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Reasons PowerBI has become so affluent and sought-after

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By postwellPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Microsoft Power BI, is a Microsoft product set that includes enterprise intelligence (BI) reports, as well as data visualization and reporting products and services. It's great for companies since it is compatible in conjunction with various Microsoft offerings and service. It also comes with an easy publishing and distribution system.

There are many products available within the Power BI solution. It is definitely worth looking them over to familiarize yourself with the features Power BI has to offer particularly if you're interested in purchasing Power BI.

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The market share of Power BI is increasing, and it is becoming more popular. There are many reasons Power BI is on the rise:

1. Power BI is simple to make use of and doesn't require programming skills.

Power BI is based on Excel which is a widely well-known and widely utilized software. This makes Power BI simple to master.

However, Power BI has a extremely simple and easy to navigate interface. You don't need any experience in programming to utilize Power BI. It comes with built-in intelligence that can help you choose the most effective attributes to your reports. If you want to go beyond this article & dive deeper into this software, you can definitely master from Power BI Course.

2. Power BI is extremely visual and allows users to design stunning dashboards and reports.

Power BI's ability to produce stunning reports and dashboards is among the primary factors behind its popularity.

The visuals available in Power BI are interactive and enable users to look at data in different ways. The dashboards and reports may be customized suit the particular needs of users.

My opinion is that the tools are not a hindrance to analysts' ability to design attractive dashboard and reports.

3. Power BI integrates with many important databases, which makes it simple to begin.

As of the moment according to this Microsoft documentation I've counted 135 data sources that Power BI Desktop can connect to. That's a lot of data sources the program can handle.

4. Power BI has a huge online community, which makes it simple to get answers to your concerns.

The community is a great way to get to know about Power BI and solve any issues you may encounter.

It is the Power BI community is one of the largest and most active communities. It has many specialists eager to help you solve any issues you might face.

It is evident the Power BI Community that there are plenty of discussions on Power BI, and it appears to have a vast number of members.

5. Power BI has many capabilities, making it extremely robust.

The built-in features include data transformation, data modeling DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and connectivity to numerous data sources. These capabilities create Power BI a very powerful tool.

6. PowerBI is continuously evolving and new features are constantly added.

Many of the updates focus on the visualization and connections to data, modeling and so on. The features are changed on a regular basis.

7. Power BI is affordable, and comes with the option of a free version for private use.

Power BI Desktop is free Power BI Desktop is free, and Power BI Pro is only $9.99 per month for each user. It's a bargain when you consider the cost of other tools for business intelligence.

8. Power BI is accessible on a wide range of different platforms. This makes Power BI available to anyone.

Power BI desktop is is accessible on Windows and Mac, however users can use Power BI dashboards on other platforms. Power BI dashboards from various platforms (Windows internet browsers iOS, Android, etc.)

9. Power BI is used by numerous large companies and is a trusted solution.

Power BI has three main licensing options: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. A lot of companies are relying on Power BI as their business intelligence solution.

Microsoft is determined to make Power BI the best BI solution. Its Power BI team is constantly creating new features and innovating.

The showcase of partners and community could aid businesses in finding the ideal partners and partners, which is an crucial aspect that businesses should take into consideration when choosing an BI software.

10. PowerBI represents the next generation of business intelligence, making it a vital tool for every organization.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant data in Feb 2021 revealed Microsoft (Power BI) being the leading company.

With 36% of market shares, Power BI is the most popular data analytics software in the world of business. The market share of Power BI being 1.8x more than Tableau is quite significant.


In summation

Microsoft remains the top choice for visualizing. It's user-friendly and comes with a variety of choices. This makes it suitable for experts in data analysis as well as people who are just beginning their journey into the field of data analysis. It is always important to be around people who are in your field, it makes you smarter & explore more in that field. Similarly, If you want to be with the folks of Chennai & want to build a community and professional network of such people, you must visit Power BI Training in Chennai. Alternatively, keep updating yourself with my series of blogs in the coming days.


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