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How to improve your foreign language ability without studying abroad?

by CAIFEN LIANG 2 months ago in how to

For you who want to learn English by yourself

Foreign languages, foreign languages, we began to learn from primary school (even kindergarten), but we still swear when it comes to College (hand in hand). We don't have time to go to cram schools and resources to study abroad. What do we rely on? How to learn English well by self-study?

Like most Taiwanese, I haven't received special tutors or studied abroad since I was a child. However, with curiosity and interest in English, I still tried to get internships in foreign schools, interview with foreign companies, make foreign boyfriends and get married (God |) many friends began to ask me how to learn English?

Anyway, there's not much nonsense today. Based on my personal experience, I will directly share 10 methods of self-study English (foreign language) with you. I believe you will make progress.

1. Check the lyrics when listening to foreign language songs

When I was in grade one or two of junior high school, I began to like the style of western pop music. Because I really couldn't understand what I was talking about, I looked up the lyrics curiously.

Of course, I'm not a genius to memorize all the foreign language lyrics, but when you check the lyrics and meaning of that song, believe me, you will at least remember "a" new one. Even if it's just a gangster or a mob, there are always one or two small words that make you laugh inadvertently. Don't underestimate such a smile. These are good drugs to enhance memory. Moreover, I developed it later. After forming the habit of checking the lyrics, it can be said that every time you hear your favorite song, you can learn several new words.

2. Observe the signs and words in life

If the foreign language you want to learn is English, you living in the city actually have the opportunity to learn new words every day, whether it's the signs on the MRT, the translation of parking signs, the menu of the restaurant, the content description on the back of the product... Many things actually have English translation. Pay more attention to these words. Just look at them. You will learn them after a long time. In fact, pay more attention to the things around you every day, and you will find that there are always new words waiting for you to learn

3. Convert your electronic device into English (foreign language)

I know it may be difficult to use, but if you are willing to do so, it is definitely a new breakthrough in language learning!

First, you can adjust the interface language of your mobile phone to English or the language you want to learn, then adjust your social platforms (such as Facebook and instagram) to the language you want, and then your browsers (such as Safari and chrome). Later, I also adjusted my money making tools (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) to English interface.

If you are more and more confident, you can also turn the whole computer into English, but this step is still recommended step by step, otherwise you may be discouraged because you can't understand it and switch back to traditional Chinese in despair. Therefore, it is recommended to start different devices such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook and computer one by one.

4. Find language exchange partners

If you can find a one-to-one tutor, of course, it's best, but today's focus is self-study. Finding language exchange partners is actually very helpful.

When I was in college, I was very keen to join the language exchange club. There are many language communication and promotion platforms on Facebook. You can find many foreign exchange students on it. These people come from all over the world. Their mother tongue is not necessarily English. Of course, if you can find native speakers to practice the language, it's even making friends, practicing, or even dating. Suggest one-on-one or one group (less than four people) so that you can really talk.

We can go out for afternoon tea, shopping and movies together, just like making friends with foreigners. If you attend such a party several times, I'll be very curious about what to do if your English doesn't improve.

If you want to improve your English, even if you are not a native speaker, this is a good choice, because you can only communicate in "English", and he will be more patient than ordinary native speakers (really)

5. Find some favorite foreign language programs, youtube and radio, and listen to them at any time

If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you watch "ADI English" when you go to work, wait for the bus, jog or any free time. Of course, there are many similar English learning content platforms. Adie's words are relatively simple and lifelike. Humorous Chinese commentary is suitable for you who have just started.

If you are in the upper middle class, I strongly recommend that you listen to radio broadcasts such as ICRT. Of course, there are hundreds of options on the Internet or apple podcasts. I like listening to the radio while running, bathing and driving. You just need to fix it. I listen every day and every week. I don't believe your English won't improve.

6. Write a diary in a foreign language

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, writing a diary in a foreign language will always keep you improving. Because the diary is very personal, you can write it as you like. It may not directly help you correct your grammar, but it can be quite helpful in terms of the number of words.

If you want to be a little more advanced, I would suggest taking the time to write down the details of the diary, such as what do you have for lunch today? What dishes are there? How is the weather today? At this time, you may learn life words such as Broccoli, Potstickers, Caesar sauce with bread crumb, etc. When describing the weather of a day, in addition to using Sunny and Windy, you can also try to use some diversified words such as Foggy and Moisture.

Tips: Use electronic methods to write your diary. Many applications (such as Grammarly ) can automatically correct you misspelled words and grammar, or ask your language exchange partner to help you check for errors. Key point: Done is better than perfect!

7. Turn off Chinese subtitles or turn on English subtitles when watching foreign movies

If you have some basic skills, I highly recommend this method! Of course, you should not embarrass yourself too much. It is recommended to start with some comedy movies or Hollywood hero movies. Such movies can capture the outline of the drama even though you don’t understand every sentence. As long as you often watch and listen, Must be able to remember three or five sentences that often appear in words.

8. Be brave to speak a foreign language, even if you are in a bar or nightclub, just say it out loud

Why is English so bad even though we have been in contact with English since we were young? The main reason is not only that you did not create that environment, but also that you did not "use it." The progress of language is through continuous use, that is, to seize opportunities. When you can say, don't use it stingly, right? ! Even if it’s said to be a fan of foreigners, or you can’t talk about any in-depth or meaningful topics when you’re in a bar, It’s okay! Talking to foreigners is one of the keys to the fastest progress.

9. Fall in love

I really don’t lie (Is he digressing?), the progress of the relationship with foreigners can be rapid and emotional, the two can strengthen the training of listening and speaking when they are in conversation, and they can also communicate through contact when they are in different locations. Practice reading and writing. Of course, I'm not encouraging everyone to cheat their feelings for the sake of practicing English, but why does falling in love quickly enhance your language skills? There is a very important feature: only this person has the patience to listen to your broken English.

That’s right, I’m serious, unless you spend money on a tutor or are lucky enough to make a close friend, otherwise only the person who likes you will be willing to listen to you, and in front of this familiar person, you dare to speak So, even if you find it troublesome to fall in love, make more foreign friends!

10. Go on a self-guided trip!

Being obsessed with self-service travel in college is also a factor that made my word volume soar. During self-service travel, you will be forced to use the local language or use the international language. When you travel several times, you can also find out I am more and more familiar with using English or foreign languages.

Tip: If you don’t want to travel on your own, you can go with a friend whose English is worse than you, and you will improve faster (laughs)

If you learn English by self-study, unless you are a genius, you are unlikely to get rich overnight ~ but is it possible to find a job, study abroad and communicate with native speakers by self-study?

The answer is "absolutely possible".

But remember the following four caveats:

Find your "why?"

Why do you want to learn English? For the exam? For self-improvement? If you are not interested in learning a foreign language, why both? If you really want to improve your foreign language ability, try to like it, otherwise hiring a tutor or studying abroad will be the fastest way to achieve your goal, not self-study.

Practice every day for at least half a year

Self study requires "perseverance" just like cultivating interest, because no one urges me and doesn't need to deal with the exam. It took me at least four years to speak English from ragged to free communication. In these four years, I use English almost every day. When I take a bath, I pretend to talk to foreigners (what?) if you are not a person with special language talent, Please practice every day in the above way and continue for at least half a year to judge whether you have made progress or not.

Environment is everything. If you want to be strong, you have to use it

The most important thing about poor English is that you don't have a "use environment". Therefore, it is suggested to create a bilingual life for yourself in the above ways. You must always use this second language, and one day you can use it like a fish in water.

So why do some people go abroad to study, work and vacation, and return to Taiwan or their English is not good? That's because he didn't let himself live in the environment of using English. If you can make your life full of foreign languages, the effect of self-study will not be poor.

Set yourself a measurable goal

Do you think the English test scores of students in the past were not bad, but why do you just can't understand what foreigners are saying when you go abroad? (Yap! I heard your voice)

In fact, the reason is very simple. It's easy to do things with goals. People are animals that need goals. In the past, teachers would tell you the direction of the exam. As long as you understand the direction and content, your grades will not be bad, but I believe you must also find that school English is much worse than that spoken by foreigners, and life English and business English are also much worse. Therefore, set a measurable goal for yourself, and you will have more direction in learning. The objectives can be:

・ entry into foreign companies

・ can talk to foreigners

・ understand the original book

・ travel without asking for people

Setting the goal is the first step to firm the foundation, so although it is self-improvement, give yourself a reason to measure whether your foreign language has made progress.

The above is how I teach myself a foreign language from scratch. If you have to prepare for the entrance exam today, you will still be advised to go to class, so finding out your purpose is the first step to create a shortcut.

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