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Ways To Learn Outside of College

If you aren’t sure about attending a classroom setting again, here are ten other ways you can learn without going to college.

By Sasha McGregorPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Ways To Learn Outside of College

Since college often costs a lot of money to attend, many people look for other ways to make a career. Some will only attend college for the opportunities to party, and they end up neglecting their studies. Graduating doesn’t guarantee you a job either, so there are those who think, “What’s the point of going?”. If you aren’t sure about attending a classroom setting again, here are ten other ways you can learn without going to college.

Trade School

Going to a trade school is one of the many alternatives to college that you can choose from to do. They offer specific knowledge in a certain job and give you hands on training with that trade. You’re able to learn from someone who is knowledgeable in the work, which often leads to you becoming certified in shorter periods of time depending on the school.


There are many ways you can read about various information at any moment. You can find a majority of up to date news and how things work by finding articles on the internet, or you can go to the library, researching books and magazines. Reading helps you learn about whatever you want.

Radio Programs

The radio is a great way to educate yourself. There are various stations that produce all types of information depending on your geography. You can get local, country, and world news to educate yourself in politics or current events, or maybe you may want to listen to other things like the religious, sports, and business stations to learn from those.


A popular way to learn is by listening to podcasts. You can subscribe to them through apps on your phone and listen to them daily. You can find just about any topic you’re interested in, and you can choose who you want to get the information from. It could be a famous person, company, or just another everyday person like yourself.


You can find various events that will help give you knowledge in certain areas. Professionals will often hold seminars to give tips and tricks on how they accomplish things to become successful. Some of these meetings will offer question and answer times, and afterward, you may be able to talk to some of the special speakers.

DIY Projects

Many people find that the best way to learn is by doing the activity. You will grow from your mistakes and miscues, ensuring that you won’t do those again. After you have completed your task several times, you’ll find that it becomes easier to do.


A great way to learn is by watching videos posted on the internet and social media platforms. A lot of people will make step by step videos on how to accomplish a goal and post it for others to see. Depending on the platform you are watching from, you may have the opportunity to ask questions or leave comments for the maker to answer later.


Having a personality and being able to make a conversation can go a long way. Many times, you can learn through talking with another person and gleaning from what they have to say. One-on-one and group settings can offer more opportunities to be engaged as well.


One of the easiest ways to learn is by working. Companies may offer you training, an apprenticeship, or an internship option depending on what you’re interested in doing. Over time you can learn a lot by working in that field. You could also start your own company and learn as you go. People will often take a hobby and turn it into a profession in order to make a profit.


When you write on a certain topic, you will most likely need to look up and research what it is. You may also have to interview or look through books and materials you normally wouldn’t look at. The research it takes to write a comprehensive paper will teach you about the topic and show you new materials. New terminology and facts are often remembered when you see them through the repetitions of reading and writing.

This is a time in the world’s history where anyone can access information and knowledge almost anywhere. If you are motivated, you can learn from a multitude of different ways and become successful.

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