Self Care Tips for College

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Self Care Tips for College

College can be the best four years of your life. However, college can also be a little hectic with finals, group projects, and papers being written in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone’s been there. Here are some tips and tricks to survive the stress of the impending semesters.

  1. Wash your Sheets. It’s basically scientifically proven that you sleep better with clean sheets. The fresh smell of detergent, the soft warmth right from the dryer. It’s enough to make anyone drowsy. So if you have a few minutes in between assignments, toss your sheets in the wash with an extra dose of fabric softener. You’ll thank yourself later.
  2. Take a shower. While good hygiene is a must in college anyway, treating yourself to a long hot shower right before you slip into your freshly made bed can be a treat. By consciously relaxing your muscles in the shower, singing your favorite tune, or just letting the water run over you, your mind and body can relax after a long day of class.
  3. Have a dance party. Music can both relax you and pump you up so take the time to chill or turn up to your favorite tunes. Whether it’s walking to class with your headphones in or inviting the girls on your hall to a ten minute dance break, music is a great way to beat the stress of school.
  4. Buy your roommate something small. It’s always nice to get along with your roommate and even if you aren’t besties, doing something nice for others can go a long way in lifting your own spirits. A candy bar, small plant, some flowers, or a trinket of some kind will make your roommate's day and make you happier as well.
  5. Go out. If it’s the weekend, give yourself a break. Sundays were meant for homework anyway. So go to that frat party your friends have been talking about or head to open mic night or a movie. Just make sure you are out of your room and with people you love to hang out with.
  6. Change your study environment. Studying in your dorm room all day can get dreary. Heading to the library or to a friend’s room to study can make all the difference in a long night hitting the books.
  7. Drink some coffee or tea. Trying to limit caffeine intake before bed is a great healthy habit for school, but there is nothing wrong with relaxing with your favorite hot drink after a hard day. Decaf coffee with your favorite creamer or herbal teas are great ways to wind down and let your brain know it’s time for sleep.
  8. Do some yoga. Yoga or light exercise can do wonders for the physical and mental health. Meditating and deep breathing can also help, especially around exam time. Lighting your favorite candle or diffusing some essential oils is also a great way to relax.
  9. Get outside. Like changing your study environment, going outside for a walk or a jog can help your brain recharge in between study sessions.
  10. Read for pleasure. In college, the majority of your reading is in textbooks which can be dull and dry. Don't forget to read for pleasure too. It's a great way to prime your brain before studying and can be more relaxing and beneficial than TV.

Take a deep breath. Everything is going to work out one way or another!

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