The Best Teacher for the Student

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Small tips on how to become the best teacher for students.

The Best Teacher for the Student

A good teacher knows how to listen to their students and understand that, even though they appear young and carefree, they can have problems; some days are worse than others, they can have stress, or even become depressed. The teacher has to know how to get the students feeling better so that they can continue learning, so perhaps she can treat her students to something good for lunch like instant pot spaghetti squash or Mexican spaghetti. She knows that after a good lunch students will feel much better, and if anyone needs to talk to her some more she can arrange to meet them after class to find out what their problems are.

Be Their Friend, but Don’t Go Too Far

Sure students love teachers who they can trust, and who they know will be there for them. However, they don’t expect their teacher to start acting like a student themselves. So always stay professional, listen to what your students have to say, and find out what is happening in their lives, but don’t start talking their language. Be smart and accept them for who they are and keep a professional level between you. When students see that you can be their teacher and their friend they will respect you for it, and you’ll get a reputation for being a really good teacher. Make sure to let them understand that there might be problems which would be better solved by getting their parents involved too. You can help them solve their school problems, but sometimes it might be that there are problems which begin at home.

Explain Once, Explain Twice

Remember that not all students learn at the same level. So they will respect and listen to a teacher who can explain something in a way that they can understand, and will do it several times if necessary. Keep in mind that your students aren’t stupid, they just have to have the chance to understand exactly what you’re trying to tell them. Often students’ minds are not completely on their studies, so make it as interesting as you can for them. Take some lesson plans, and add to them some points, which your students would relate to better. Once you have explained a certain lesson to your students choose some students to answer questions about the lesson so you know that they did understand it.

Good Teachers Always Have Objectives

At the start of each lesson make sure that all of your students understand exactly what they’ll be learning that day. You should have clear objectives, so make up a plan that will help your students concentrate on their lessons, and know what will be expected of them during the class. You can explain to them by reading them your plan, or putting some “to do” steps on the board. Consider making up some extra work for your students for which you give them extra grade points to see that they are learning, and that they understand what you have taught them. Take the time to compliment the students who do the extra work to influence others to do the same.

Be a Good Example to Your Students

Show your students that you’ll always put them first. If you see that there are students who didn’t bring lunch with them, bring some tasty organic food like zucchini salad to share with them. This will show them that you care, and you know that you cannot do well in school on an empty stomach. It will also show them that you are a teacher who wants to influence them positively, and they will be thankful to you for taking the extra time for their well-being.

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