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How To Cite Wikipedia In APA Style?

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in how to

A guide for students to properly cite Wikipedia in articles.

How To Cite Wikipedia In APA Style?
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How to cite Wikipedia in APA style

What is APA style?

APA Style is an inscription style and arrangement for educational pamphlets/documents such as academic paper or articles and books. It is usually cast-off for quoting bases inside the arena of interactive and social sciences. It is labeled in the style escort of the American Psychological Association (APA), which is aristocratic the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The rules were advanced to assist in understanding comprehension in the communal and behavioral sciences, for clearness of statement, and for "term choice that finest lessens prejudice in linguistic.

How to cite Wikipedia in APA style:

When quoting Wikipedia in-text, all you essentially need is the article's name. This is because Wikipedia is a co-operative website and there is no writer or printed date. The citation, which will be in additions, will have the heading of the sheet or article in quotes. In the residence of the printed date the shared repetition is to use n.d., which attitudes for no date.

Methods to Cite Wikipedia in APA style:

The calmest method to do this is by means of Wikipedia's built-in quotation/citation creator that relations to the form of the page you're watching, however, you can also cite by hand if needed.

1. By means of the Wikipedia Citation Generator:

  1. Open the article you're citing. Drive to the Wikipedia sheet for the article that you need to cite.
  2. Get on to ‘’Cite this page’’. This connexion is in the "Tools" unit of the post of choices that are on the left sideways of the sheet.
  3. Find your citation style. Roll over and done with the list of blue citation headings until you find your favored quote style (e.g., "APA style"). The citation will be recorded underneath the style heading.
  4. Select the whole citation. Hit it off and slog your cursor from left to right crossways the whole citation underneath the style heading.
  5. Open a rich-text editor. "Rich-text" unbiased mentions to the aptitude to uphold arranging (e.g., italics) when thrashing in the content; shared rich-text editors comprise Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Documents.

2. Using APA Style:

  • Twitch your entrance with the Wikipedia entry name. When citing Wikipedia in APA style, first list the term of the article. You do not requisite to use quotes or italics. Just inscribe down the article's title shadowed by a period. For example, if you were citing an article on Jimmy Carter the commencement of your citation would appear like this: Jimmy Carter.
  • Comprise the date, if obtainable. In APA style, it's usual to comprise the date an operational foundation was available or last improved. The date of the last amendment is at the bottommost of the Wikipedia sheet; if you cannot discover the date, you can just inscribe "n.d." in parenthesis after the entrancing title. After the date, add a period.

For Example, your citation would appear like this: Jimmy Carter. (n.d.).

  • Inscribe the arguments "In Wikipedia". In APA style, it's usual to reference where you originate from an electronic source. When citing Wikipedia, you would inscribe "In Wikipedia," italicizing the word "Wikipedia", and then add a retro.

The Citation should recite as shadows: Jimmy Carter. (n.d.). In Wikipedia.

  • Shadow with the recovery date. This is the date on which you retrieved the info. Usage of the word "Retrieved" and then inscribe the date. In APA style, the date is printed "Month Date, Year." For instance, if you recovered your source on the 15th of October in 2015, you would engrave, "October 15, 2015." Add a comma afterward the date.

It becomes Jimmy Carter. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved October 15, 2015,

  • Finish with the URL. Afterward, the comma at the end of the date, transcribe "from" and then comprise the full URL of the Wikipedia sheet. In our instance, our final citation shadows:

Jimmy Carter. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved October 15, 2015, from

I hope this helps you to properly Cite Wikipedia in your articles.

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