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by Joseph Tsgili Nvda-Tsula 6 months ago in list · updated 3 months ago

Indigenous Lives/Culture Lost & Excluded From Record

Major Indigenous/Language Groups Map


• Between 80 to 100-Million murdered & exterminated individuals between North, Central, and South America—what is known by all tribal peoples by the ancestral name of the entire landmass “Turtle Island.”

o While most consider this an “Impossible Number” and discredit the estimated losses—it averages out to only 189,036 lives a year at the lowest total—and CONTINUES increasing TODAY.

• Many facets of the systematic genocide have been rebranded and/or disguised in the Americas’ Empire-Societies, and still exist in revere today.

o This includes, but is not limited to, an annually celebrated massacre-contest among the first colonizers, that became what is now known as THANKSGIVING.

• The result of all this is 32 DISTINCT-ethnicity tribes of peoples annihilated to the point of VERIFIED EXTINCTION.

• The fact that this is so often and officially referred to as “Extinction,” is also a DEHUMANIZATION TACTIC used to disconnect and pacify the public. So that policies and laws continued this work unhindered by humanitarian empathy and arguments. “Extinction” is a word reserved for the loss or dying out of a SPECIES—usually animals—whereas INDIGENOUS PEOPLES are of the same HUMAN species WE ALL belong to. Them being wiped out is purely the result of CONQUEST/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and OVER 529 years of genocide.

o This number is based on the “Conquest of Paradise” which began officially in history in 1492. Most things credited to Christopher Columbus begin here. Contrary to popular belief however, to start European interference and damage at that date is inaccurate. What was first known as “The Iroquois League” as it was first known, was long established by then. Even trying to negotiate and establish themselves as a preexisting nation—which is how some were convinced to accompany the explorers of 1492 back to Europe. However, the actual formation of what was later known as “The Iroquois Confederacy” and now as the “First Nations”—is actually between August 21, 1142 and 1450.

o The dispute comes from the exclusion of female-based oral tradition record of history—a cornerstone of native culture since the beginning of time. History of the League, sign/necessity of the league began with a solar eclipse that occurred on the excluded date.

o Considering the expressed purpose of the Iroquois League, it is fairly deductive that “Theoretical” landings by other Europeans believed to be in the same century of that eclipse is what necessitated the unification. Obviously, there was some foreknowledge.

o Christopher Columbus was not the fist attempt to go that far—not even the first to try and find a passage to India—simply the first to RETURN to a European Empire.

• In the proper context, the invasion and colonization of the Turtle Island did result in the extinction of HUNDREDS of native animal species, including but not limited to, over 100 species of bird after the introduction of the European-native “Starling” species—simply because it was one Captains “favorite English bird.”

o Since 1976, it is estimated that we have lost 70% of the WORLD’s wildlife to habitat loss, industrialized supply/expansion of first-world luxury products, and poaching. Contrary to popular belief, these businesses are subsequent and symbiotic to each other, despite being represented as mutually exclusive.

• There are 120-160 more tribes of PEOPLE on the verge of being wiped out today; with almost no tribal land, if any, and shamefully less than 500 members remaining. Those tribes are also regularly contending with complete federal disenfranchisement—what is known as “De-Classification.”

o De-Classification is the government recategorizing an indigenous tribe as nonexistent; usually to save federal-budget money, and/or take claim of their lands. All tribes in existence today are subject to this; being constantly valuated/reconsidered according to member-growth or decline, how widely their language is spoken, cultural activity, and other factors.

o Through chiseled-down and narrowed regulations, the number of tribes under threat of this has grown massively just since 2016.

• Countless sacred sites held and maintained as holey for thousands of years on Turtle Island have been pillaged and destroyed by these motives of conquest and colonization just since the Establishment of Canada and the United States.

o This includes, but is not limited to, "Six Grandfathers Mountain"—named for the honor it holds as the center of all things—earth meeting sky, and the four directions. This powerfully meaningful natural wonder was defiled and reshaped intentionally to create National Monument "Mount Rushmore," and then declared off limits.

o Gutzon Borglum, designer of Rushmore and project head, was a proud and honored lifetime member of the Ku Klux Klan. He was also a member of the “Imperial Koncilium” a council of high-ranking Klansman who oversaw the transfer of power from one “Imperial Wizard” to another.

• Not only was the creation of Rushmore done on the government’s behalf, but the KKK itself was seeded by the legislation of the ‘Third Forces Act’ of 1871—popularly known as the “Klu Klux Act”—when congress allowed President Ulysses S. Grant to declare Martial Law and raise militias.

• These groups were assembled to defend against any “terrorist group” intending to suspend rights of ‘Habeas Corpus’ (Due Process), or act against the freedoms and interests of the American citizenry. THE FIRST GROUP DEEMED TERRORIST BY THE USA they were enlisted to neutralize, WERE INDIGENOUS TRIBES of the United States.

o Over the next century this would be an INCREASINGLY racially-prejudice-based militia that targeted and killed first natives, then blacks, immigrants, and other fringe groups deemed less-than or undesirable. Claiming they posed threat to the “American Way,” “Standard of Living,” and caused “Racial Degradation.”

o These Lynch-mob activities not only often seized and executed people without the very Due Process Rights the KKK was formed to ensure—but were unhindered by law for most of that timespan. This was because they themselves were the enlisted policing force in many places. Setting the groundwork, practiced training, and standards for America’s entire police force many strive and march to reform today.

o This now real-and-present danger to the United States—an FBI-monitored hate-group network, including “Domestic Terrorists”—was first legislated and created out of a desire to subdue and exterminate native tribes and “aggressors.”

Let that sink in—and keep that in mind when looking at the issues the United States presently faces in current events…

• Similarly in the nineteenth century, Canada's ‘Indian Act’ of 1885 outlawed all traditional ceremonies. This effectively and speedily began the dismantling and destruction of the pre-existing indigenous-culture landscape—while also commandeering many ports, cultural hubs, and trade-routes.

• The removal of totem poles from Skidegate Harbor (and other places) defaced and erased almost all traces of the First Nations Society already there. They did this in less than 15 years! Nearly all culturally historic, clan, and family-house poles were gone.

o These were vastly stolen by anthropologists and collectors because the Government-and-Church implemented ban made them public domain.

o They were, in turn, profitably scarce commodities already…because most were burned by the church as “blasphemies” or “heretical idolatry.”

• Today, many tribe-owned artifacts and family heirlooms from across Turtle Island (including Skidegate’s historic poles and artifacts) reside in museum collections across the globe. Well known holy man, John Fire Lame-Deer, references such history treasure-theft from his own family…in his autobiography. Like many others in the indigenous community, it was never returned to him.

• Some museums are opening their collections up to indigenous people, but gaining access and repatriating said artifacts and possessions? This is an extremely uncertain and slow process. As it is now deemed “Historic Property” of those empires/countries. Making them national treasures/possessions that are protected by laws and regulations—instead of the stolen cultural heritage overdue for return that it truly is.

o Like their ancestral lands, these things must often be BOUGHT back from the same government that implemented the policies THAT ENABLED THE THEFT OR LOSS TO BEGIN WITH.

o These efforts must be fundraised and/or budgeted while contending with pipelines and land-developers that threaten their water and health daily. They are given no discounted price…and must find the money in already thin budgets MEANT BY ALLOCATION/DEFINITION to support their entire tribes!

o They must also do it before private-citizen buyers and corporations beat them to it. One such land purchase costed $3.4 Million. To be completed, it also required help from Johnny Depp due to a late price-hike and competition.

• Artifacts and possessions were not the only cruel and brutal thefts indigenous peoples have suffered and continue to suffer today. Over 60K children in America, and 120k in Canada were STOLEN & FORCIBLY REFORMED at residential “schools," as a matter of “Assimilation Policy” for centuries.

o Many U.S. citizens looking at these numbers see the fact that Canada’s number is nearly double that of the United States as a testament to better intent or virtue. This is, in truth, only because the difference in lives had already been lost prior to Residential School Mainstreaming—killed during the “Indian Wars,” hunt-and-scalp bounties, starvation, and sickness.

o These schools (and the mentioned policies/practices above) verifiably influenced Adolf Hitler’s genocide of Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and Blacks throughout Europe.

• While at residential schools, children were issued monochrome uniforms, had their hair cut off & their names replaced with numbers. This was maintained for years, UNLESS they accepted "Christian Names." Habitually being isolated, beaten, raped, starved, experimented on—and taken from their beds randomly at night for more of the same. All by the nuns and priests staffing these facilities.

• This COLLABORATIVE EFFORT between CHURCHES AND GOVERNMENTS had a mortality rate of OVER 50%—not including illegitimate offspring of the sexually abused females there.

• Those BABIES were mostly INCINERATED OR FED TO PIGS AT BIRTH, along with the smallest dead students who had recently died of malnutrition, sickness, and abuse! Up to now, zero responsibility or real explanation was given UNTIL RECENT DISCOVERIES.

• Over 1500 (and still counting) unmarked, unregistered mass burials have been found from only 7 of the HUNDREDS of locations all over Canada & the United States.

• There are 473 sites remaining between the two countries still unexcavated or investigated properly—with no repentant response or support given from the denominations involved!

***In the three months since this piece was written, that total of child bodies disgracefully killed and/or disposed of by these institutions has increased to over 7300 and counting! This growth comes from only a few more locations investigated...with literally hundreds more remaining, deserving, and begging to be fully and honestly investigated. This need persists with no true remorse/responsibilty or support given by the church, and lackluster efforts and followthrough by the governments of Canada and the USA even now.***

• A HUGELY UNKNOWN and VERY RELEVENT FACT: A white couple could still buy an indigenous baby/small child up into the 1950’s—for as little as $10! Where do you suppose they got the supply for that…and do you really think it came with membership documentation—so that those children, or their children’s children could reconnect with their ancestors? No, because it was one of many still-present “White Wash” systems.

• All Colonial Countries employed such “Breeding/Grooming Programs” to disassociate and gentrify those with indigenous ancestry. In fact, the term “Four-Generation Fade” popular among Christians and social-media today, owes its creation and popularization to a British breeding program – removing aboriginal women and placing them into service or forced marriage. Rape and pregnancy was encouraged because aboriginal features would be completely indistinguishable in ONLY FOUR GENERATIONS—BOLSTERING A LACK OF CULTURAL ACCEPTACE/ASSOCIATION & NO WAY TO RETURN.

o A famous example of this particular program’s physiological change and complete-socio-reassignment in action, is famous writer, Virginia Woolf. There is also a Hollywood film “Rabbit-Proof Fence” that delves into this excellently, and even features accounts from survivors.

• There are MANY examples of this in Canada and America: The latest of which is the misrepresentation found in “DNA Testing” purpose, method, and accuracy—presently offered by 25 companies to help discover ‘hidden history’ and ‘truth of their DNA.’ When in fact all samples are simply cross-checked with corporate-owned DNA databases—categorized by closest match from existing stock on file—then, combined with public record it is combined with theories on human route through Pangea. This is why is is categorized as “Recreational Science” and has little to no genealogically-verifiable value. All of what I say has been proven by articles, lawsuits, and even the ‘Terms and Agreements’ users have to agree to. So, why then is it being touted as definitive? Because it is just the latest tool repurposed for that wrong and systematic use.

o Many ancestry websites end their records at Ellis Island, because that is as far back as public record will go. Excluding many immigrant and holocaust histories, as well as the indigenous.

o On public records up into the 1970’s, if a child was born half indigenous or less and off the reservation—often only the “white” or “black” parents ethnicity was written down on record. This was policy, and often done without any consultation with the parents—along with changing spelling, and even names entirely—to avoid social disadvantage and “Ethnic confusion.”

o This happened to my own mother who was born “Chana,” yet her birth-certificate went through two “Administrative Corrections” until she was “Shanna” for life. Yet these are the same records used on ancestry sites to establish history with “Definitive” accuracy?

o Additionally, these results are taken from AVAILABLE database samples – of which EACH COMPANY HAS DIFFERENT AMOUNTS, ACCESS, AND METHODOLOGIES. Furthermore, there is a exponential lack of indigenous DNA-samples—because it is against the belief of many, and trust has been so betrayed historically. So, said part of the equation is often reassigned with the closest matching European/African profile available, and dominant in the users account.

o This has been confirmed by many card-carrying and long-standing tribal members, and even admitted by the companies themselves! There was even a lawsuit filed by the Havasupai people against one such DNA company, because rather than using the samples given to help them treat diabetes—they used it for alcohol and addiction statistics profiling.

So, how did this happen? I’ll tell you. Indigenous peoples were not "Legal Citizens" of the United States until June 2, 1924—and were not allowed the legal right to vote or cast ballots in the American processes until 1948. They were also not allowed the legal right to practice their "Freedom of Religion”—in public or private—in the United States until 1978. These freedoms were gained as direct result of efforts made by indigenous activists, and the civil rights group A.I.M.—the “American Indian Movement.” Many members were pursued as fugitives and/or imprisoned for demanding basic rights, and not accepting third-world conditions on the reservations they were born and bound to live on.

These and other actions continued more and more aggressively, until the entire group was declared criminal with the suspected-and-widely believed framing & imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. This reversed much of the progress made by A.I.M…enabling crimes, as well as inhumane policies and living conditions to continue unchallenged. This included, but was not limited to, unwanted STERILIZATIONS happening to women without permission or communication into the 1980s!

The United States also saw a revitalization of such policy and practice in I.C.E.’s detaining, inhumane treatment, and blatant abuse of immigrants coming up from South America (who were yet again, indigenous peoples) under the Trump Administration. This however was not even the first time such callous and inhuman experimentation had been done on the Central American People for colonial benefit and monetary gain. “The Puerto Rico Pill Trials” that took place in 1955 are the perfect example of this. After the success of the preliminary Boston trials for “the Pill”, John Rock and Gregory Pincus were confident they had honed in on an oral contraceptive. Without large-scale human trials, the drug would never receive the FDA approval necessary to bring the drug to market. Given the strong legal, cultural and religious opposition to birth control nationwide in the 1950s, they could not get the people or opportunity the needed in the United States.

Pincus visited Puerto Rico and decided it would be the perfect location for the human trials. It was/is a U.S. territory, one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with officials who supported birth control as a form of population control to lower the island’s poverty statistics/issues. There were no anti-birth control laws on the there, and an extensive network of birth control clinics already in place on the island. A total of 67 clinics dispensing existing methods of birth control, with vast numbers needing their services.

According to ‘…The island offered a pool of motivated candidates, and a stationary population that could be easily monitored over the course of the trials. Pincus also knew that if he could demonstrate that the poor, uneducated, women of Puerto Rico could follow the Pill regiment, then women anywhere in the world could too.’ ‘The base for the first trial was a clinic at Rio Piedras, a brand new housing project complete with running water and sunny balconies just outside of San Juan. The worst slum on the island, El Fangito ("the little mud hole"), had been razed to build clean, white seven-story buildings, and the new residents were eager to continue to improve their standard of living. Many American companies were building factories on the island, and plenty of factory jobs were available for local women.’

This also resulted in the death of three subjects, but was acceptable. Now were are finding more and more links between “the Pill” and other similar forms—and higher incidences of cancer, endometriosis, and other female health issues. With such high use globally that traces can be found in rain-water. Funny how—even with the seemingly positive legacy—the racially/geographically specific history and questionable ethics involved are left out and not taught openly?

This also came just before the mass-development and private purchase of most of Puerto Rico itself—resulting in indigenous residents being banned from and kicked off land they lived on for generations. With the development of the “Hospitality” business there, also came higher crime rates and assaults against indigenous people. A trend that holds true for all colonized islands—so much so that in places like Japan and Guam, bans had to be placed and enforced to stem the problem. Let us not forget that the very first official CIA operation, was the deposition of Hawaiian Royalty, and the leveraging of their last queen’s life until they agreed to become a state. Now monopolized for tropical luxury as well…the indigenous there have been fighting for their land and historic rights ever since. All while being priced-out of ability to live on their own land in the process.

For the indigenous of mainland United States—Historically—child theft, enrollment, and/or expedited adoption continued well into the 1990s. Often disguised in “necessary” anonymously-informed seizures by social services. The last residential school in North America did not close until 1997. Consider all this, and how you would respond in those shoes? I ask you, please, before you get angry about the churches being burned on NATIVE RESERVATIONS/LANDS—or the "Christian History" being destroyed...consider these FACTS as if it were YOU & YOUR FAMILY. Then ask yourself—"What EXACTLY is being destroyed...and WHY?" Also keep in mind that there has been, as of yet, zero complete acknowledgement, apology, and help from the church(es) for unearthing & seeking justice. Rage can be overwhelming, and destruction hurts us all in times of climate change…but could you honestly say you would not react the same. Even if your personal history says otherwise…sadly the United States’ history does not, to a shamefully bold degree.

I am a grandson of an abused & excommunicated nun—who then married a school enrollee survivor, as far as I know. One being my Mexican grandmother, the other my Cherokee/Multi-War Veteran Grandfather. I am also the son of a "Day School Program” student, my mother. I can tell you with certainty—there is ZERO good, justification, or defense for ANY of this! It IS NOT "ancient history," or “in the past.” We live it, still, every day! The scars are all over every one of us—residential-survivor-related or not—in the indigenous communities. Because had our relative been one of those who did not survive, or be lucky enough to avoid enrollment? Then they would be just another nameless body waiting to be found—and the “I would not even be here” horror felt…applies to all those who came after.

Every single indigenous descendent alive right now is a survivor of genocide—and it is slapping us in the face and tying our stomach in knots as we watch the bodies be sought out and found. We already battle to keep what we have experienced—the abuses, false-quantifications, discriminations, and identity conflicts—from ever being felt by OUR CHILDREN. There are millions of us relieved by the bodies and closure being found every day…but we are inconsolably angry & weeping as well. You just don't see us, or understand why, BECAUSE NONE OF THIS IS DEEPLY TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS AS IT SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!


My mother's school also mysteriously burned down, back when she was a child. This destroyed much of her paper records—including vital tribal membership documents. This also happened during the same timespan that several residential-school sites removed grave markers, and even moved bodies from places to prevent discovery. SO DON'T ASSUME THIS NOW HAPPENING, IS JUST BEING DONE BY THOSE “ANGRY AND HATEFUL NATIVES” DEMANDING JUSTICE...this goes much deeper & further back than that. While many cope with their pain by rejoicing in the news that these establishments are burning—there are countless more, elders, saying “I beg people not to do this!”

Because all fire does, is destroy evidence before it has a chance to be found…and destruction only creates more of itself. Ask yourselves, why would natives burn these sites down now—they’ve known this history for generations. They lived it, and have PLEADED FOR DECADES to have these investigations done. Now that these things are being done and gaining momentum…then THEY start burning them down? In what world does that make sense—who REALLY benefits from that destruction. These places should be protected, secured, or at least HD surveilled around the clock to prevent these crimes from occurring while investigation happens! It’s basic logic and protocol during criminal/murder investigation—the real question should be—why isn’t that happening if the governments support justice for these victims?

Do I think that these churches should be razed entirely after investigation and discovery—absolutely—to leave them standing would shame a loving God, and anyone who follows him in such accordance. But not a moment before! These places should become historic memorial centers, honoring the fallen, and their lost cultures—make them into things that do that in some way. Erect native monuments, build a youth/education center or park. And do so with the money of the institution(s) that committed the crimes against humanity there!

Do I think that UNWANTED churches on native reservations should be shut down/transitioned to something else ON THEIR RELIGION’S BILL/BUDGET—absolutely, again—penance-in-action. However, I do not think that loved or respected churches that serve their communities should be vandalized or destroyed…nor would I be quick to believe that such was being done by native peoples who need those services. Yet again, that would make no sense—and if they are the first blamed—who really benefits?

**Good people are not the aim of this. Nor are they what is being condemned—righteous people and love-honoring Christians have nothing to lose**


There are so many focused on who has claim, shame, shame, and who is the enemy—that they blind themselves to the truth. The real enemy is hate, separatism, and supremacy embraced by any group. What the world needs saving from is man’s destructive addictions and corporate greed—we are running out of time—and it will take EVERY GROUP AND PEOPLE BEING UNIFIED for the sake of our planet and future as a whole

You have more common ground and positive shared-rooting than you realize or have ever been taught—you don’t have to take me word for it either—just read the article in the link below…

How the Iroquois Great Law of Peace Shaped U.S. Democracy | Native America (


Joseph Tsgili Nvda-Tsula

I see many things, think many things & write many things.

Hopefully I'll change many things for the better as well;


Striving for nobility, honoring ancestry while I achieve this..

Saying with pride as I go, I am a Romany & Indigenous!

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