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Why is it said that drug use at the injection stage is basically a dead end?

The Devastating Consequences of Drug Use

By tim8888Published 7 months ago 4 min read

A staff member at a drug rehabilitation center told me: that injecting drugs is just the third stage of drug use, and the ultimate stage of drug addiction is known as “opening the sky window.” Once someone reaches the injection stage, it’s almost impossible to turn back.

TANYONG is already 30 years old but still hasn’t found the love she desires. The main reason is her weight; she stands at 165 centimeters tall but weighs over 140 pounds. Due to her body size, no man is interested in pursuing her, which makes TANYONG feel self-conscious and lonely.

However, her efforts to find love have been in vain. Because no one is willing to love a plus-sized woman, TANGYONG has become increasingly desperate as she grows older. Her family continuously arranges blind dates for her, but none of them lead to anything substantial. TANYONG has gone on 15 blind dates, all with no follow-up.

As she watches those around her settle down and build families, TANYONG feels increasingly anxious and self-conscious. She’s tried to lose weight through exercise but hasn’t been able to stick to it. Then, she came across a set of photos that showed drug users as emaciated and thin. TANYONG began to consider taking a shortcut.

Although TANYONG knew that drugs were harmful, she believed that she could quit after achieving her goal with her own willpower. She decided to give it a try, not realizing that it would lead her down a dark path. She exhausted her savings of hundreds of thousands of yuan, borrowed money externally, and eventually forced her parents to sell their house to pay off her debts.

It must be said that drugs are incredibly dangerous. Typically, drug addiction has four stages: the initial stage of nasal inhalation or ingestion through drinks or alcohol, the second stage of smoking or inhaling, the third stage of injection, and the final stage known as “opening the sky window.” Once someone reaches the third stage, it’s as if they’ve signed a contract with the Grim Reaper.

When addicts encounter drugs for the first time, it’s often due to poor friendships and peer pressure. They begin experimenting because drugs offer an unparalleled sensation. As depicted in the TV series “The Disciple,” it feels like an otherworldly experience that affects every part of the body.

During this initial stage, addicts usually have sufficient financial resources. Although nasal inhalation has a low absorption rate, they can compensate by using larger quantities of drugs. However, as their cravings grow, their financial resources dwindle. That’s when they turn to smoking or inhaling, as it involves the lungs, which absorb drugs more effectively.

In the third stage, they start injecting. By this point, their financial situation is dire. Some have sold their homes or cars or resorted to borrowing money everywhere. In this phase, even a single gram of drugs is precious. While nasal inhalation or smoking has an absorption rate of around 40%, injection increases absorption to about 60%.

At this stage, addicts no longer have the financial means to buy as many drugs, so they rely on absorption rates to compensate. However, this also increases the risk of infection, as they often lack proper hygiene and sanitary conditions. Injecting drugs involves piercing a vein, and their bodies start to convulse and shake uncontrollably due to cravings, making it easier to puncture a vein.

As a result, the muscles around the injection site become hard and necrotic. This explains why some addicts can only inject in their thighs or other areas where veins are more accessible, as their arms become too tough for injections. While it’s possible to inject in the feet or lower legs, the slower delivery to the brain makes the high less intense.

When even the thighs become inaccessible, addicts resort to “opening the sky window,” which involves injecting into the neck. Absorption rates in this area can exceed 80% because the brain is located above the neck. However, this leads to dangerously high drug concentrations, often causing fainting or even sudden death. In contrast, nasal inhalation or smoking provides some filtration through the lungs, and injecting in the arms or thighs slightly dilutes the drug.

In conclusion, the story warns about the perils of drug addiction and emphasizes the importance of drug prevention and awareness. It showcases how addiction progresses through stages, with each stage becoming increasingly dangerous and destructive. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder to “value life, and stay away from drugs,” as even great wealth cannot withstand the ravages of addiction.


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