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Should children be poor or rich? The answer is here!

by wangfenglin 2 months ago in student
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Should children be poor or rich? The answer is here!

The love parents can give their children and the cultivation of words and deeds have little to do with wealth and poverty. If the rich raise can give children better nutrients in the spiritual level, if the poor raise can let children learn to use money, on the line; Put money in perspective, and the two are not incompatible.

The question of whether children should be raised poor or rich has always been debated.

I have heard that "sons should be raised poor and daughters should be raised rich". The son has to assume more family responsibilities, so he should have a tenacious, enterprising character; Poor upbringing can hone his will, let him face the future of the stumbling will not bear. Daughter, parents do not place great hope, can be gentle and elegant life is happiness, so, can be sharp in many men to choose a suitable partner, it is enough also. Vision is accumulated over the years, rich daughter has knowledge, will not be credulous rhetoric, more will not be a good blinded by the eyes.

Sounds very reasonable, but everything is reasonable, due to the deviation of each person's understanding, many parents just stay on the surface of the word poor and rich. Parents who think they should be raised poor see their children's needs as a deluge and avoid them. They are stubborn and ignore their children's needs, even when they are legitimate.

And the parents who think should be rich, in the material to satisfy their children, make them form arrogant, arrogant, arrogant character. Too much material desire, too much choice of children, he will not appreciate the happiness, so become numb, most of these children happiness index is very low.

Personally, I think both boys and girls should pay attention to inner self-restraint and knowledge, rather than struggle with the problem of rich and poor.

If you can afford to send your child to an "expensive" but good school with excellent teachers, good equipment and advanced technology, why not? I know that in some schools, besides the hard curriculum, there are short-term camping, extracurricular science experiments, etc. With such a rich spiritual canteen, the children's attention must be diverted to some correct and worthy pursuits.

Have the condition can take the child to travel around the world, in the journey to learn to see the local conditions and customs, geography and landforms, the memory is much more profound than the geography books. Travel increases knowledge, broadens horizons and enlarges the pattern. It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. "Seeing is worth seeing."

Take your children to concerts, plays, and stage plays. The edification of art and beauty makes children noble temperament. Let the child contact all good things, slowly precipitation down into the child's inner things.

Can let children learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. In the case that the child is not disgusted, let him get careful training. Music can relax the mood, edify sentiment, improve taste; Art can enrich the imagination, improve the expression, edify the taste; Dance can practice the beauty of form and improve coordination. A child does not have to make a living from art, but art can make his life more vibrant and colorful. There are one or two interests, you can find the same people together fondling, appreciate each other. Instead of fighting landlords, playing mah-jongg and boasting.

To sum up, what is enriched is not material, but spiritual. If parents do not pay enough attention to the inner development of their children, and only use materials to meet their children's needs and give them a privileged life far beyond the general standard, the conflict between inner emptiness and external abundance will breed the psychological phenomenon of comparison. Showing off and keeping up with the Joneses is often a sign of low confidence, a serious deficiency somewhere inside. In my understanding, aristocrats never show off and compare. They are gentle, gentlemen/ladies, bearing certain social responsibilities and strictly following certain rules left by their ancestors. Mentally strong and self-contained, no need to show off.

The most valuable thing to a child's education is always the gift of love and wisdom, which is immeasurable in price regardless of wealth, knowledge or birth.


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