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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education

by Monmohan 6 months ago in student

The greatest gains from COVID's effect on education globally to focus on technology

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education
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The COVID-19 pandemic is taken into account as the most vital global health calamity of the century and also the greatest challenge that humankind faced since the second warfare.

Covid-19 is bringing a few whole set of latest challenges in every possible region, where education is being only one. as long as the rapidly evolving situation around the pandemic has shifted from offline to online mode of teaching-learning.

Technology-enabled teaching is certainly the long run we are looking towards but it'll not be easy to create this transition. it's important to spot the possible impact for college students and teachers within the current scenario.

Positive Impact

The pandemic situation induced people to seek out out and use digital technology and resulted in increasing digital literacy.

Learning materials are shared among students easily and queries are resolved through e-mail, SMS, and using different social media like Whatsapp and Facebook.

Students are able to manage their time efficiently in online education, teachers also adopted a replacement method of teaching like through PPTs, video conferencing which are considered one in all the foremost effective and fast learning mediums of teaching.

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Negative Impact

The education sector suffered plenty due to the outbreak of Covid-19. it's created many negative impacts-

Classes are suspended and exams at different levels postponed. The admission process got delayed.

The percent expected to increase because the location process for school students is delaying.

Teachers and students don't seem to be ready for this sudden transition from face-to-face learning to online learning.

Online learning has also a problem for poor or lower-middle-class students who have no or limited internet access and plenty of scholars don't seem to be able to afford computers, laptops, and supporting mobile phones at their homes.

According to various reports, online teaching-learning may enhance the gap between rich/poor and concrete and rural.

Students missing their school life where they use to enjoy lots with their friends apart from studying and extra-curricular activities.

An emotional relationship is created between students and teachers which isn't seen in digitalized learning.

Engineering and medical students missing their important laboratory practical studies.

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Some of the key challenges as follows

a. Syllabus Completion

Since neither students nor teachers were during this situation, it's become difficult for them to continue with the first plan.

The academic plan must be modified to suit the present situation changing both teaching and assessment methods.

b. Psychological Disturbance

It is normal for college kids to undergo stress due to the uncertainty they were facing, not having the ability to hold on with a group of routines will further increase their anxiety and affect their mental state.

A proper psychological network has to be established within the course/curriculum. the main target should air mental well-being at different times.

c. Reducing paying capacity of parents

This is the time of the world recession with many of us experiencing financial difficulties. New scholarships and loans should be opened enabling students to finish their education.

d. Spending on tech infrastructure

Due to the sudden requirement of a digital facility to ascertain a tech enable teaching-learning network, this can be a controversy with most private institutions as they will hesitate to spend extra money during the time of recession.

e. Innovation through research(for higher education)

Even though many students and colleges are coming together, thanks to a scarcity of economic support, dedication holds them back. they must be encouraged to undertake research.

Lesson learn from this pandemic

.Expanding the use of development funds for education in conflict and crisis is often a prerequisite to improving access and quality, particularly where crises have become protracted.

The biggest lesson we've got learned is that we've to specialize in technology.

Appropriate incentive structures, such as money transfers and school feeding programs, can encourage child participation in children from poor and vulnerable households.

Educators and students should be oriented on the employment of various online educational tools.


COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the education sector worldwide. Although it's created many challenges, various opportunities have also changed.

The priority should be to use digital technology to make a profitable environment for various young students.

Although COVID-19 lasts a protracted time, there's an urgent need to make efforts to create the simplest use of online platforms so that students graduate this school year and brace themselves for a digital-focused environment for the long run.



I have always believed that process is more important than results.

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