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No COST, NO EFFORT: 15 HOME-BASED "Kill TIME" games FOR kids TO play all day

Small D net class has been almost three months, directly to the rhythm of the summer vacation.

By testPublished 6 months ago 11 min read

Two days ago I saw a circle of friends, said, "who can change my son to walk for half a day, a cabinet of bags open randomly pick! "

I read is also not laughing and crying, half a day dare not think, but even if only half an hour of peace, can also save the life!

Hurry to arrange this list of games to save the old mother, the goal is to give a person to play half an hour 1 hour...

Give old mother a break!

Considering the instability of express delivery, it is difficult to buy materials, so this time mainly from the toys/supplies common at home.

For fear that the child does not like it, I found a lot, a total of 6 categories of 15, there is always a can let you free for a while.

Manual Art Category

Tony Teacher Barber Shop (age 2 +)

Paper rolls and old cardboard boxes, you have it at home, it's a good idea to make a little barbershop. Stick on a few roll figures, stick on long hair, then you can invite Tony to work.

Children can give full play to their imagination, modeling, pruning, and even coloring hair, but also can dress up on a variety of "jewelry", not only the baby play fun, but also along with exercise fine movements and cultivate creativity.

A mysterious Letter without Words (age 2 +)

Just listening to the name is mysterious ~ Looking at the information on the empty white paper, like a detective solving a mystery, no child can refuse!

The method is very simple, is to draw and write on white paper with white crayons, after drawing is not visible.

But as soon as you paint over it with a crayon, because crayons are insoluble in water and block the paint, the pre-drawn pattern appears.

This trick especially stimulates the child's curiosity. D can play for half a day just by painting and drawing. He can't stop writing letters to his parents, relatives and friends, and even Santa Claus.

Shaving cream Creative Painting (1 +)

It only takes 30 seconds to prepare and half an hour to play! Shaving cream has this magic, the family must have played with know ~

It feels as soft and creamy as cream, and children will love it immediately if they put their hands in it to scratch and squeeze it.

Drop the paint onto the foam, then stir it with a wooden stick to create a nice line. Finally, put the white paper on it and press it lightly.

When you take it down, it's a beautiful texture drawing that Little D made, and we dry it to make a bookmark. It's fun and practical, and the child feels a sense of accomplishment.

Scene extension class

Building Blocks (age 3 +)

Spend a lot of money on children's building blocks, of course, to make the most of it!

In fact, building blocks are the most suitable for extended play. They are placed in a conspicuous place in the house, where children can pick them up casually when they are bored and can't stop for half an hour.

Don't know how to expand? Here are some ideas:

Build from a picture book: A replica of the cable car from Mike the Universal Engineer.

Lego Theater: Invite the child to become a little architect, build any scene he is interested in, such as a supermarket, a farm, a doll's home, after the construction, the child will be able to make up stories.

When the weather is good, you can also build a light theater on the balcony, so that little people do the audience, self-directed from the performance of not happy ~

Beach Party (age 2 +)

Summer is coming. If you can't go to the beach, bring the beach home

Some time ago, I recommended rubber sand for everyone. Put the sand into the sand table, let the children choose their own animal models, Lego figures, sand digging toys, or favorite construction cars. In short, all the toys at home can be called on.

You will find that your child's imagination is simply endless, all kinds of scenes are under control, and the play is extremely engaged.

And playing with sand has many benefits, not only can exercise fine motor and sensory development, but also has a very good stress relief effect. We must use what we have at home.

Carton Game (age 2 +)

Old cardboard boxes can be played with endless possibilities. You must have seen a lot of videos on transforming cardboard boxes into toys on the Internet.

I am relatively clumsy, so the test of manual will not give you arrangement, in fact, to the most simple, is enough fun.

For example, small cardboard boxes can be played in this way, so that children can doodle and decorate them into a doll's home.

Big cardboard boxes are much more fun for kids to sit in and build cities, runways and buildings. Play while drawing and let your imagination run wild.

The kitchen DIY classes

Fruit salad (age 2 +)

Don't underestimate your children's interest in making delicious food. They are fascinated by the process of exploring the changes in food combinations. Their eyes will be bright throughout the whole process.

Share a delicious fruit salad that kids can make without adult supervision.

The ingredients are various fruits (bananas, avocados, blueberries and other soft fruits), salad dressing, a western knife (for cutting fruit, the edge of the western knife is relatively blunt, not easy to scratch the hand), molds, some plastic tableware.

Parents demonstrate once, and the rest is up to the kids to create. If you're worried about a messy situation, prepare a tablecloth in advance, and importantly, give your child enough trust that they can take care of themselves.

In addition to fruit salad, there are sandwiches, fruit and yogurt Popsicle and so on, are given the materials can be started, you can play at home.

Play dough for a feast (age 3 +)

If you don't want to prepare the ingredients or clean up the mess, how can you DIY your kids' kitchen? Well, then use the stucco.

Warm mud, plasticine, ultra-light clay, home more or less will have, previously recommended everyone's warm mud, is our home utilization of super high.

Let the kids make a pizza, noodles, hamburger... It is more than enough to help children develop fine finger movements and wrist strength in preparation for writing.

A little more advanced, you can make fruit, children walk to pick up the twigs, eating fruit left fruit handle can also play so.

Play with water in the bathroom

Is there any child who doesn't like to play with water? When I was a child, every time I gave little D water, even if only one pair of hands, she could beat for half a day; Go to the park to see the fountain is more excited, can not stop to drill into the water column.

Playing water is not only the nature of children, but also a great early education game, which can give children full sensory exploration, and is also the most simple and easy to get to coax children.

If you're worried about cleaning up, move the space to the bathroom, where the kids can play unfettered.

Save Glacier Animals (age 2 +)

This can be said to be hot in Europe and the United States of the red net game, is also rated as the first game to save the old mother.

There are not so many dinosaur models, or no balloons, can also use ice lattice, which can also put a variety of things, such as a vegetable leaf, small rope, small beads, everything can be frozen oh (note, for children under 2 years old to play, try not to put too small toys oh).

Once THE materials are READY, IT'S TIME TO START THE "RESCUE" activity, where children can be encouraged to figure it out on their own.

Stick it with a fork, water it, take it straight to the balcony... If you don't obsess too much about "tidiness", the child can play for a long time on his own.

Water Rescue (1 year +)

Put some floating toys (plastic fish, yellow duck, brick figures, other plastic toys, etc.) and spoons (sieve, colander, perforated disposable water cup, etc.) in the basin for your baby to pick up the toys.

You can also put in a sponge block, play the transfer water game, summer is coming, add a bit of slippery ice, not only more fun, but also very cool oh.

This game can exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability, is also a very good sensory experience, it is very convenient to play at home, if you give Bao Bao to play, pay attention not to put too small toys in it, to avoid swallowing risk.

Bathroom spray painting (age 2 +)

Want to get a little artistic? Bathroom spray painting you must try, painting a close and then a blunt, the way to wash the baby.

Stick paper on the bathroom tile, prepare a water gun, spray bottle, or dropper (depending on your child's fine motor development), fill each with water with different paints, and let your child spray, and your little artist is born!

Science Experiment Class

Every child is a born scientist. They are curious about all kinds of novel things. Exciting, interesting and unusual scientific experiments are the most popular among children, and they never get tired of doing them.

In this process, it not only exercises the children's observation ability, practical ability, but also can cultivate the children's interest in science, stimulate the desire to explore, play can increase knowledge.

Ice Lifting by rope (age 3 +)

Most people have seen fishing, but have you ever seen ice fishing with cotton rope? As long as a rope, hands do not touch the ice can gently catch it!

The ingredients are: ice cubes (small pieces work best), cotton rope, salt and a glass bowl, straws or chopsticks (you can use them as fishing rods or not)

Add water and ice cubes to the bowl, then sprinkle some salt on the ice cubes, put cotton string on the ice cubes, count 10 (about 10 seconds), pull the string up, you can lift the ice cubes!

It is recommended to prepare more ice cubes, and you can also find several kinds of rope and wool with different textures, so that children can play for longer.

How does it work? When in doubt, try asking why the sea doesn't freeze easily. Why sprinkle salt on the road in winter? Because salt lowers the freezing point, it melts ice and makes water less likely to freeze.

The same is true in this experiment, when salt comes into contact with ice water, it dissolves in the water and starts to melt the ice. When the ice melts into water, it dissolves the salt and carries it away. The local concentration of salt water decreases, the freezing point rises again, and ice reforms. You can fish for ice!

Volcanic eruption (age 3 +)

Add a few tablespoons of soda powder to the glass, drop in the red food coloring, then let the child slowly pour in the white vinegar, accompanied by a burst of noise, red "magma" spray out, especially exciting!

This game can be played over and over again, and with enough white vinegar and baking soda in the house, the kid can really play for a long time.

If you wrap the cup with mud and sand, and expose the mouth of the cup, it is a very realistic miniature volcano.

The principle is simple, too, because baking soda is alkaline and vinegar is acidic. When vinegar and alkali are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs that produces large amounts of carbon dioxide. It causes the liquid to erupt like magma.

For a more spectacular effect, add some dish soap to create more bubbles.

Lie down to play with the class

A friend said, no matter what toys, my family love to play or close mother, ha ha ha, don't worry, lying down can also bring baby method, also give you arranged.

Personal Doctor (age 1 +)

Pretend games always fascinate children, especially when playing doctor or patient. They can play all day long!

You just need to prepare a set of medical toys (don't even need to, other toys and even stickers can become a treatment tool for children), and then lie down to play the patient, let the children help to do a variety of tests, injections, hanging water, listen to the heartbeat, temperature, wound dressing...

Give as much feedback as possible during the interaction, such as coughing, fake crying... In short, the more you react, the better and longer the game will be!

In this process, not only stimulates the child's imagination and expression ability, but also helps the child alleviate the fear of seeing a doctor and getting an injection through the way of scene simulation. It's good to play

Fashion Stylist (age 3 +)

All face and no effort, this trick is really too easy! As long as you are big enough to lie down on the couch and let your kids play around, you can get a quiet afternoon. Of course, encouraging your teammates to model is even better!

Make up, stick drill, pigtail, clip a hair clip, this is not a thing, let the child enjoy. As long as we can move our hands, we're never bored.

For children, learn to make up for adults, also contains his ignorant understanding of beauty, although the results are often "hot eyes", but definitely enough to contract the whole day of joy ~

Found no, these seemingly ordinary small games, not only to reduce their pressure, but also to tap the endless potential of the baby.

Let us know that a little relaxation can lead to good children.

So ah, can be lazy, be sure to be lazy, we lazy to vacate the time, space, is the baby to climb, the next step!

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