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In the workplace to have a constant awareness of zero

In the workplace to have a constant awareness of zero

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 5 min read

In the beginning, when Wang Tong entered the company, few people were optimistic about him. On the one hand, he is not graduated from a famous university, just three books only, the major is also very unpopular; Wang Tong, on the other hand, had the lowest interview score among all the applicants and had to scrape through to get into the company.

Perhaps because of this, after entering the company, other colleagues were assigned work suitable for their major, Wang Tong was arranged in the office to do some chores such as distributing newspapers, serving tea and water, cleaning the office, and so on, but Wang Tong did not complain half a word, work very seriously.

Every day, he is always the first to arrive at the company, preparing boiling water for his colleagues and wiping down the desks and chairs. When his colleagues came to the office, he had prepared everything for them, and the work of the day began in such a warm way. At the end of the day, he is often the last person to leave. He has to turn off the switch that his colleagues forgot to turn off and check whether there are any unsafe risks before leaving the company.

In his spare time, Wang Tong likes to read books on marketing. When you don't understand something, ask your colleagues for advice. Because Wang Tong learned software programs at university, marketing is a little strange. As a result, sometimes his problems are laughed at by some colleagues because they are "children's children", but Wang Tong does not pay attention to them. He said, "I don't care about anything as long as you are willing to teach me."

Once, the company had to market a newly developed product. To brainstorm ideas, the company put out an open call for marketing proposals to all employees. Although Wang Tong was not proficient in marketing, he decided to challenge himself.

When some people know Wang Tong also wants to do a marketing plan, are secretly laughing at him as out of his depth. Is it a joke that a person with no marketing degree and no marketing experience makes a marketing proposal?

But Wang doesn't care what people think. He read a lot of professional books, looked up a lot of relevant information online, referred to the company's successful marketing cases over the years, and even paid his own money to consult professionals. After doing a lot of careful preparation, Wang Tong followed his ideas and quickly completed the marketing plan.

To people's surprise, in a company full of experts, Wang Tong's marketing plan was finally adopted by the company because of its "unique thinking, close to life and easy to be accepted by people". With this success, Wang Tong was transferred to the Marketing Department, responsible for marketing creative planning.

Wang Tong cherished this rare opportunity, carefully studied the market, carefully studied the theory, and worked together with his colleagues to make a lot of satisfactory marketing plans for the company's senior management, and made a great contribution to the company's products in the market.

However, it is puzzling that when Wang Tong was doing well in the marketing field, he applied for a job in the advertising department of the company, which was a brand new field and a new challenge for Wang Tong, so many people doubted whether Wang Tong could do well.

But in just a year, Wang Tong has done an excellent job of opening up the advertising market, which has been a headache for the company's executives. Later, Wang Tong also changed several departments in succession and did the same excellent job. With outstanding performance, Wang Tong is now the vice general manager of the company.

People are puzzled by Wang Tong's behavior, but this is the secret to his success. Wang Tong can succeed in the master of the company like a forest, which is the result of continuous zeroing, he is forcing himself to constantly break through his limitations, and constantly pursue new heights.

As Wang often says: "Your value depends on how irreplaceable you are, in a company, in industry, among your peers. It keeps you awake and ahead of the curve."

And so it is. Nowadays, many people like to emphasize how many years of experience they have on their resume when applying for jobs. It seems that the longer the job, the better. But, from a clean SLATE point of view, how many years of experience you have is no longer important. The longer you work, the less "young" you are and the more outdated knowledge you may have. Therefore, what needs to be emphasized is not work experience, but whether you still can learn and be enterprising, and maintain the enterprising, the most important thing is whether you have the consciousness of constantly cleaning up, whether you dare to forget the current achievements or honors, return to the initial state, start again.

Wang Tong's experience shows that the workplace is always a pool of living water, only those who dare to challenge themselves and have the consciousness of continuous zero can become the winner. Just like the butterfly if it has not experienced the difficulty and pain of breaking the chrysalis, it will not fly freely in this beautiful world. In the workplace, clearing zero is like breaking the chrysalis. Only after shedding the past body can it have new growth and reach a new height.

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