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How to Get Admission in IBA Karachi?

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A complete guide to getting admission to the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi.

How to Get Admission in IBA Karachi?
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How to Get Admission in IBA Karachi?

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi has established itself as the leading business institute of Pakistan. It has been imparting education since 1955. International universities and organizations like the University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and USAID has helped to establish different departments at IBA and bring them on par with international standards. IBA and LUMS have always been ranked among the top two business universities in Pakistan. According to Time’s Educations, IBA was ranked among the top 600 Asian universities. Along with the business programs, many other programs are also offered at IBA including Bachelor of Science (B.S). It is recognized worldwide for the quality of education being imparted especially in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

IBA has an extremely strict admission policy. Along with the minimum percentage and grades, IBA also does not release its past papers of entry tests officially. Every year, the entry test is revised to make sure there are no repetitions and to make it transparent. Therefore, in order to succeed in getting into IBA, the following tips should be followed.

Admission Eligibility

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate with at least 65% marks.


  • A-Level with a minimum of 2 B’s and 1’C in core subjects.

Students with education from international backgrounds including O/A levels must have an equivalency certificate from IBCC in order to apply for the admission.

IBA offers admission once a year in the fall session. A Student must acquaint themselves with important dates and deadlines of the admission to make sure they don’t miss any important step in the admission process.

IBA requires a minimum of 2.5 CGPA for admission in MBA.

Admission Test

IBA Admission Test is based on the pattern and difficulty level of SAT I. Entry test includes two sections: Mathematics and English.

If a candidate has taken SAT I and has achieved at least 1270 marks out of a total of 1600 marks, then that student will be exempted from taking the IBA Admission test.

For taking admission in BS, students have to take the SAT I and SAT-II Mathematics.

For admission in MBA, candidates must take GMAT/GRE. Both of these tests are standardized aptitude tests which are adopted by international universities to ensure fairness and unbiasedness in the admission process.

Some of the important tips to perform well in the IBA Entry Test are:

  1. Online registration should be done on time to avoid any unseen circumstances. Moreover, all the required documents along with the academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statement should be submitted according to the deadline informed by the university.
  2. There is no fixed pattern of the IBA Entry test due to which number of MCQs of each section vary from year to year. Every year, IBA revise their paper and only sample paper has been provided on their official website. Therefore, students should practice SATs past papers as SATs and IBA Entry Tests are similar in pattern.
  3. Since the difficulty level of the IBA pattern is based on SATs, students must practice SATs past papers in order to improve their comprehension and writing skills of English, which forms the major part of the SATs.
  4. Similarly, basic mathematics skills must be practiced from past papers and book exercises.
  5. As the test is MCQ-based, students should learn different techniques to solve the MCQs smartly by the process of eliminations, if they are not able to solve a question.
  6. Practice of past papers should be timed as many students find difficulty in solving the test in the given time.
  7. In order to take SAT-II Mathematics, students must prepare an advance level of Mathematics from their textbooks of Intermediate and/or A level mathematic books. Some of these topics are, Calculus, Trigonometry (advanced), Algorithms, Applied Mathematical Applications, Binomial Theorem, and other topics taught in intermediate / A level. Many well-known academies offer SAT preparatory classes. Students may join them if they face difficulty in coping with advanced concepts involved in the entry test.
  8. Students should write their unique personal statements in which they write about their personal and educational achievements briefly. Candidates should write about the things which distinguish them from other applicants like personal interests, impactful incidents from personal lives, and the reasons for which they want to get into IBA.
  9. Letters of recommendation from school /college teachers and instructors should be attached along with the admission form so the IBA Admission Committee can paint a better picture of the student. Preferably, recommendation letters should be from class teachers, head of the department (HOD), or the principal. There is no certain limit, but two or three letters of recommendation are enough to make your impression.
  10. After the initial provisional admission, the interview at IBA also holds great importance in the confirmation of the admission. Students should prepare for the expected questions of the interview. Other techniques of interview preparation like mock interviews, flashcards, and speaking with confidence during the interview should be followed to secure the admission.

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