Help Yourself out Throughout High School by Asking for Help

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How to stay on top of your business.

Help Yourself out Throughout High School by Asking for Help

Staying on top of your business is important.

This year, I will be graduating with hopefully a higher GPA than a 3.3; if you are curious, I finished freshman year with a 1.0 GPA and, let me tell you, it takes plenty of effort to pick yourself up in only three years. After freshman year, my GPA was above 3.0 or 4.0, but average, it brought it down to 3.2. I can not express how different it would have been if I had been on top of my stuff freshman year. To avoid putting yourself in my shoes, stay on top of your stuff from the beginning. Your senior self will be grateful when it comes down to scholarships and colleges.

Why I did poorly freshman year is another story.

Also, for the next few years, stay on top of your stuff. If you obtain a B but were aiming for an A, check what can you do on your own to fix it. If that does not work, ask what can you do to fix it. Do not wait until the end of the quarter or semester to do so. This will only frustrate you and your teachers.

Take AP and/or Honors

If you are the smartest person in the class, you should not be in that room. Challenge yourself with higher level classes, do not stay in your comfort zone. AP classes can give you college credit if you get a 4 or 5 (depending on what college is on your mind) and you will learn more than in a regular class. Even if the college you are interested in does not give college credit for AP, it will elevate your chances of eligibility since it can reflect if you can handle college courses, plus, it can raise your GPA.

Fight for What You Want

Initially, my teachers denied to me the opportunity to be in AP until I talked with the principal. It was a battle with the principal too, however, it was worth it. I love the subjects and I learned more than I would have in regulars. In addition, I have been able to maintain an A in all AP classes. My point is if you want something, fight for it and this can apply to anything: sports, clubs, and so on. Most people give up on the first try, but in the end, it is your education and your life.


It is normal to need help at some point; if you need advice on anything, you can go to the counselors, they are there for a reason. Do not be afraid of asking for help throughout the years of high school.

Get to know your teachers on a personal level.

This might be odd for a few students, but knowing your teacher on a personal level can be convenient. For example, if you need a recommendation letter, you will want them to say something in particular that will make you stand out from the rest in other than academics. Everyone can be bright academically, but you are an individual who probably has other unique talents.

Struggling With the Classes

I am good with Spanish with the exception of literature, but that is why I took Spanish Literature. I would cry, kick, maybe I am exaggerating but eventually I became better and now I can understand Spanish literature better than I did before. This was done through asking for help and putting in practice. Seek for help, but help yourself out too. Keep in mind that there is more than just one teacher in the building who you can reach out. For example, if you are struggling with math, you can have a one-on-one conversation with your teacher or you can also ask another teacher on the same material.


Learn to enjoy high school, time flies by, stay positive and motivated. I promise hard work pays off, but having a balance between academics and social life is crucial. You are only 14-18 once, best of luck!

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