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The Lecture

by Caille Rose 11 months ago in student

Kat Rose: Caillete Creatives

You slip into the crowded lecture hall and take a seat toward the back. You look to the clock on the wall to check the time. Perfect. As you had intended, you’ve arrived fashionably late. This course was incredibly boring, and the professor counted attendance through the end of class quiz. You’d figured out weeks ago that the quizzes were on the previous weeks content and all the previous weeks materials including lecture recordings were posted to the course’s website. Now you show up toward the end of class with the quiz material adequately studied and get to avoid most of the boredom that is learning physics in a crowded lecture hall. You’d tried in the beginning of the semester to come to lecture and pay attention, but it was difficult to follow the professor’s words in such a crowded room. It was much easier to learn the material at home where the distractions are minimal. Unfortunately, this left you at a disadvantage on some of the extra credit questions and if the professor called on you to answer a question it was an issue, sort of. Most of the class couldn’t hear you speak across such a massive space anyway.

Lecture halls are for classes like history, courses that can be learned through listening alone and in many cases that may be all that remains to study the topics of history anyway. Courses like this where their may be questions galore on the content of that days lecture a large class size like this is just inefficient and leads to poor student performance. Unfortunately, colleges don’t really care about that, you think. Places like this exist to make money, knowledge is free but the certification that you have that knowledge can cost you a lifetime of debt. Yet here you are sitting in a room full of other people going equally in debt for knowledge that is available as easily as the textbook you had to find for this class.

Why do we continue feeding into this horrendous institution you ask yourself? A small voice in the back of your mind reminds you of a thought you’d had long ago. Way back in high school you laugh, it was only what? Three years ago?

The professors voice drones on, white noise in the background of your thoughts, like a fan running, as you remember back to senior year. The indoctrination had begun much sooner with many of your classmates blindly submitting to it, not you though, you became self-aware. Starting at an early age it was drilled into the minds of yourself and your fellows that college would be how you became successful. School quickly became not about the pursuit of knowledge as it had been intended by its creators but instead quickly became how we measured our self-worth, by the number next to those three letters that we are made to believe determine our destiny.

Trade school was an option but not one that was mentioned to you, like a hidden quest in a video game unless you knew which way to go it wasn’t a path you could follow. You were taught two choices. College or failure. If you were unable to achieve the academic success required for college or you couldn’t afford to go then your only option in life, then became failure. At least that was the lie you were taught to believe. Sadly, despite your self-awareness the calling that speaks to you is one where a degree is a requirement. So here you are sitting in a lecture hall, you look to the front to see what the professor is doing. Here you are sitting here in a lecture hall, watching a man explain gravity by throwing his pen in the air. A chuckle escapes your throat, this, this is what you spend ten thousand a year on, and your one of the lucky ones.

This school is relatively cheap, most people spend upwards of twenty thousand a year for the same quality of education. State school, your financial savior. Ten thousand is still an outrageous price to pay for an education the likes of which you could receive for free provided you have access to the internet, but its better than twenty thousand or more for the same education.

The professor was still trying to explain acceleration during free fall to my classmates. He was throwing the pen to explain that there is a point where an object thrown in the air will stop before falling back down. The people in the class didn’t seem to be understanding that concept very well.

Once again you look to the clock and check the time. You breathe a sigh of relief as you see that the time is coming closer to when you get to be free of his monotonous voice. Provided of course he remembers the quiz, if not then you’d have to endure a few extra minutes until class ends and he realizes that he doesn’t have time for the quiz. Those days tended to be very frustrating for you since you only come for the attendance credit.

“What about the quiz?” You hear the dumbest person in the room probably ask, seriously who asks to take a quiz that is ridiculous.

“Oh right!” You hear the professor exclaim. Then he begins to fumble with his slide show, good god his slide show was long. Why on earth does he need a slide show with what looks like nearly a hundred slides?

He pauses on a slide, the slide says: CLEAR YOUR DESKS OF ALL BUT A PEN AND A PIECE OF PAPER.

You quickly complied, the faster the quiz is done the sooner you can go home and get your assignments done and then enjoy your night. You notice several people in class “putting their things away” of course the way the lecture hall was set up cheating was easy; the professor could not tell what was in your lap in the slightest. You didn’t try to cheat, it wasn’t worth it for you, getting caught is something that tends to happen quite easily to you.

The professor clicks over to the next slide, two questions. The quiz was only two questions, good. You began to hurry to finish the quiz so you can leave.

You complete your quiz; you pack your things and hurry to the front of the room to turn in your quiz. You turn around and rush up the stairs, and out the door. You hurry out of the building and to the parking garage. Once you get there you get in your car and sigh a big sigh of relief. Finally, you can go home.


Caille Rose

Welcome to Caillete Creatives! I’m Caille Rose and I strive to make my art and writing represent human thought. From dream to meme and everything in between; Caillete Creatives is where art and the mind combine!

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