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Top Affordable Universities of Abroad

by Ravi Bhanu 4 months ago in college

Foreign Universities That Do Not Have Very High Fees

As an Indian student, I know studying abroad is very expensive these days. School, college, and university fees are rising everywhere every year. Under these circumstances, many feel that getting a recognized degree or a qualification from a university either in your home country or abroad seems impossible without having a huge budget at your end. But, this is not the case. The good news is that there are certain foreign universities that do not have very high fees and Indian students can study here for a very affordable amount. We present below some of the top universities abroad which are not only known for their qualitative education but also for their low fees.

United State of America Universities

One of the most sought-after abroad destinations among the Indian students in the USA. There are more than 3,200 universities and colleges in the states, offering plenty of courses to students. Every year, thousands of students from India apply to USA universities to get higher education. Although education in the USA is expensive, there are many universities in the USA which do not charge a large amount as tuition fees. Those institutions that offer affordable tuition fees get higher federal aid. Here are some USA universities which offer courses with the lowest tuition fees.

  • Utah State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • San Diego State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Wayne State University
  • Minnesota State University
  • California State University
  • Montana State University
  • San Jose State University
  • Kansas State University

United Kingdom Universities

In 2021, almost 75% of universities and colleges in the United Kingdom had charged tuition fees at the rate of £9,750 per year for an undergraduate degree. This is not a very reasonable amount. Thankfully, there are few universities in the UK which are cheap and affordable and also known for their quality education.

  • Staffordshire University
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • The University of Aberdeen
  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • The University of Wales, Trinity St David
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • York St John University

Best Australian Universities

Australian higher education for international students is comparatively cheaper than US and UK universities. Though in certain cities like Melbourne and Sydney, the tuition fees are expensive, there are many universities that offer education at low fees. In Fact, it is said that if you want to go abroad for higher studies at a low fee, then Australia is the best place. In most of Australia’s cheapest universities, tuition fees for international students are around $24,000 per year. Most of these low-fee universities are away from the major cities which keeps the costs down. Some of the well-known cheapest Australian universities for international students are as follows:

  • University of Divinity
  • Torrens University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Federation University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of New England
  • CQ University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Victoria University

Top Universities of Germany

One of the most popular countries for study abroad is Germany, the reason being, it has been cited as one of the most supportive countries for international students. It is considered to be a very inexpensive country to study abroad in. Indian students or for that matter international students pay the same tuition fees as local students. There are few universities in Germany that do not charge any tuition fees at all. As an Indian student, one can even work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year while studying. A lot of scholarship opportunities also exist. Some of the well-known universities which charge low fees or no tuition fees are:

  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Free University of Berlin
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Technical University Munich
  • Schiller International University, Heidelberg
  • University of Freiburg in Baden-Wurttemberg

Top Universities in Canada

If you think that the US, UK, and Australia are expensive countries for higher education, then you can opt for low tuition universities in Canada. Offering premier education at a very low cost for Indian as well as other international students, studying in these universities is a rewarding investment. On average, a low-cost Canadian university charges tuition fees anywhere between $8,000 and $12,000 per academic year. A list of top universities in Canada with low fees is given below:

  • Dominican University College
  • Brandon University
  • Universite de Saint-Boniface
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Memorial University Of Newfoundland
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • The Kings University College
  • Athabasca University
  • Saint Paul University
  • Universite’ Saint- Anne

Top Universities in Singapore

Among the Asian countries, Singapore is a popular abroad destination for higher studies. The cost of studying in Singapore is very low as compared to other popular foreign destinations like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The average tuition fee per year for international undergraduates in Singapore is £6,040 to £9,650 per year.

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Yale-NUS College
  • Singapore University of Technology & Design
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • SIM University


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