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By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The circumstances of our reality today have been reoccurring themes all through-out history. The egos of man have played a pivotal role in shaping world history. The events that have always followed are systematically orchestrated by those who have amassed great power and influence. The greed that always accompanies power and influence has turned our world upside down. Even with all the technological and scientific marvels of today millions the world over still lives a stone age existence.

The platitudes and the embellishment that are bestowed to those who wield power and influence have always led to more suffering and anguish for the millions who have been betrayed by their promises. Promises that have been made but never kept. The beguiled public has always been swayed to believe wealth equates to great knowledge and a trust that they use their power and influence to ease the many crises that continue to flourish.

Many can still remember a time of a more balanced society. A time where our youth had fun and had seasons in the sun. A time where hopes and dreams could actually be fulfilled. The upside-down world of today has unleashed a host of contingencies that have made it almost impossible to elevate oneself up that later of upward mobility.

The inequality that has arisen by so few that have too much power and influence over societies breeds discontent which left unchecked like it is today breeds hate.which in turn many times turns into violence. The inner conflicts of man arise by the influences of our surroundings. Greed, lust and hate are all powerful emotions that breed not only the internal struggles within oneself but are the common denominators that have continued to make peaceful co-existence between man and nature impossible.

As long as there is so much inequality in the world today there will always be unresolved conflicts. The wealth and educational gap the world over have fueled the debates where compromise has never been successful. The selfish desires of many of the ruling classes are now poised to further corrupt the efforts for stability. Whenever efforts that are being made to ease the travesties that man has caused really never materialized enough to reduce the misery and suffering for millions.

All one has to do is open your eyes to see the hopelessness and despair that exists in practically every major city and town not only here in the US but around the world. Millions the world over continue to have their hopes and dreams wither and die on that vine of lost opportunities. Opportunities that have been caused by the unkept promises of those who wield the power and influence over societies. The temptations for more personal gain continue to outweigh the willingness to do what is right and good for the public at large.

The greatest tragedy of our world today is that millions the world over continue to be subjected to the audacious policies that have only benefited the growing power elite. Until more realize what is actually happening to our world, we will continue to suffer the consequences of our inaction. All because we know that there are enough resources to dramatically close the educational and wealth disparity gap. And in this way, we will be able to ease the tempests that have and are causing so much turmoil through-out the world.

The choice is ours to make but unfortunately too many are still clinging to false beliefs. The belief that money equates to knowledge. Knowledge is the basis of everything in existence. Without it nothing would exist as we perceive it to be. Knowledge are the building blocks of any foundation. Knowledge is the key to opening doors that would never have existed before. Acquiring knowledge and awareness. comes from questioning everything, researching and learning from the mistakes not only by oneself but the mistakes that have been reoccurring themes through-out history.

It is a sad commentary that today here in the United States the educational gap has only continued to widen leaving at least three generations subjected to inferior standards of education. The consequences are too profound to ignore any longer. Without closing the gap in our educational system, we will always suffer a retardation in gaining knowledge to correct the many crises that are now being created by our continued lack of knowledge and false beliefs.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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