We Were Legends

One Last Time

We Were Legends

One week to go. Graduation was right around the corner and right now the only thing that mattered to the senior class was to accomplish a great senior prank. Jacob and Blair had been plotting the execution of a seamless and successful senior prank for months now. It had all come down to this.

“Okay, everyone shut up!” Jacob yelled out to the hundred or so seniors who had gathered for unveiling of the plan.

“First of all, if you’re not one hundred percent in, then you need to leave now,” Blair stated.

No one moved.

“We need people to get maroon and gold paint for the rocks,” Jacob said. “Any volunteers?”

“We’ll bring the maroon,” Lucus shouted, speaking for the football team.

“I’ve got some gold left over from homecoming,” Karin said. “We can use that too.”

“Perfect. We will meet tonight at 9:00 PM at The Top of the World,” Blair said.

“Once we have a solid number we’ll cram everyone into as few cars as possible and head over to Los Lunas,” Jacob continued.

“Meet at nine and then everyone can follow me to the mountain," Serena said.

"Try to wear dark colors, black is preferable. Oh and you’re definitely going to want to wear running shoes for this… just in case,” Blair added.

“We’ll climb up the mountain as one big group and when we get to the top we’ll start rearranging the double L’s into a B. The rocks are big so we need everyone to help,” Jacob commanded.

“As soon as we’ve got the rocks rearranged into a B, and set and ready, we’ll cover everything in maroon and gold paint!” Blair exclaimed.

The seniors immediately began to cheer. This was by far one of the most organized class pranks to be pulled in a long time.

“Everyone clear?” Jacob asked.

“Great! Then we will see you all at 9:00 PM sharp!” Blair said. Serena and Blair headed home to get ready. They met in middle school six years ago and now they were inseparable.

At 9:00 PM The Top of the World was flooded with seniors ready to carry out the ultimate prank. Everyone was there. It didn’t matter that they all didn’t hang out together at school, what mattered was that this was the end. This was the last time they would be able to come together and in their eyes, do something epic. Under the unwavering command of Jacob and Blair, the plan went into effect. Cars that normally sat five, now held eight teenagers.

“Lap up!” Shouted Blair. “Remember we can’t have too many cars out there.”

Shortly after, everyone arrived at the bottom of the mountain and began climbing the hill excitedly. Lucus and the rest of the football team led the hike carrying buckets of maroon paint. The top of the hill was chaos. People everywhere were trying to lift rocks, but were failing miserably to form the correct letter shape. It was a mess.

Lo and behold one of the generals was missing. Jacob was nowhere to be found. Immediately the two girls assumed command.

“EVERYONE STOP!” Serena screamed, bringing the chaos to a halt. "Boys football, basketball and baseball, you will take the top L and form the rocks into a B. Boys tennis, you need to move the rocks from the top of the second L to form the bottom of the B.

"Everyone else, throw, roll or do whatever you need to do to get the rocks from the lower L down the hill. They'll have fun time getting those back up the mountain,” she giggled.

The plan was in full effect and everything had gone perfectly. From the bottom of the mountain, Bryan, the lookout, gave the thumbs up that the B was in place.

“Almost done everyone!” Blair exclaimed. “Now grab the paint and throw it all over the rocks!”

Soon maroon and gold paint began to fly everywhere. The rocks and most of the seniors were covered. The prank went off without a hitch, until…

Out of the corner of her eye, Blair noticed a cop car flash its lights, turn them off, turn them back on and race towards the downtown area. “I think that cop knows something is up S,” Blair said.

“He couldn’t,” Serena replied, and soon enough had an uneasy feeling. “Could he?”

Suddenly, spotlights from down below covered the mountain. The cop had noticed and he brought back up.

“Hit the floor!” Lucus yelled.

Everyone began dropping like flies.

Pitch black.

“Guys we have to get out of here,” Lucus announced. “Stay in groups and get down the mountain any way you can. Go!”

Chaos once again commenced. People were running and tripping trying to get down, while spotlights flashed the mountain searching for runners.

Unable to see where she was going, Blair tripped and a sharp stinging pain in her hand caused her to pause before getting up. She had landed in a cactus and it was stuck on her hand.

“Why did you stop?” shouted Serena.

“We need to go!” yelled Matthew, pulling her.

“Take it out and I will!” she retorted.

“Take what out?” the boys said together.

“She has a freaking cactus in her hand idiots!” Serena seethed. The boys all took a step back.

“None of these guys will do it,” Blair said annoyed. "Yank it out and let's go."

Serena pulled it out as blood streamed from Blair's hand.

"You're just going to go—" Lucus attempted to ask.

"—Yes, now move before we get caught!" Blair ordered.

"But—are you—" Matthew asked.

Blair’s hand was trickling with blood where the cactus had been. “It’s fine. We need to keep going. I’ll deal with that later. We are not going to get caught,” Blair stated matter of factly.

With that, Lucus, Blair, Serena and Matthew blindly made their way down the mountain, dodging and ducking spotlights and police ATV’s. Soon they came to the edge of a cliff. No place to go but straight down.

“We have no choice but to get down this way. We’re going to have to slide down as best we can,” Matthew said.

“Hey, who’s there? Is someone there?” a voice asked.

“Hello?” said another.

This was it. They had been caught. They were about to be booked for trespassing. The bush began to rustle. They were doomed.

“Oh good! We found someone!” Lucus cried.

“We’ve been so lost!” Karin exclaimed.

“You literally scared the hell out of us!” Serena shouted in a loud whisper.

“Never mind that,” Blair said, “We need to go. This is our way out of this mess.”

Another noise. This time it was an ATV. This time it was the police.

The six friends stood perfectly still, backs flat against the mountainside. Just below them were the cops. A spotlight came on directly below them. Just a few feet up and they would all be exposed.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s over here,” a policeman reported. “All clear. We’ll move to the back of mountain. There’s bound to be plenty on that side. These kids can’t be that smart.”

No one dared to move for the next few minutes.

“Start sliding now!” Serena commanded.

One by one they slid down the mountain.

“Bryan is waiting for us about 100 yards that way,” Blair pointed. “RUN!”

The six of them made a mad dash for the green Land Rover waiting around the corner. The back hatch was open and they dog piled in.

“GO!” Lucus yelled.

Bryan hit the gas and soon they were gone.

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Bridget Chavez
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