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My Last Year

5th grade was definitely the best

By Mahnam Published 9 months ago 5 min read

So I can confidently say that this year was a whirlwind, I won my first award, I found out it would be my last year since we decided to move again, the friends I made, the fact that I was called mature for my age multiple times, I am not sure why. But this year was the best year of school.

So if you're Canadian and grew up in the early to mid-2000s you know that most schools had portables, and classrooms outside the main building, usually reserved for the older students. And while it wasn't the most fun experience since it would get so cold so quickly, it was nice to have a little area of our own.

Now I won't delve too much into the 5th grader drama but I'll tell you just a little bit. So while this year was great I was going through a bit of a people-pleasing/awkward phase, which meant I didn't have many friends in the beginning at least. There were two girls in specific that took quite the disliking to me, again not sure why but I think it had a lot to do with my demeanour, and how I had trouble picking up on social cues at times.

So it all started when I met this girl we'll call her sally, she was great and she was from the same background, so I automatically gravitated towards her. Sally was a lot more of a social person than I was at the time, She ended up befriending the two mean girls, and pretty much everyone liked her. She slowly started to spend more and more time with the two girls.

The girls ended up convincing Sally to stop talking to me, and I think they kept pressuring her when finally one day she screamed out loud in drama class and called one of the girls a b*tch. Because I was there when it happened and my name was brought up. We were all sent to the principles office. Honestly, the experience was quite hilarious, the principal kept trying to avoid the b-word and sally said it without any fear. I could tell he wanted to sink into his chair.

Moving on, Sally explained the whole situation and how the two girls were being unfair and kept backbiting about me, I was finally sent out of the room and returned to class. A few classmates asked me what happened and I just said that they had a stupid fight.

Now when they came back Sally apologized to me, and we started hanging out again, but weirdly she was still close with the two girls. But I paid it no mind and I ended up with two other girls and a weird acquaintance with this one boy, who had no issue calling me out. But at the same time, he always asked me for advice in art class. And we ended up being civil with each other.

And that's that for some light-hearted 10-year-old drama. Now my main goal was this year to snag a school award, I really wanted one since it was my last year and I would be moving away again. So I paid extra attention to all my creative subjects especially the art of course. I was gifted this huge wooden box filled with art supplies, It was so hard to lug it around but I brought it to school every day. I spent my recesses just drawing and people would come up to me to request something, and that turned into me helping people in art lessons.

There was this one boy who would always joke around a bit of a class clown, he especially liked to joke about his allergies, but in art lessons, he'd be very calm and almost always asked me what colour he should, what technique I am doing and so on. I always tried to ask what they felt was right for the painting/drawing but sometimes I'd recommend certain colours, brushes and shading placement.

That's when my homeroom teacher started noticing how involved I was getting, and I was participating a lot more. She pulled me aside one day and told me a job well done. And when the award ceremony rolled around I ended up winning the plaque called the oscar Peterson award. As shocked as I was all my friends and classmates already knew and they weren't surprised at all.

Even my parents had already known.

That's where I got the idea of being an art teacher, my second career goal aha, But no I am not teaching art as of today, I'll explain what I am doing moving forward as I post more entries.

When the end of the year rolled it was very hard for me to mask my grumpy expression, Everyone would always ask why but I didn't dare to tell them that I would be leaving next year.

Even when middle school started I still told no one except two girlfriends. But I wasn't that close with them,

I remember it was only 2 months into grade 6 and it was my last day and our final period was music, we had been working on a title page for our new folders, they were supposed to have a drawing/painting of our favourite instruments. And when class ended and everyone was packing up the boy who always asked for help showed up, we were friends at this point, He asked to take a look at his title page before submitting it. We both took ours out.

And when I saw his I was very pleasantly surprised I mean it was ten times better than time, I told him he did a great job and then said bye. I guess even then I didn't tell him that I am leaving and won't be at school tomorrow.

Later I found out That I really should have said goodbye...

Alright, that's all, for now, thank you for sticking around till the end have a lovely day!




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