly can very well lead to positive things!

For example, let's go through a question that many people would find uninteresting (or even stupid): "Why are the leaves on a tree green?" Already we have two ways we can answer this question; one, we can give the biological explanation, and two, we can ask the philosophical follow-up question, "why is anything green?"

If we ask the latter question we can come up with the answer, "because our eyes have cones that allow us to see the color" or "because the basic functions of the universe operate in such a way to where some things appear green to our eyes!"

If we continue the chain by asking why the universe operates in such a way, we've essentially asked, "why does the universe do what it does?" This is quite the philosophical venture, and philosophical ventures can certainly lead to wellbeing in and of themselves, even without going any further (which you definitely can)!

So, even the simplest and most basic of questions can lead to realization, understanding, and enlightenment. Why are they like this? Because they're a high-vibrational thing to participate in, whereas going off of what we know without ever asking any questions is often the opposite!

Some Of The Best Questions To Ask/Answer

While every question can lead to understanding, some questions should (probably) take precedence over others.

For example, questions that pertain to the physical portion of our immediate, everyday lives. "How can I make my business more profitable?" "I'm having a hard time doing my job, how can I make this easier on myself?" "Where did I put my sweats?" "Why is Elvis Presley under my bed?" You know, things that are important! If we make our day-to-day lives as fulfilling as possible we'll be living a good life!

Then, there are subjective questions. "Why do I feel this way?" "How can I stop feeling pain without getting drunk or addicted?" "How can I feel more positivity?" "Which of my beliefs are detrimental and holding me back?" "How can I properly build my inner reality?" "Which beliefs do I want to believe, if at all" "What do I need to do, say, or think for my enlightenment?"

Don't forget the big-picture questions! "What do I want to be known for, if anything at all?" "Which parts of my life can benefit from a big-picture perspective?" "Which events/issues/people should I look at with a big-picture perspective?" These questions are particularly useful for building patience and alleviating anxiety.

There are philosophical questions: "what is life?" "Why am I here?" "What is death, and why are we so afraid of it?" "Is it a game or is it serious?" "What were the previous philosophers trying to accomplish?" "What did the previous philosophers discover?" "What thought process can I engage in that will help me discover the most?"

The intellectual questions: "how can I develop my intelligence?" "Which kind(s) of intelligence do I possess?" "What exactly is intelligence?" "What are some intelligent things to do, and ask?"

The spiritual questions: "what is spirituality?" "Do I believe it isn't real, or that it is? Why?" "Do I believe it's good, or just a hoax? Why?"

And, the most important question of them all: Where exactly is Jimmy Hoffner buried?!"

Why are these good questions to ask? Because, when they are answered, and especially when they're continued with more questions, they raise our understanding of ourselves, the physical world, and metaphysical states. They promote dialog between ourselves and others, and they're quite crucial for self-integration and emotional awareness, two things which greatly help with our well-being!

Final Thoughts

I feel like I missed some important questions. If I did, please tell them to me in the comments below!

Also, while being curious has been extremely beneficial to me in more ways than I care to explain, I do recommend taking care of yourself and stopping if you feel like you're getting a bit too curious. :)


Thank you so much for reading my post! I'm truly grateful to spend this time with you, and I'll see you later! :)

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