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Confucius said, "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

Confucius said, "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous." Tell us the truth of learning and thinking, learning is the foundation of thinking, thinking is the consolidation and improvement of learning, learning must be both learning and asking, only learning without thinking or only thinking without learning can not become its knowledge. The question here is not only a question, but also a question, a question born of doubt, need to think to solve.

Study you have doubt, this is the truth of the majority of scholars recognized. A person who does not use his own thoughts will not make progress. What he has learned is only some rigid rules and regulations, which can not be applied. What is it? Where is the suspicion? Doubt is wandering in the knowledge of the sea edge when the spray splashed wet appearance, doubt is climbing in the knowledge of the strange peak risk in the inexplicable wonder, doubt is looking up at the stars found familiar shadow changed shape, doubt is absorbed in the flower blossom and fall when asking about the changes of life. Suspected in every aspect of our lives, known and unknown, in accidentally a bow at the moment of in the constant of eye gaze, in the birds of the brush, the locust tree stood quietly, suspected flashed in my heart, and in the mouth, getting lost in the eyes, like a rainbow gorgeous, life is short, even seems impossible at both ends of the connection, string belongs to their wonderful.

Learning is lively and interesting because of doubt, and rich and changeable because of doubt. Knowledge is a point, doubt is a line, they are strung into a jade bright stone. Students learn because of doubt and happiness, cognition and their own thinking, and then in the exploration of the solution, suddenly opened up fun, and then happy to learn like research, learning is not hurried but automatic. Have good ask students, although the poor discipline, each has a problem like to interrupt issued a personal opinion, but tend to outstanding achievements, it has asked for its good at thinking, in the process of learning actively and seek to solve problems that arise naturally, the learning effect is better than listen to don't think of a few times, but also can lay the foundation for the later learning, Let yourself learn to think and learn to learn in the resolution of doubt.

On the other hand, some students are serious and clever, but their grades are not as good as those who are lively and active. Why? The reason is that "only", a spade, a spade, in everything I do not know to be flexible, and memory is not "easy way", don't dissolve into the knowledge into the related content, flexible study, and little method, without the knowledge to consolidate and strengthen through thinking and less connected lines. Therefore, such study and even work are inefficient and low quality. A philosopher once said, "I think, therefore I am." Only a thinking man can truly understand the true meaning of knowledge.

To read a passage and want to know something else about it, besides what it is saying, is not happy to know, this is doubt, this is asking. Doubt is instant, immediate, but also painful, it in promoting people's thinking, but also bring people welcome pain, if the mind can not be solved, the mind is suffering. It is a good habit to ask questions, but if you cannot solve them, it is also good to learn from them. Moreover, if you think and doubt often, it becomes a common habit, and you can think more deeply, more specifically, and more valuable than others.

There are many kinds of questions, there are concerns about the external characteristics of things, there are concerns about internal characteristics, there are curious, there are exploration, there are related to the class, there are verification, both with their own known experience knowledge, but also with people's imagination, creativity. Whenever there is doubt, only the direction of the problem is good, we should actively try to solve it, which is also the best way to improve their level.

We should learn more to ask, ask textbooks, ask yourself, ask teachers, ask classmates, ask parents, ask extra-curricular books, ask the society. Only in this way, our learning will be more effective, more happy, and will have greater potential in life.

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