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Importance Of Creativity

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There’s been an increased call for boosting creativity in schools in recent years, culminating with the final report from the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education in the UK.

Importance Of Creativity
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There’s been an increased call for boosting creativity in schools in recent years, culminating with the final report from the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education in the UK. Following their study on more than 1000 businesses, teachers, families, and officials the consensus is clear: we need to better integrate creativity in our schools.

why is creativity in education important:

The Durham Commission on Creativity in Education also talked about the need for a shift back to better supported arts-related subjects in the curriculum as currently these subjects are being eroded. This has led to a growing dependency on extra-curricular activities in the development of creative thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Unfortunately, according to research by the Sutton Trust found that 37% of students do not take part in extra-curriculars, meaning over a third of all English students do not engage in activities that would develop their creative skills, due to socio-economic and geographic factors. It is now more important than ever, considering the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in, to make sure all children have the same opportunities to develop these essential life skills.

“ By encouraging creativity and imagination, we are promoting children’s ability to explore and comprehend their world and increasing their opportunities to make new connections and reach new understandings.” (Duffy, 2006)

But why? Why is it so important we integrate creativity developmental methods into our education systems?

There’s a myriad of reasons, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on what we believe to be the top 5.

1. Creativity is key to career success:

In a study conducted by Adobe on why creativity matters, 82% of surveyed adults said they wished they had developed more creativity in school. 96% also said that creativity is an important part of their jobs, as well as believing creativity contributes to economic growth. Every advancement known to mankind has started with a new idea and by thinking out of the box. Both promoted by creativity.

2. Creativity Promotes Confidence:

Being creative requires courage, it requires you to be willing to fail and try again. Promoting creativity in schools can help children increase their confidence and resilience to better prepare them for the future.

3. Creativity develops creative thinking and problem-solving skills:

Creative-thinking and problem-solving skills depend on nurtured creativity. These are skills that are inter-disciplinary and will be used throughout life – both professionally and day-to-day – which is why children need to develop them as early as possible.

4. Creativity promotes physical and emotional development:

Creativity and the methods through which it is expressed, such as arts and crafts, help children develop fine motor skills, control, and coordination through making. Creative expression also allows children to express thoughts and emotions by putting them into a piece of artwork, contributing to their emotional development.

5. Creativity promotes social development:

More often than not, being in a creative space requires us to share and interact with others. Creative activities such as singing, dancing or acting play a big role in the development of social skills such as communication, sympathy, and respect.

We’ve just scratched the surface of the benefits that come with promoting creativity in education. The need for schools to help kids develop, nurture and retain their creativity is bigger than ever. Creativity will always be an advantage, especially in a time where this skill is becoming prevalent in most industries.

6. Creativity helps you see the big picture:

Being able to see the big picture is important in many areas of life. Whether it’s your personal life or a work project, it’s easy to get bogged down and lost in the details. Being creative and letting your mind meander a bit is like taking a walk in the forest. Rather than stopping to focus on one piece of moss, keep wandering down the path and open up the forest. You’re able to see past the trees, in a way.

7. Creativity helps motivate you:

Feeling discouraged and frustrated about something? Doing something creative can lift your spirits and help you shake off a bad mood. It takes your mind off what’s bothering you, but you’re still engaging your mind. It’s just focused on something more fun. Doing something creative that involves actually creating something – like baking, drawing, doing a puzzle, etc – is like revving the engine of your mind. You’re shaking off the cobwebs and getting your brain moving. It will be easier to get going on the task you’re having trouble with.

8. Creativity helps with problem-solving:

When you’re trying to find the solution to a problem, thinking creatively opens up the possibilities. You look at the situation from different angles. Oftentimes, people get stuck on solutions that they’ve always used in the past. While it might still get the job done, it could be done better if it was more creative. That’s how we get unique ideas and how innovators set themselves apart.

9. Creativity can make you more productive:

Creative people have open, active minds. They’re usually buzzing with ideas and soaking up inspiration from the world around them. This often makes them more productive because they’re bringing more to the table than someone who doesn’t open their mind to what’s around them. Creative people are always looking for new ways to solve problems, as well, which sparks innovation and increased efficiency. It’s a valued skill in any field.

10. Creativity boosts your confidence:

Being creative helps you see the big picture, stay motivated, and solve problems. What could be more confidence-boosting than that? When you think creatively and overcome all kinds of challenges, you’re proving to yourself that you’re a capable person. Very few good things in life come without some effort. On the way, creativity makes that process more engaging as well as rewarding.

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