How Your School District Can Boost Communication Efficiency

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Downstream communication is vital for faculty, teachers, and students

How Your School District Can Boost Communication Efficiency

On so many occasions, there is a ton of information that needs to get out to a number of individuals throughout a school district. Not only does information need to get to staff in different schools, but to parents as well.

Many school districts face issues with budgeting and staffing issues, thus placing more work on those few staff that are available.

The Workload

When it comes to getting information out to a number of people, it is important to make sure that it can be done quickly and efficiently. However, when there are maybe only one or two people that handle getting information out, it can be difficult to accomplish.

Some information that must get out quickly may include the following:

  • Weather preparedness—When severe weather is becoming an issue, it is highly important that information for parents and students is sent out immediately. Even if school is not cancelled because of weather, parents should be aware of the weather before driving their children to school in dangerous conditions. For high school students who may drive themselves to school, an email blast to parents is all the more necessary.
  • Spread of a severe illness—When an unusual strain of something like the flu is making many people ill, information needs to be gotten out immediately to parents and students so that precautions can be taken, or possibly what needs to be done in case a student or other family member should become ill. At times, it may be necessary for school to be cancelled for a few days or even weeks, depending on the seriousness of the outbreak.
  • Drug abuse awareness—With the latest trends in abuse of medications, cleaning products, or the latest drug that has been detected, parents may need to be informed about what is being found throughout the schools. This information will enable parents who have meaningful discussions with their children at home about avoiding drug use. It will also help parents know what to look out for, and remind them to keep their prescription medication locked up properly.

How To Get The Information Out

There are several ways in which staff members may get information out to the public in regards to different situations. Recently the typical way has been through the internet. Information may be released onto the district website or mass emails may be sent out.

However, issues may arise with a website being down, or possibly email is bogged and the information can't be sent. In any school districts, there are parents who prefer to communicate through email and check it regularly. There are also parents who do not check their emails, or whose emails are out of date in the school’s database. Thus, a backup plan must be implemented and quickly.

One way to make sure the information is given out quickly is going back to basics. That's right, printing on paper and making sure the information is distributed through regular mail or through newsletters, information given to students to take home—okay, students don't always get that information to their parents, especially the older ones. This, of course, can have copiers bogging down; and let's face it, most of the time, older equipment is all that is available. If this is the case, there are corporate printing solutions to help you save time and money on bulk printing.

There are many companies out there that can help meet printing needs for school districts. Special contracts can be established with the school district to meet within guidelines and budget requirements. This can be a major help and improve efficiency a great deal.

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