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How to Defend a Dissertation

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By DavidsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

After the successful completion of the dissertation, the major challenge that makes it way is how to defend the dissertation. Of course, even the label sounds intimidating to nearly every student. However, online dissertation writing service defines the whole defence process as the most flexible conversation that is centred on you. Your thoughts and decisions invested in the dissertation are what matters the most. The committee is interested in knowing how you conducted the entire research process. Moreover, they want to check if you really understand the research area and have a grip over the nuts and bolts of your research focus. Apart from this, every research defence varies from contexts to contexts, so the students have to look after all the details before defending their dissertations. This article covers how to defend the dissertation in easy and simple steps, have a look below.

Prepare a list of dissertation defence questions

The best way to deal with your anxiety is to prepare beforehand. Thus, do not attend the meeting unarmed. You should have a clear understanding of the defence questions that the dissertation committee would predictably ask from you. The questions might constitute aspects such as what compelled you to choose the particular research area, why you make certain preferences in research design and methodologies, what are the limitations of your study, what are the strong suits that set your study apart from others, etc. In this manner, list out the possible questions and brainstorm your thoughts and perspectives on them with the assistance of gained knowledge during the dissertation writing process. Additionally, you could consult online dissertation editing service for detailed outlook into the matter.

Make adjustments and backups

While giving the dissertation defence presentation, you have to organise a set of certain materials. The foremost thing you have to analyse is your connectivity and accessibility to the internet and online resources that count significant. Next, pay attention to the hard copy of your dissertation and make it refined and perfected so that the committee wouldn’t find any error. Then comes the actual presentation. Think of it as a university or college presentation that aims to make the audience aware of your thoughts and statements. Gather all the materials of the presentation and make sure everything is in its place. On top of everything, you have to create a backup as well for the rainy moment that could arrive unexpectedly in the middle of the conversation.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is a better way to guard your fears and stress level. You could take an idea of what their questions would be like once you find out the members of the board. In this manner, you would prepare yourself. Discover their fields of interest and expertise. This would help you in tailoring your responses alike. In addition to this, you could ask help from your supervisor who has directed you in the whole dissertation writing procedure, and he knows better than others everything about your study. Hence, learn about your external examiners and committee members who are going to assess your competence and proficiency.

Take control of your imperfections

Nobody is perfect neither the dissertation board expects you to be. Therefore, stop fretting and taking everything too serious. You have all the things available, you know the list of prompts, and you know our audience, thus be in charge of your flaws. The ideal way to identify your mistakes is to practice a lot. Seek any friend or acquaintance to eye your performance or they could even role-play the dissertation committee by inquiring you the fundamentals of the study. Moreover, remember that you are the author of your work so you tend to have a better grasp of the aspects that you have covered in the study. Likewise, once you appear professional, practised, confident, and intellectual in front of them, there is no way the audience is pulling you down or underestimating your efforts. On the whole, explore your gaps and try to cover them with your skills and practice, so that you kill the dissertation defence process with full energy!

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