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My True Story From Eritrea To Canada

by Tesfay Haile 3 months ago in book reviews
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This book is my attempt to share with the world my tragic narrative, which also contains snippets of happiness here and there. It is written in an honest and humble manner. I was born and raised in the exotic region of Eritrea, which is known for its lovely people, strong family ties, and several festivals that celebrate its rich cultural heritage. I was robbed of the opportunity to experience the love, security, and potential that being raised by one's parents can instil in a child since I was orphaned at a young age.

Having said all of this, my older siblings did everything in their power to provide me with the most wonderful life they could. However, in my experience, possible is an odd word because it is bound by so many other forces, including social, cultural, and most importantly economic, and these forces define one's worldview as well as the viewpoint on life that is extremely significant.

There was an abundance of poverty, and even the most basic of luxuries that other people could afford for themselves were considered a luxury by me and my family. This is because we always tried to make ends meet and feed the empty mouths just enough so that we could live a life that was considered respectable. That, however, was thrown into disarray, along with the usual comparative stability and peace, when a vicious tyrant by the name of Mengistu Haile Mariam took control of my motherland. Between the years 1977 and 1991, he served as the Head of State of Ethiopia.

After Emperor Haile Selassie I was deposed in 1974 during the Ethiopian Revolution, the Provisional Military Administrative Council, also known as the Derg, gained control of the country. This individual proceeded to rule Eritrea with an iron fist. In 1985, I made the decision to leave my country out of worry that the regime would force me to conduct involuntary military duty. I was afraid of being seized by the authorities.

My family came to the conclusion that it was best for me to leave the country and go to neighboring Sudan since I would not have been able to handle the demands of military service. They handed over a significant sum of money to an agent, and that was the beginning of my departure. That phrase, "exodus," is an understatement because I left everything behind, including people I loved, my home, my friends, and my tale, and I journeyed into a region that was unknown to me and may perhaps surprise me with unexpected tragedies.

Bandits, known as Falul in our native tongue of Tigrinya, ambushed and robbed us when we were traveling to Sudan with other young boys and girls from our country. Bandits, with the assistance of our guide at the time, made an attempt to rob us. The bandits treated us like animals throughout the whole ordeal. Because they had no scruples about inflicting the most excruciating type of suffering and humiliation on me and the other people I was traveling with, their actions were abhorrent, and their morals were corroded to the very centre.

The trip from my house to the Sudanese border was the most tragic and pitiful of my life, not as a result of any decisions or actions I made, but rather as a direct result of forces from the outside that were not under my control or volition.

I had no input into any of that whatsoever. I survived everything that happened and found out that I had more strength than I could possibly have imagined. In my experience, everyone has that power; it is just a matter of time and circumstances before it manifests in one form or another. This is a perfect example of the famous proverb that says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

When I crossed the border into Sudan, I was greeted by both angels and demonic figures. Some of the characters were angels. The bad guys did what they were good at, which was abusing me, stealing from me, and listening to me scream while I was crushed under their inhuman, rudderless boots. On the other hand, the good guys did what they were good at, which was protecting me, taking care of me, and providing me with food and a place to live.

In order to put food on the table and pay my bills while I was in Sudan, I took on a variety of odd jobs there. Truly, I made it to the country that I can finally call home: Canada. Once again, I found myself unable to cope when confronted with the weight of obligations and the pressure to look for myself. Because of the initial shock of the cultural difference, combined with the aimlessness of my life and the fact that I did not understand the significance of my existence, I was unable to succeed in university, I was unable to take care of myself, and I fell into the bottomless pit of substance abuse.

I was completely unaware of the passage of time and could not tell day from night. I squandered my time with a singular emphasis on the quick and easy pleasure provided by drugs until fate came knocking on my door. My parents dispatched my sister all the way from the United States to join me in Canada. When she saw me like that, spending my life on activities that were harmful to my well-being, I felt embarrassed of myself.

My mind and body were so addicted to the drugs that no amount of encouragement or incentive could help me until on a fateful day, something strange yet crucial intervention came from the force, a power, I had forgotten about and then began a new beginning, a promise, and a stable healthy lifestyle. I tried my best to give up the drugs, but my mind and body were so addicted that no amount of encouragement or incentive could help me.

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Hello everyone, my name is Tesfay Haile. I like to write about many subjects that come to my mind such as Relationship, health, self help, IT, Fitness and Finance,Travel,Religion etc..

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