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The Bane of Allergies

by Kathy J Anderson 2 months ago in how to
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The Bane of Allergies
Photo by Obi - @pixel6propix on Unsplash

Are they really a bane? Your body was designed to ward of illness and prevent infestations. It’s a known fact that your genes determine your response to potential allergies.

That’s one thing.

There are things you may do to gain relief naturally without that pill or spray. I use nasal sprays in moderation. It is a foreign substance as much as any allergen and controls the affects that make you uncomfortable. That is the part that addicts people to the use of these things.

I’ve given myself relief just using cold water. Not only drinking it to flush out toxins but also to get relief from itching in the general sense that airborn allergens produce once they contact your skin and mucus membranes.

The simple act of splashing water on your face and cupping your hands to allow your eyes to be immersed in this cold water for up to 3–5 mins of repetition of this action is therapy that works. I've done it. The itching goes away gradually. I have itchy eyes in the warm weather seasons. This is no instant fix but if you want to economize this is very helpful.

It is economical. You aren’t spending dollars on medication that gives near instant relief, yet, you gain relief. How much does 5 mins or even 1 minute cost you out of your busy day or wallet? Next to none.

You may say, well, “when I’m at work I can’t go to the bathroom often enough to get said relief so I take allergy tablets and use nasal spray to keep on top of the symptoms.” Okay. But when you are home, if behooves you to try some self care or therapy. Take time for your allergies.

Another thing is this.

You are your own best doctor. You see the symptoms as they arise on a daily basis or not. Nobody can determine best how to treat allergies, if you aren’t being aware of how and when to treat yourself correctly. Doctors hand out medicine like it’s going out of style because they get kickbacks. Do you?! No. Asking advice is fine. Not using your own judgement as an aware consumer is not so fine.

I’m not advocating ignoring your doctors instructions just make sure you are aware of your options when you do. Even if you are not a medical practitioner there are things you can find out. Use a medical dictionary or the library or go online and google search your symptoms. There is lots of information to be had from many sources.

All that being said, I have often wondered why I’m allregic to so many natural substances and living things! It all began with the immune response to proteins from worms or other parasites according to recent hypothesis’.

Okay. Animals or living beings that are harmful are being eaten too. My hypothesis is that the worms and other creatures are being consumed once they die and go back to dust in the soil and the trees whose genes exhibit similar proteins that people are allergic to also have consumed these pests after death that have become part of the natural biome of these particular trees. If that makes any sense to you then you understand why I ascribe to this belief. I cannot prove this but have read many articles that point me to this idea.

My attitude towards allergies is that they may not be minor but your body knows what triggers itself when there is nothing technically there in the enviroment that is directly associated with its triggers, yet, it seems that there is. Most doctors tell you oh , you’re allergic to this or that, but allergies are complex in nature, and are being reevaluated by the medical establishment more than in the past.

I like to investigate all that I’ve learned to add more to my awareness of what the truth is about mine and allergies in general.

For instance, according to one article, I should not be allergic to birch trees unless I also am allergic to apples and almonds. Huh?! I read it over again and again. You can have cross reactions of trees to vegetables and fruits. That was news to me! Now it isn’t. Now I know that is why I can eat certain foods but not others. Shellfish are my bane food. Otherwise I have few allegies to foods. I do have multidrug allergies as well as to plant pollens and animal danders so I can't see any ccross reaction to point to there.

It pays to raise your awareness of daily medical issues that bother you, especially if you are an allergy sufferer.

Cross reactions seem to be a major thing. Most people are not aware of this to my knowledge. But I think it’s becoming less of a thing thanks to the online library containing such a wealth of information. It is the age of information, after all.

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