Times are Changing. Were We Prepared for This?

Education is the pillar of every society. It is education that puts the world in motion and takes us to the future. Education has always evolved and transformed to meet the changes happening in the world from time to time.

Times are Changing. Were We Prepared for This?
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But the pattern of learning has always remained the same—a teacher imparting education to her students through direct interactions.

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. And everything changed. Businesses shut down. Colleges and universities closed. Businesses halted.

The world came to a standstill.

Although the world has picked itself from the initial shock and tried to crawl its way to the future, everything changed. There are things that will never go back to it was.

One of such things is education—it will never be the same.

While traditional education is what took us here, we were also saddled by its own limits. Students were tied to a central idea of direct learning.

What is changed now?

Even though technology developed and means were invented, education never broke out from the four walls. But guess what, it has now.Governments are planning to take education online. Academic institutes are fortifying themselves to offer programs online. What more, venerated universities around the world offering training and development courses in dubai are providing the students the opportunities to study their preferred courses from the comfort of their homes at their home country.

Well, that’s a serious and far-reaching change.

However, we need to ask this one question. The workplaces were changing. Was education, though?

Not enough. Technology has transformed the world of work in more ways than done.

The patterns of how businesses now accept work from their employees and make them work have changed.

No one knows if it will go back to what it was. The trend has helped companies not only cut down their costs significantly but also shoot up the satisfaction levels of their employees.

They have also been successful in keeping the employees safe without disrupting the work.What more does a business want?

Did technology cause this?

No. It is the pandemic that has plunged the world into chaos, changed the way we all work and transformed how education was imparted.

But technology has had a strong say in the same. The possibilities were always there to make all of these happen. Since there was no need for it, no one really pushed technology to do their bidding.

But the pandemic did.

It was easier for everyone to lean onto technology and let it take care of everything—work, education, healthcare and even business meetings.

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Worldwide competition added fuel to the transformation

There is competition everywhere, we like it or not. It was the major reason no one wanted to sit idle. And also, everyone wanted to put food on the table for their loved ones.

If one business failed, there was another in its place working a way out.This situation encouraged everyone to work hard and make do with everything they had. And they did. That’s the reason the world is still spinning.While there may be reasons that each of these has played its role to create a need for traditional education to change, all of it fed each other to make it happen.

It was also the need of the hour. Open markets where traditional education did not provide any edge to the candidates and the transforming world of work created this need.

Whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. Even after the pandemic has long gone.

Explore Education and the change

As a learning provider that offers BTEC, ATHE and Business Management courses in Dubai UAE, Explore Education has always embraced technology and the changes brought in. Even before the pandemic, we have been offering various course online as per the requirements of the students.

It has helped us emerge as one of the best institutes offering Pearson qualifications in UAE.

It was our preparedness and ability to integrate technology that helped us continue offer learning to our students even when academic institutes across the world were closed due to the pandemic.

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