Things to Know Before Joining a Sorority

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It's Hard Work

Things to Know Before Joining a Sorority

Sure when you think about sorority life you think sleepovers, brunch dates and lots of matching clothing but being a sorority girl is hard work honey. Obviously, once people read this they are going to think: "What is so hard about being in a sorority?" Well... let me tell you.

1. Money

Some people may or may not know this (I didn't when I joined my sorority) but you have to pay to be a part of the sorority. When I first wanted to be a part of the sorority scene, I thought that you only had to pay your "dues" if you were living in the house (I was not going to live in the house), to my surprise, I got a bill for $884 just to initiate! And that is only the first half of the semester, next semester I have to pay another $400! Yes, I is really expensive but at the end of the day when you look at it as a whole, it is the same as being part of a sports team or a club in university. This money is going to basic necessities that are needed to keep the house running and in order to create a budget for the year in things you are going to spend on such as food for everybody and event materials. I should also mention that when you first join a sorority, your dues will be higher for the first semester because of things such as initiation pins and an initiation fee but after that semester, the rest will be relatively low, about $400 every semester (another note: this is only for MY sorority, different sororities have different fees and dues).

2. Commitment

When you are a part of the sorority there are certain things that are mandatory for everyone such as Monday night meetings and philanthropy events. These are things that are mandatory for everyone to go to and participate in. Compared to socials which are not mandatory, these events take time and commitment. You have to show up, meaning if you have a test in a couple days you cannot just skip out on a meeting or event because you want. Of course, sorority life is not more important than your school life, but in order to skip one of these events you need to be excused, meaning "You better have a good reason why you are not here and you better have receipts."

3. GPA

Contrary to popular belief, sorority girls are not dumb. In fact, there is a GPA requirement in order to get in and in order to stay a part of the sorority. If you fall below the expected GPA-level, you are required to complete a certain amount of study hours each week and to keep a documented time sheet.

4. Time

Being a part of a sorority means being a part of the greek community. This means you will be very busy with different events that not only include your sorority but also other sorority and fraternities. Throughout the semester there are many events you will need to take part of that will take a lot of your time. For example for new members, recruitment! Recruitment for a new member means putting aside three whole days and going to each sorority house to see which house is the best fit (trust me, with all the walking and talking, by the end of day 1 you are exhausted). Another thing is multiple retreats such as the BigLittle retreat and the initiation retreat. These retreats are mandatory and help sisters get to know one another. Another is sisterhood events which help grow bonds between sisters. You get the point, there are many events going on in which you are required to take a part in and this can get stressful when you are also balancing school and work!

I do not want to discourage anyone from wanting to join a sorority because it is honestly a wonderful way to make new friends and grow as a person and I definitely do not regret joining one but I want to make sure that people are aware as to how much time and work is required in order to be part of the greek community and that it is not all fun and games!

How does it work?
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