How to Write a Three-Paragraph Essay

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How to Write a Three-Paragraph Essay

How to Write a Three-Paragraph Essay

I have always found three-paragraph essays very easy. I excelled at them in college and so I thought I would show a few people how to write a three-paragraph essay with a post on Squidoo. A lot of textbooks overcomplicate the process of editing a paper, when the basic layout is actually simple and very flexible. It also forces the writer to keep their word count down. That is why you will find that a lot three-paragraph essays are very concise. They force the writer to get to the point quickly, which is one of the reasons I like them.

Three-Paragraph Essay Outline

The three-paragraph essay for high school is one of the easiest essays to write, because its outline is so simple. All you have is an introduction, a body and a conclusion. There is no need to create an analysis and evaluation section, because it is your job to squeeze those notions into the bulk of the essay. The rules governing a three-paragraph essay are fairly loose, because the essay is not often put under great scrutiny. Many people use them as a means of getting a single point across. So finding reams of research and proof is not as important as it is with bigger essays—even for a college three-paragraph essay.

It is important to create a three-paragraph essay outline because you need to keep your essay reasonably short, and it becomes a lot harder without an outline. The people who write very large paragraphs are missing the point of writing a three paragraph essay, since it should be short and concise.

Three-Paragraph Essay Format

The technical formatting of a three-paragraph essay is often set out by the educational institution. For example, they will tell you if they want the piece submitting in Times New Roman with a font size of 12, etc. There are really no iron-cast rules for writing this kind of paper.

Another good thing is that you can allow your writing to seep from one section to another. For example, in your introduction, you may introduce your piece, but you may also introduce concepts and ideas that you may answer within the body of the text. That way you do not have to fill up your body text with preambles into your concepts or ideas. Your conclusion may also be very concise because you do not have to remind the reader of ideas, comments or concepts before concluding on them. You can conclude on them with the assumption that each idea, comment and concept is still fresh in their mind.

Three-Paragraph Essay Topics

Choosing the right type of topics for good three-paragraph essays is very important. In many cases it works the other way around. In many cases you pick your topic and then choose the type of essay you wish to write. When people come across a topic that requires a short and concise answer, they will tend to pick a three-paragraph essay as their choice of essay. If you wish to write a three-paragraph essay, then choose a topic that you know you can cover quickly without needing to miss out details.

If you are looking to apply for college or a scholarship, then it is a good idea to have a reasonably sized backlog of different essays. You should write different types of essays so that you can show off your range and skills. Three paragraph essays should be at least one of those essays. Just be sure that you pick an application-friendly topic. An essay on the effects of salmon migration on the surrounding countryside is a far better topic than how to skin a sheep (or something taboo).

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