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Is It Good To Study From Video Lectures?

Is watching videos a good way to study?

By Maitri SharmaPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

I have got questions from so many students and parents “Is watching videos a good way to study?” I will give an answer to this question with some raw data. Research has shown that Research shows that 94% of the teachers have successfully used videos during the academic year and found video learning quite adequate. It is much better than instructing students through traditional textbooks. Most of the human brain is faithful to processing visual information.

Video-based learning is one of the best-advanced technologies in digital education. From schools to coaching institutes to businesses, video learning is used almost everywhere to make learning more effective and fun. From live online classes to recorded video lectures, video-based education provides an enhanced student learning experience with live visual examples.

Short, clear, engaging, and descriptive videos allow students to interact directly with teachers while enjoying learning at their own pace. Video-based learning provides an alternative to physical education. Online learning and video lectures were the only learning options during the pandemic. With so many benefits, it has some drawbacks too. Let's find out the advantages and disadvantages of learning from video lectures.

Advantages Of Learning From Video Lectures

It gives you the convenience of learning at any time

With video lectures, students can learn whenever they want—students who are busy with school and coaching institutes. And don't have extra time to prepare for competitive exams. It gives them the convenience of learning and exploring the study material for competitive exams. Videos lectures are meant to be a source of distance learning, but students can use them to strengthen their concepts.

More Effective Learning

Research has shown that learning from videos is more effective than classroom or in-person study. With the right combination of image and sound, the video makes learning easier for students. Students are much more interested in listening to music and watching video lectures than reading concepts from the textbook. Since the pandemic occurred, much exciting content has been available online. Many websites like LearnCBSE, Vedantu, and Physics Wallah are working on providing the best quality video study materials.


Every teacher knows that every student learns at a different pace. Video lectures allow all students to learn at their own pace. Video lectures with start, stop, and rewind features make learning more flexible. Students can watch the recorded video lectures until they have cleared their concept regarding a particular topic. Online learning and video lectures allow students to choose what they want to study. Video lectures are the perfect solution for students who need additional resources to revise or cover topics missed in class. Another benefit of the recorded lectures is that students can learn topics that have yet to be covered.


Online courses and videos lecture are much cheaper than offline coaching institutes. Students can save so much money not just on the course fee but on the traveling expenses.

Easy to Access

One of the best advantages of online learning is its easy access. Students can access video lectures from a laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. You can watch lectures without an internet connection just by enrolling in courses that provide offline video lectures or have an option to watch them offline—for instance. This student wants to utilize their free time, for ex. During lunchtime, traveling time, they can watch these video lectures.

Limitations of Video Learning


After knowing the usefulness of video lectures, let's see the disadvantages of learning from video lectures? The main disadvantage of video lectures is that they distract students and require management and training to familiarize themselves with the technology. For kids studying only from video, classes can be difficult and affect their minds.

Online or Learning from video lectures may create a sense of isolation

Every student has a different learning approach. Some want to learn independently, but some students prefer to study in schools or on a college campus with easy access to professors or classmates. Learning from video lectures can create a sense of isolation for these students. Some of the virtual online platforms like zoom and google meet are trying to fill this distance.

Learning from video lectures requires self-discipline

Studying in the classroom and being a part of the community increases accountability but video learning doesn't. If a student is not disciplined, video or online learning can affect his performance. When students feel they are not receiving adequate instruction, they may not have the self-control to participate in class fully. Students can set daily goals and track their progress to overcome this problem. Learning from this mode, cheating is unavoidable. In online exams, students cheat and get good marks but lack skills and knowledge.

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To overcome this problem, students can use tools like

Live Quizzes: to track their performance in a live class.

StayFocused: is an extension of google chrome in which you can add sites you don't want to use during your study time.

TopTracker: is an excellent tool to track your work.

WunderList: An application that allows you to have all your to-do lists in one place and divide your tasks by adding notes to each.

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Bind with the technical issues

The classic disadvantage of video learning is moving around technical issues. Nothing disrupts a video lesson more than audio, video, or connection issues. Learning from video lectures is bound with the technical infrastructure. And technology is rapidly changing that requires regular training and upskilling the teachers.

Increases Screen Time

Learning online lectures or studying from video lectures adds to an increase in screen time. And research has shown that increased screen time leads to health problems like bad posture and headaches. And it can also be a problem for students who find it challenging to learn from or focus on the screen.


There are advantages and disadvantages of learning from video lectures. But with the advancement of technology, most of the issues students face are getting addressed. We have just seen a pandemic, and looking at situations worldwide, adopting online learning and learning from videos will be wise.

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