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How Reality Shows Changed Television

The reality show got strangers to become famous, even if they had nothing special to offer.

By Shah HussainPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How Reality Shows Changed Television
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The reality show burst onto world television in 1999, thanks to "Big Brother". From that moment until today, these types of tv programs began to multiply to infinitely around the globe, generating fans and detractors. The funny thing is that many people criticize them, but can not stop watching them because they are simply irresistible.


The reality show is a controversial form of television entertainment that always generates discussion about wether it is right for a person to show his private life to achieve fame. Those who want to participate in tv shows of this type, do not need to have any special talent, but that person must be willing to share his private with millions of viewers. There are many people who are not only willing to share their privacy, but they like to do so because they are naturally exhibitionists. Also, while there are people who like to exhibit themselves, there are other people who like to watch what others do. That's the key to the reality show's success.

Producing a reality show is cheaper than producing a series:

A reality show and a tv series could generate the same rating, but the first one is much more profitable than the second, because producers don't need to invest so much money. That's the reason why there are so many reality show, and for all tastes. Each day, they create new formats to catch the interest of the audience. There is a reality show on survival, on finding a mate, on changing your look, on losing weight, etc. That diversity reflects the success of this kind of tv shos. Definitely, the reality show came to stay forever.

Talent show:

Within the various categories that have a reality show, there is a very interesting variant, the talent show. There, each contestant must show his skills to sing, dance or act. The tv program shows the behind the scenes of these contests, in addition to the emotions that the competition produces. Throughout the duration of the tv show, viewers can see the evolution of the contestants. The big advantage for them is that when the competition ends, they are already famous.


Reality shows exalt the emotions of the participants so that everything is more entertaining. Many times the protagonists tell stories that appear during the reality show. Producers want drama in such tv shows, so that viewers can follow a story from home. Everything that happens there is edited, so the "reality" is manipulated by the tv producers. The public already knows about this situation, but still watches them. The aspirants to star in a reality show know that their image will be manipulated, but they do not care because they want to be famous at any price.

Reality show invented a new way to become famous

In the past, someone who aspired to be a celebrity prepared for years in some artistic career: dance, singing or acting. Then, that person presented to different auditions until being chosen. If everything went well, the aspirant had to wait for success and thus became famous. Today, everything is very different. A person who does not know how to do anything can become a celebrity thanks to a reality show. It is also possible that they call them to work in film or television. Many reality stars participate in various reality shows to increase their fame.

A new profession: reality star

Participating in a reality show does not require any talent, so anyone can aspire to be a reality star. When casting for a reality show, producers want participants with different personality types, so that many people identify with them. The public can choose between the good one, the bad one or whatever. The important thing is that there is variety among the participants. In this way, the tv producers make sure the tv show is successful. Although sudden fame could cause harm to someone who is not accustomed, being a celebrity is an aspiration of many, even if the price is too high.

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