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Now. Please use it to cherish

by Christopher Alexander 2 months ago in student
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Now. Please use it to cherish

The light smoke still haunts the clouds that are reddened by the setting sun, layer by layer gentle, so nostalgic, whispering in a low voice

The night stopped singing a cappella, leaving only a faint silhouette, my melancholy was so peaceful with the stillness of the night, the memories dripped on the yellowed rice paper, splashed and spread, and my thoughts became thicker as they penetrated, like water. Low back to a long-awaited poem....

After walking for so long, I forgot the scenery of the journey. After all, the thread in the memory was whitened, and in the end, it could only be a bunch of crisp bells in front of the sandalwood window, which evoked the depths of memory. roll into memory

There are thousands of knots in my heart, I want to say it

Take off the moonlight from the window, the scent of ink on the paper, the memories swaying and scattered among the fingers, whose tears are messed up? Whose clear eyes did you ignore? We used to be so innocent and promised to be together, but now who has lost these promises?

Who will pity my eyebrows! Dear you, my most cherished friend, why let us count those deep regrets, I have already heard the sound of my own footsteps, lonely, messy but so persistent and firm. From now on we turn our backs to each other,

The stubborn walk refuses to look back first, maybe there is only a trace of involvement, but all the pieces are crushed under the feet

When we were young, we thought that we could stand the scouring of time, but we became the bubbles flying all over the sky, the rolling youth could not withstand the passage of time after all, the fleeting years that were meddled in, have also mottled the prosperity of the past, we stand and miss each other in our memories,

Count each other's injuries. I don't understand, I'm afraid to understand, how are we living with scars today? Is it that my sadness is only left in you, "Who destroyed your character and disturbed your life?" So,

Cold words are the only words we have. We used to be so tacit, but now we are just suspicious. Brave talk has long become a delusion. In the past, it was so painful. I couldn't breathe.

Qingsixiang tore apart the thousand-year-old tenderness, and the lost memories flowed away the sadness floating in my heart. Please bless each other's happiness

meeting is beautiful

You are my beliefs, and all that supported me through that memory. When I approached you gently, it was like a shock, and vaguely, it was as if I could smell a faint fragrance of osmanthus flowers.

Remember the joy of artificial rain falling on you? In fact, it nourishes my cracked heart! Vigorous and the craziest, do you still remember the joy we had together? It is you who accompany me to drink a cup of fragrant tea, hold a hand of moonlight, sprinkle

Falling in that happiness, la la, Liu Liu, huh, you who are so happy, don't forget the joy of infection as rampant as a virus, the clear and gentle, soft wind, so you let me forget the pain, every piece of youth it's what we used to be

Traces, deep or shallow, lightly melted each other's loneliness, and the flowers of that life fell and bloomed again. We are also slowly walking away over the years. I don't ask about parting, I don't want to say parting, I just want to say, cherish such beauty with my whole life, God is blinking in the clouds

Blink, so the laughter left in the corridor will make me remember

After the flowers are gone, there will be a time when they will bloom again, and pampering is only temporary.

Cherish the present, grasp the feeling in this fleeting year, and cherish everything now


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