How to Get Admission In LUMS?

How to get admission in lums in Undergraduate and graduate programs.

How to Get Admission In LUMS?
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How to Get Admission In LUMS?

Despite a myriad of institutes providing business education in Pakistan, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has been able to stand out among other institutions because it has been ranked very highly by HEC as well as international ranking organizations like Time’s Education and QS Ranking. LUMS has maintained its standard and improved it by every passing year. Considered as one of the prestigious and high-quality education imparting institute, LUMS attracts millions of students all over Pakistan as well as international students to apply to the university every year.

LUMS is well-known for its Suleman Dawood School of Business which offers both undergraduate and graduate business degrees like Accounting & Finance, Management Science, and Business Administration. Along with its business school, other schools of LUMS are also highly ranked. They offer a lot of other degrees as well; for example, BS Chemistry, BS Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineering, MBA, MS Computer Science, and many more.

In order to maintain its high standard, LUMS has a meticulous and rigorous admission process so that only the best and the brightest students join LUMS.

The Following things are must be required during the admission process of LUMS:

Admission Tests

Unlike other universities in Pakistan, LUMS has made it compulsory for the applicants to take Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) in order to get into the university, whether they are applying for a local seat or international seat. SAT is an international aptitude test that has been adopted by every major international university for many years. SATs make sure that no unfair means are adopted to get into LUMS.

There are two levels of SATs: SAT I and SAT II. For admission into business, social sciences and law, taking SAT I is compulsory for the students who wish to take admission in LUMS.

For the engineering departments, students must take SAT I along with SBASSE – which is LUMS’s own entry test into the engineering school.

Students from Matric and Intermediate background often face enormous difficulty in preparing for SATs because they are used to rote learning and pattern of SATs are quite different from their exams and coursework. On the other hand, students from O/A levels background are able to understand the pattern and process of SATs quite easily because it is similar to their own coursework. They are able to excel in such creative exams by working hard and practicing past papers. That is why intermediate students must start preparing for SATs as soon as they are finished with their board exams.

They may join any reputed academy to prepare for SATs; otherwise, a lot of material is available on the internet and SATs official website. Past papers of SATs are easily available in the market as well as on the internet. These past papers should be practiced as much as possible to hone the comprehension and writing skills which are the major parts of SATs. SATs are marked out of 1600 marks and has the highest weightage in the admission process. Therefore, students must focus on excelling in this test.

After SATs, if the students are applying to the SBASSE – engineering school of LUMS – they must take another MCQs-based entry test i.e. SBASSE Subject Test. To prepare for this test, students must revise their intermediate course and concept. Most of the test is conceptually based; however, some questions are often based on basic definitions and formulae, so the students must memorize them. O/A level students must also read and learn from intermediate local textbooks to get good marks in the SBASSE Subject Test.

Personal Statement of the Student

Following the admission process of international IVY league universities, LUMS requires a strong personal statement to judge if a student is eligible for admission in LUMS or not. Every student has a unique personal statement. There is no definite pattern of a personal statement; however, usually, candidates should discuss their achievements in personal and academic lives, their interests, and extra-curricular activities. Ideally, the personal statement must include the reasons why the candidate is suitable for admission into the university. It may also include any important personal incident of lives that had a great impact on the applicant.

Recommendation Letters

At least two to three letters of recommendation should be submitted along with the admission form. Preferably, these letters should come from class teachers, department heads, or school/college principal.


Applicants must be familiar with the deadlines of the admission process. They should visit the LUMS website to keep themselves informed about the deadlines.

Usually, students have to take the SAT in December (first round). By the mid of January, students must register online for the LUMS admission portal and submit their documents. SBASSE test for engineering school is conducted in February. Students can also take the SAT in the second round in the month of March. Finally, admission decisions are made from April to June.

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