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The Importance of Young Journalists

by Nat about a year ago in student
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How journalism impacts us

The Original Death of Journalism - An Opinion By Me

Learning, educating, and writing - these three things are what I prioritize every day. Whether I am sitting in my economics class, writing a comparative critique essay, or jotting down how my day went in my diary, those three things are always on my mind.

And that's why, during my junior year of high school, I took our school's newsmagazine class. Journalism is something I have always considered as a career. Writing articles for big news sources like The Washington Post or CNN was a dream I was willing to do anything to achieve. Then I reached my senior year and that dream slightly changed.

Being a journalist achieves all three of my priorities in life. You learn about events around the world, educate others about those events that they probably had no clue about, and you obviously write that information and publish it for the world to consume. But right at the beginning of my senior year, I realized a journalism teacher would fit my style more than just writing for others. I want to teach the young minds of the next generation the importance of journalism - the importance of storytelling, fiction or not.

How did I come to this realization? Not to brag or anything, but I am the editor-in-chief of our newsmagazine staff at my high school. I get to make some big decisions (which is really just who gets assigned what pages of the next issue - things like that) and help out the other staff members with their work and assignments. It made me realize how much I love helping those other kids (I call them kids like I'm not just one or two years older than them) even if it's something as small as a headline for a page or how to word a sentence to catch a reader's attention. What is the main goal of a teacher? To help their kids, in class and outside of it, and to teach them what you are passionate about. That's what I want to do; I want to shape the minds of our next generation, not towards a certain side or bias, but to think and research for themselves.

Now, why is journalism something worth saving? Why do we need to teach the next generation how to write an article worth reading? Well, journalism is a fundamental part of our society. People depend on accurate, non-biased news reporting to get their information, whether that be in their small town or in the next country over. This was apparent during the entire presidency of Donald Trump. Remember the constant conversation about fake news and all of the extremely biased articles you probably saw from different news sources during those four years? Remember how divisive those articles and "facts" were for both sides? Yeah. Imagine if we just let that continue on. We would never get the true story behind anything.

Social media and extremely biased news sources are plaguing the brains of both generation z and baby boomers alike. However, the growth of social media means more teenagers and young adults are finding out exactly what fake news is and how to avoid it. When kids are taught how to spread information and write about it without showing bias or reporting inaccurate facts, this proves beneficial to everyone, no matter the age or what kind of news someone reads.

To wrap this up - keeping journalism alive is important. How will we do that? Through the next generation of young activists, researchers, and writers. It's truly that simple. So to all the young people out there: keep writing and reporting because someone will read it, and who knows? Maybe one day you will change the world with your input.


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Just a teen with a dream of travelling and writing for the rest of my life (but if I'm being realistic, maybe just a few trips a year as a journalism teacher :))

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