Major Guidelines for Writing an English Academic Essay

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Major Guidelines for Writing an English Academic Essay

Writing an essay is generally the most dreaded of all assignments; people find the task of researching for relevant materials just as tedious as writing down the essay. All academic essays follow a basic structure of starting with an introduction, followed by a couple or more paragraphs of details related to the topic, and closing with a conclusion paragraph. Before you start the essay, read the instructions to decide on the structure of the essay—it could be written in the form of a narrative, persuasive, expository or a descriptive essay. Knowing the kind of essay that has to be written helps students to decide the topic and make an outline to highlight its important points.

Besides the details given by instructors, there are some generic tips that you need to keep in mind while writing an essay in English for academic purposes.

Structuring the Essay

For all the paragraphs that come between the introduction and conclusion, first, consider the main concept that you want to communicate and then write the first sentence to convey what you are planning to discuss in the paragraph. The main idea is more like some of the points that you want to write as part of the information that is being discussed in the essay. Use linking words that connect sentences in the paragraph through statements that compare and contrast ideas while offering solutions.

Structuring The Opening Paragraph

The introduction has to provide general information about the topic under discussion, like the background or context of the topic so that your reader has a general idea about the subject matter. You can also give an outline of ideas that are not likely to be discussed even though they may be part of the general idea. It is advisable to use a few words from the instructor’s question in the answer, as that will indicate that you are aware of the topic under discussion.

Structuring The Body Paragraphs

Each paragraph of the essay should present a valid argument supporting the idea under discussion and linked to the thesis statement and the overall thought process. The most important part of these body paragraphs is your response to the topic under discussion. The paragraphs can be opened by making a suggestion supporting the main idea and then closed with ideas linking to the thesis statement.

Structuring The Conclusion Paragraph

Highlight the main points that were discussed in the body and bring them all together through connecting statements. Don’t make any references in this region and avoid adding new information. Conclude the essay with a comment and suggestion that can be used for further research.

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