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Talk openly about my "gossip history". What did I do right from my second birth to my entrepreneurial success?

Recently, the college entrance examination in the end, provoked the team partners to collective "recall the year". Several small partners said, although came over, we more and more understand that the exam can not be "fixed life".

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But the reality is that the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination are still the fork in the road of life. In a sense, plotting your future path.

This sentence let my thoughts also go back to more than ten years ago, I took the college entrance examination that year.

This is the first time I've shared so many corny details about my life.

It's a long story, but it's kind of a "aha" moment in my life. Life is like that. Maybe in one moment, it changed everything that happened after that.

I graduated from college in 2006 at the age of 22.

In a recruitment contest where 200,000 people applied and 20 people were recruited, I stood out as the one in ten thousand, and I joined a global 500 company, or the top 100 company in the world, to be exact.

Just after graduation, I stepped into the world's top 500, with a monthly salary of nearly 10,000 yuan (which was really high 16 years ago). The company also promised to provide our fresh graduates with a career fast track to become management, and promotion to department manager within 3 years...

This big pie from the sky, isn't it a little too fragrant?

And you can't imagine that I'm just a graduate of a second university.

For a long time, I was in a daze and didn't understand how it all happened. In retrospect, it started with an eccentric senior.


We failed

Back in the freshman year, I failed in the college entrance examination and entered a second school. In the eyes of my parents, there was no difference between me and failing in the college entrance examination. Many classmates around me were similar to me.

When I just entered the university, I was not only lost but also confused. The life plan set by my parents and teachers is the version of "going to Fudan University", and now, I have no idea where my future is.

When I was a freshman, I especially liked to listen to the lectures of outstanding graduates held by the school. I always felt that there might be a way out in other people's stories.

Most of our top graduates go to the Big Four accounting firms. At that time to all kinds of companies have no concept of me, the first time after listening back to the dormitory asked the roommate, the Big Four accounting firm is not particularly fierce ah?

One of my roommates said, "Yeah, Big Four!" Big foreign companies ah, a graduate to take more than 3000, our school graduates average monthly salary is 1800.

This sentence average monthly salary 1800, once became my new life plan. I'm thinking, uh, more than 2,000.


"Weird" senior

I don't really know this senior, but I remember him.

He always spoke impassioned about his ideal on various occasions, calling on students to aim high and work hard. This always play the same enthusiasm, and our school as a whole "two lying flat wind" completely incompatible.

I remember vividly the strange look in his eyes when he sat down to talk to me after the community event.

He asked me, where do I want to go after graduation? I said, should be the same as everyone else, to find a job in an ordinary company, you?

The senior told me that he was making two preparations. On the one hand, he was looking at many interviews of large foreign companies. On the other hand, he is preparing for the GRE and wants to apply for further study at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

I asked my senior, what is the LSE for? What is GRE? Big companies are not the Big Four?

The chatterbox opened, and he came out with a lot of new words: Fortune 500, leadership, entrepreneurship... That AFTERNOON, I KNOW FOR THE first TIME, THE original fierce UNIVERSITY has more than Fudan and Peking University, the original four are not the most powerful foreign companies.

I asked the seniors with a dazzled sense of shock, the goal is so far, if the efforts after also unsuccessful? The senior told me he had no regrets. The biggest regret in this world is not not successful, but I could have, but did not dare to try.

To this day, I remember the way he said it, with such determination. Later I often think of it, I think, this is "faith".

That night, the roommates talked about the senior, let me stay away from this strange man, all day long bragged, really want to be so powerful, will fall to this kind of two schools? Since all two, will learn to accept fate, this life is to be an ordinary company staff.

Later I found that it was not only my roommates who had this idea, but also most of my seniors, including teachers.

I have been a "good girl" since I was a child, obedient and conforming to the crowd. If everyone thinks so, so do I.

But I was only 19 years old, and the words "future" and "ideal" inevitably came into my head from time to time. Whenever this happened, I always remembered the afternoon when my seniors and I talked.

His eyes were very firm, so firm that I thought he could be an exception in our school, and he would do it.


The Blue Book

Before the winter vacation, I can not say why, I took the initiative to find the senior, asked him, you said those very powerful foreign companies, I can understand from where ah? I'd like to know more about it.

The senior gave me a blue cover book, very old and broken, the name is "Foreign Company Interview Handbook"

Winter vacation, I read the book at a stretch, then felt the whole person was "sucked in".

Look up at the sky outside the window, the first time feel, the world is really big; There are so many foreign companies, the original classmate teacher in the mouth "simply can't enter" of the foreign company is so ask interview questions, and this inside still hide so many investigate the mystery of the person.

That winter, I was fascinated by these foreign companies, and compared with the names of foreign companies mentioned in the "Blue Book" to frantically collect information. I found that these foreign companies are not far away from us, and the food, use, clothing and travel are all made by these companies.

At that moment, I had a voice in my heart, I want to try, after graduation to work in one of the foreign companies.

I dare not tell anyone this goal, because in our school, having such "ambition" will be laughed at, no one will support you, on the contrary, everyone will think you are "toad wants to eat swan meat".


Toad went on his way

The little toad of 20 years old can think out of the trick, now seems to be very simple and rough, just two points, to learn well, to practice more.

From then on, my college life consisted of studying during the day and going out on weekends to find internships.

Dormitory sisters watch drama play games eat snacks call me together, I have to study; Class activities call me together, I am in the internship; Over time, my classmates began to drift away from me, and I occasionally felt sad, but my desire to go to those great foreign companies was so strong that I didn't have the mind to think that no one liked it anymore.

It was really difficult to find an internship at the beginning, and I finally understood what my roommate meant when he said "accept your destiny".

The school doesn't have a reputation, the parents don't have resources. I can find, is the students in the mouth of the "miscellaneous work" : foreign trade companies of the bill, the store greeters, logistics companies of customer service......

On a Sunday when I returned to school, I heard my roommates saying that she was so late that she might have gone to work again. You said she, on a day's hard work as an intern, didn't pay for a day's food. Rely on such miscellaneous, really can go to foreign companies, dream!

Forcing myself together, I smiled and pushed the door in. Everybody saw me to come, also did not talk, each wash gargle to sleep.

At night, I lay in the upper bed, looking at the ceiling sleepless. In the heart repeatedly ask oneself, so bitter, really useful? What if it turns out to be a waste of time? That's what they say. Stupid.


A chore, but not a chore

In the mind, the next day or as usual class, as usual to practice.

It is not to say that the will is much firm, is from childhood when used to a good student, anything started must work hard to finish.

In retrospect, I am especially grateful for the silly persistence at that time. To be able to stick to it, will be in the day-to-day chore, find the exit.

The first transition happened when I worked as a bill maker in a foreign trade company. Every day, the department had to manually input the return order, return order and other bill numbers into another form for archiving.

Everyone is busy, and everyone is like a robot, sitting in front of the screen every day with a blank face, typing the ticket number quickly.

I'm a teeny little intern, and nobody pays any attention to me. Every day, after I finished inputting my own tracking number, I would take the initiative to collect all kinds of paper documents for everyone.

I majored in logistics management. Looking at these orders, orders returned and orders returned, I gradually understood the process of logistics. I found that the documents I was typing every day could actually optimize the process.

The next day, I asked my colleague, since I have to input orders every day, why not make an EXCEL and associate the order number to another page in real time, so that after the order is returned and the screening conditions are set, the situation of order return and return can be immediately known, and there is no need to input again.

My colleague glanced at me and said with a smile, 'Do what the boss tells you to do. The boss didn't tell you to do EXCEL.'

As I watched everyone's work over the next few days, I became more and more convinced that my idea was feasible. So, I made a simple database, I tried it first, sure enough can.

I shared this database with other colleagues, but most of them were not willing to try it. Only one colleague tried it later. In the afternoon, she found that she could immediately save a lot of work, which made her very happy.

Her experiment was successful, and the whole department was willing to join in. Then in the process of everyone using it, I carried out optimization iterations.

In this way, I this little intern transparent person, into the department colleagues in the mouth of "college students, just different ah".

Then, if you want to be lazy, you will come to me and ask me how to optimize and save time. Slowly, everyone was willing to talk to me, and began to teach me some practical experience in shipping.

It was the first time I saw the difference between book knowledge and real business operations, and it also made me realize that "handyman" work was not so easy and I could still learn a lot.

At the end of the month, the department manager also noticed me and talked to me, asking me which school I was from, why I wanted to practice, and what I wanted to do after graduation.

I told him that my school is very ordinary, but I want to work hard, want to accumulate more work experience, hope that after graduation can work in a top 500 foreign companies.

Department manager and I said, not a famous university graduate, want to go to a foreign company is very difficult, but it is not impossible, then we should be more careful, do more.

I don't know if the manager's words were just comforting, but I really believed them. I stopped worrying that I couldn't find a good job in my internship. I took the internship I found and did well in that position.

In every subsequent internship experience, I was able to do something extra for the team after doing my own work well, and all these made the department manager pay attention to me as a little intern.

After my junior year, I slowly began to get internship opportunities in foreign companies like Metro and Decathlon.

Just over a year ago, students who thought I was "weird" began to express curiosity, asking how I did it.

I told them about my experience in the past year, and I told them that I should start from a small company and gradually accumulate experience. I also shared with them the resume template I applied for and the list of companies I had been to.

However, 80% of the students just listen, the rest of the students will indeed start to act, but most of the people finished the first "chore", also stopped.

Later, I became the envy of everyone, often speaking of me, they think I have strong ability, good luck.

In this way, from the sophomore year to the senior year, in addition to my relatively good GPA, I have accumulated dozens of real career stories, which are about my planning ability, communication ability, problem-solving ability, teamwork ability and other aspects of the real display.

This was especially helpful to me when I was looking for a job. When there were really top 500 job opportunities, the last few essay questions in the online resume needed to illustrate my ability.


Why not?

At the age of 20, I understood for the first time that people may not be able to choose the starting point, but can choose to go forward or stay in place; No matter how high the goal seems, as long as you begin to climb and persevere, there is always the possibility of reaching it.

Until now, I still get messages like this on my official account and Weibo:

You are a double student, why a pair of education expert appearance, teach others to raise children

You are a housewife, frankly speaking, don't have a real job, why share life experience

You don't talk nice or funny, why do you want people to like your video every day

You are not good-looking, why should you become an Internet celebrity

Every time I see these "why", I will feel sad, but more, I will think of the 20-year-old girl who was very obedient since childhood. I think of her for the first time in her life, she overcame the incomprehension and cynicism around her, and insisted on working hard for her own choice.


Why not?

The 20-year-old girl, smiling, said to me.


Write in the last

It's a long story. I don't know how many people will see it through to the end.

By sharing so many details, I hope everyone can see the process. After all, any "good" result will have "survivor bias".

Since the age of 20, there have been many times in my life that I have had what others call "counterattacks". But when I look back on it, I think it taught me something:

People need to have the ability, is at any time, do not complain about the environment, but can learn from any environment to grow.

Big J's talking

Yesterday, I shared with you "This humble corner of home is a treasure place to stimulate children's imagination and creativity!" Many friends have decided to make an art corner for their children at home, ha ha, very happy.

In addition, yesterday we all asked in the crooked building schoolbag, desk lamp, learning desks and chairs, today two have a preview HA, tomorrow open group.

Yesterday, we shared our photos of Wuyuan tree frog tribe. Today, let's continue

Living in a tree house, as the name implies, there will be many walkways in the trees. Small D in the small partner's encouragement, he went; And I, encouraged by my daughter, was not afraid.

In addition to the swing bridge, there are such boardwalks, the weather is not so hot in the morning and evening, walk or very comfortable

Go to the stream to catch fish, catch shrimp, the stream is very cold, but in some places the stone is very slippery, need team cooperation, help each other, together to go the whole journey.

Also went to the corn field to pick the corn, the corn field here is not pesticide, not so good, but really special sweet. We picked it and steamed it in the kitchen.

The scenery is really beautiful, just a random shot like a postcard, if not so hot, even more perfect ~

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