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Walnuts are Superfoods for Human Health

Walnuts are superfoods for human health

By Health ShopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Walnuts are Superfoods for Human Health
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Being a dry fruit, walnuts have always been considered to be medically beneficial and are also considered to be the best for preventing obesity.
Nuts contain proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats that help in keeping the cholesterol level in the body low which also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Here are more of its benefits that will compel you to try it.

Avoid Overeating

Recently, a study revealed that eating a small amount of walnuts daily can activate the parts of the brain that reduce the urge to overeat or hunger. Helpful, as people feel fuller for longer after eating this fruit.

Reduce the Rsk of Cncer and Gstrointestinal Dseases

Eating half a cup of walnuts daily improves the immune system by increasing levels of probiotic bacteria while reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Research has shown that the health of the stomach affects the overall physical health, the habit of eating walnuts brings positive changes in the stomach while it is also a beneficial habit for the health of the heart and brain.

 Improves Mntal Fnction

 Feeding children fish, soybeans and walnuts in childhood is beneficial for their mental development. A study revealed that a lack of omega-3 fatty acids in childhood makes children prone to mental anxiety, which affects their memory performance. The foods listed above are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain function in children as they mature.

Protect Men from Ifertility

A study by the University of Delaware revealed that the habit of eating walnuts results in a reduction of chemicals in the body that damage cells and lead to infertility in men. Research has shown that walnuts contain fatty acids that prevent damage to these cells. The researchers said that it is surprising that eating walnuts helps to control this problem, but it More research is needed to know what exactly is in walnuts that is beneficial in this regard.

Prevent Diabetes

Walnuts are high in fatty acids and are also excellent in terms of calories, so if people eat them daily, their metabolic system will be in better condition. Eating walnuts improves the function of blood vessels while reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the body, both factors that increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Improved Health and Protection Against Premature Graying of Hair

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, these dried fruits help to retain moisture in your hair, and are also rich in copper, which helps maintain the natural color of skin and hair. While deficiency of this mineral can cause premature graying of your hair.

Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Some studies suggest that eating walnuts may help lower blood pressure, including in people with high blood pressure and in healthy people when under stress. Other studies did not observe this effect (23Trusted Source, 24Trusted Source, 25Trusted Source).

Among other diets, the four-year PREDIMED study in about 7,500 adults at high risk of heart disease tested a Mediterranean diet supplemented with 1 ounce (28 grams) of mixed nuts daily, of which half were walnuts.

At the end of the study, people on the nut-enriched Mediterranean diet had a 0.65 mmHg greater decrease in diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) than people on a similar heart-healthy control diet who weren’t given nuts (25Trusted Source).

This suggests that nuts may slightly improve the blood pressure benefits of a heart-healthy diet. This is important, as small differences in blood pressure are thought to have a big impact on your risk of heart disease death (25Trusted Source).

The Bottom Line

Walnuts are an exceptionally nutritious nut. They have higher antioxidant activity and significantly more healthy omega-3 fats than any other common nut.

This rich nutrient profile contributes to the many health benefits associated with walnuts, such as reduced inflammation and improved heart disease risk factors.

Scientists are still uncovering the many ways that walnuts’ fiber and plant compounds, including polyphenols, may interact with your gut microbiota and contribute to your health.

It’s likely you’ll keep hearing more about walnuts in the years to come as more studies will research their beneficial health effects.
Still, there are plenty of reasons to include them in your diet already today.

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