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She sold a house for breakfast and raised three kids. Her story is worth hearing

After seven years of writing a public account, I finally took the courage to start this "big project" of interviewing 101 professions in the world.

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We want to use the most real human story to tell our children and ourselves about what a job is, what it takes to get a good job, what it takes to make our lives better.

The headline is for big friends, and the second is for kids.

Thanks to every interviewed real workers, but also to see the article you!

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Fan Fan said it was the first time in her life that she had ever done an interview, and it was quite emotional.

But her working wife is so common that she doesn't know what to talk about.

At the age of 16, after graduating from junior high school, Fan joined a local factory in Guangdong Province, working 12-hour morning and evening shifts on a computerized embroidery production line. He has been working for more than two years.

Father said: even if you go to set up a stall to sell soy milk, it is easier than in the factory.

At the end of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Fan sold breakfast from a cart of freshly ground soymilk.

Two years later, Fan, 20, got married. After that, she and her husband rented two storefronts not far from each other in a densely populated third-tier town in Guangdong Province, and started a small business as a breakfast restaurant.


Reasons to love a job


Fan Fan loves the job.

She didn't say to me, "I love my job," but over the course of more than an hour, I felt the power, the peace and the joy it gave her.

I'm a little surprised that not many people in the world can really love their work;

A breakfast shop in a wet market should be "as far as the eye can see" and definitely not a job with fame or fortune.

Every day to repeat the boring and hard schedule: three or four in the morning the alarm clock rang, a shop is full of physical work, and noodles, boiling water, grinding beans, steamed bread, porridge, rack pot fried dough sticks...

After 6 a.m., the children on the school bus and the migrant workers at the construction site were the first customers. By this time, Fan Fan had not touched a stool for almost two or three hours.

The peak lasted from 6 to about 10, with another 4 hours of standing;

After 10 o 'clock, can rest for a while, while rest, while began to wash, more than 1 o 'clock after lunch home to catch up on sleep, 4 o 'clock have three children after school, accompany the children to do homework, dinner......

In the evening, Ms. Fan's husband returns to the store for two or three hours to prepare for the next day's business.

It was the Fan-Fans' day, and their day after day.

365 days a year, except for a few short breaks in the Spring Festival, these two small faces located in the market never rest, the three children are born in the store, long in the store.

In addition to confinement, Fan Fan brought up three children in the store every day. The cradle was placed in the store. The eldest child was pregnant with the second child just after lactation. In front of someone else's child just passed a steamed bun a cup of soy milk, behind his baby cried, urine, hungry......

Over the past 10 years, Fan Fan, a mother born in the 1990s, has barely left the shop a day.

I gasp here, this job and this life, it sounds really hard.

What is it that makes her love this job?

Fan Fan's childhood dream is to be a cook, she said this is the nature of foodies, now see all kinds of food cooking videos, also can't help but want to learn to do it once, always do the old car, love but no talent......

"My husband is different, a delicious......" Over the phone and thousands of kilometers, I couldn't see her face, but Fan Fan seemed to smile when she talked about it.

Suddenly, my heart moves, dream is not a high and far and dimly discernible and precious word?

Fan Fan's dream and the realization of the dream, are simple, simple like eating steamed bread, a bite, a bite out of the kind of sweet.

Does Fan Fan love her job because her dream has come true?

In her email to us, she wrote: There is no great value in this job, but for me, the greatest value is that it gives me a decent job.


Work and Decency


Fanfan occasionally meets people who look down on wet markets and breakfast shops with a sense of superiority, but she has never envied others for their brilliance.

She said:

"Some people may think that you do a breakfast, hard and do not earn money, more or less despise; But any industry, there are his own hard work, but you do not know the point of their hard work.

When I open a shop in a food street, I will see a sanitation worker sweeping garbage, and some people will think that such dirty and tiring work is always not respectable.

There are 70 or 80 years old still collect bottles to sell waste old people, there will be some people think, so old to go home to let the children raise good, the children must be not filial piety.

But when I look at it, I think what they really want is to earn their living and do whatever they can."

I was touched by the four words of self-support, asking Fan Fan, don't you think your work is not "advanced" enough, like scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, can let their children follow the halo of pride?

"I never had this idea. My own parents were very ordinary. I never grew up with any resentment because my parents were ordinary.

I have always felt that I have both hands and feet, and with the work I have done, I have accumulated wealth little by little, and I have earned enough money to support a family. I don't care about other people's eyes or the halo of fame."

The city where Fan lives is small, but densely populated and economically developed, where the average wage earner earns about five to six thousand yuan a month.

Fan Fan's shop is done by her and her mother-in-law two people, each month can earn about 10,000 yuan, the average down, is also 5,000 per capita; The husband's shop can also earn about 10,000 yuan a month, the family rooted in the wet market, the monthly income is slightly higher than ordinary working families.

When I was 18 years old, I just went out to set up a stall. I was a little ashamed, but after I got married and raised a child, all the shame disappeared.

With this income, I can support a family, raise three children, take care of both parents, and work for myself. I have a stable life and relatively free time. I bought a house the year before last, and I plan to buy a car in these two years.

To earn one's own living, that is the greatest respectability that work can give a man.

Indeed, Fan Fan said, she really envied a couple of young people.

Many years ago, a couple of disabled singers walked slowly through the vegetable market, singing along with the sound box. The girl lost a leg, and the boy lost an arm.

The song was very beautiful. They sang love songs to their heart's content, one by one, holding their heads high all the way. There was no humble begging, no tragic story.

"They are regarded as beggars, but they are confident that they don't feel like they are missing arms or legs, and they don't feel sorry for me.

They are just singing, singing beautifully, they are pleasing others with their songs.

Along the way, I was moved by their confidence and ease, I think they are no different from the stars, they sing to earn money, stars are also singing to make people buy concert tickets, buy movie tickets, and then make money?"

Yes, people who are on their own. What's the difference?


10 points of force, with 12 points of life


Typhoon days are common in Guangdong.

Rain under the big under the urgent, part of the city will appear waterlogging, heavy wind and rain street few people, but the vegetable market to sell vegetables, sell meat, sell chicken sell duck, sell fish sell fruit vendors (including me) can not have a rest, against the rain on the water to continue to sell.

Is it because people love what they do, because they are dedicated?

I don't think so.

Because everyone's goods are prepared in advance, do not do to waste a lot of ingredients, how much can sell a little...

Each booth hold up the life of a family, every parents work supporting their children's future, this is the life in the toiling masses at the grass-roots level, if you have some meaning to our work, I think work most is the meaning of responsibility, love is the responsibility of life, is to yourself to do spare capacity, is first to protect small home to cas to cathay. People from small places really don't talk about lofty (shame!).

After listening to Fan Fan say this paragraph, I feel ashamed of the person, is my own.

"But so heavy rain, will there be people to buy vegetables?" I asked.

Fan Fan said yes. Families in Chaoshan area have a lot of four or five children. There are more than a dozen of them, old and young, who have three meals a day.

A family of more than a dozen people to eat, so even if the typhoon rainstorm, I also want to sell vegetables;

A family of more than a dozen people need to eat, so even if there is a typhoon and a rainstorm, I still need to buy food.

Work is life for Fan and all the small traders in the market.

A few days after the interview, his hands were boiled with steam, 👇🏻

"I'm a work-first kind of person, and everything is work-first. I don't have a situation where I want to have both hands and not be able to have both.

I'll take care of the house, the kids when I'm done with work. As you said, high-quality company is also when the work is finished, have energy, calm, I will accompany the children.

The school at 9 o 'clock to open the parents' meeting, then I must still open a shop to sell breakfast, busy to nine o 'clock hurried to school. Even if it is 30 in the morning I also want to open the business, as if I never willing to give myself a holiday!

I do not hesitate to express myself to my children, to my husband, to anyone else. I will put my work first. They all know my attitude and accept it."

Isn't the freedom of starting your own small business? I asked.

"Man is not truly free." Van gundy said.

"To speak of freedom, that is the freedom of the heart, the heart feels not constrained by others, but not regulated by others is their own heart spontaneously to do well.

When I used to work in the factory, the boss asked me to do it. The boss didn't let me muddle along. When we're cooking breakfast, you're really doing something with 10 percent effort and 12 percent effort. No matter how hard it is to open your eyes to do things every day, there are trivial, spontaneous must do well, just want to do well.

This is the freedom I have now."

The people in the vegetable market of this small town are just like Fan Fan, living a life of having 10 cents and doing things with 12 cents.

The children here, look at their parents every day, with 12 minutes in life.

Annual work record: 👇🏻

"The vegetable seller uncle's family next door is harder than us. They go to fetch vegetables at midnight every day and prepare them before dawn. They sell them from morning to noon and from three or four in the afternoon to seven or eight in the evening. Very, very hard, the children at home to help after school, holidays to help, their own study, study and help adults work.

I really think that parents are very hard to progress, the children look at their parents very hard work, the children will be very sensible, will strive to progress, this state is really good."


Career choice


Fan doesn't really seem to have much to share about making key career choices.

Life doesn't give her many options, but of the few answers she has, Fan makes her own decisions.

Choose to run a small business rather than a part-time job;

Choose 365 days a year, ten years like a day to stick to the store; Bring up one, two, three children in the shop;

Choose to adhere to the quality of raw materials, not to save costs, added harmful saccharin, saccharine, sweet bean milk steamed bread sold to other people's children to eat;

"I have been here for more than ten years, are regular customers, taste a little change, guests can eat out.

Many of the people who come to buy breakfast are children, and I can't live with my conscience if I give them sweeteners just to make more money for myself."

Making these choices doesn't seem difficult. The hard part is making them and sticking with them and living with the consequences.

Fan Fan is only in his early 30s this year. A few years ago, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, and now he has been diagnosed with shoulder, back and lumbar strain, and plantar fasciitis... Chronic small problems a lot, not a day two days boil out, also can't a day two days rest.

She had been afraid, complained, just 30 years old ah, a suit of disease, the whole body is not pain here, is there pain, the child is still small, this so many problems, old can do?

But in the end, Fan Fan and himself reconciled, relaxed a little, everything a little.

"If I don't regard these problems as diseases, it means that I don't care about you in my heart. I live peacefully with you, but I will do less when it hurts a little when I am tired. A little more relaxed, the body will not be so painful. When you relax, you find balance."

I asked Fan Fan at the end of the interview.

In the past, the economic conditions were not good, so I could only work hard to improve my life. Now that my children are older, I have savings and I have bought a house, you still do not hesitate to give priority to work?

"Work comes first." She answered without hesitation.

"These two years plan to buy a car, just want to children older, can take them out to play, go out to see... I am learning driver's license, you said to ask me to interview on Friday, Friday can not, I want to test three......"

Across the phone and thousands of kilometers, I seem to see, Fan Fan smiled.

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