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Four Common Dissertation Writing Mistakes

Dissertation Writing Mistakes

By CLARA SMITHPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Students require dissertation writing help because writing is not easy, and it requires a lot of time. so if you are committed to writing your dissertation, then here are some mistakes which you need to look out for:-

1)Dull topic

If you have the liberty of selecting your topic, you should choose one that is new and something of your interest to. Showing a dull and easy topic shows the professor how much effort you can put into the dissertation. Instead, try to do thorough research and ask friends and teachers to get some good topic suggestions. If you are still unable to get good ideas, you can hire an essay writer who provides the topic and does the entire dissertation for you.

2)Not organized

Lack of organization and imbalanced structure is another cause why students get fewer grades in dissertations. With all the material you have gathered, try to create a structure first. This structure will help you plan your matter and not make it congested. Keep your structured matter as your first draft and use it as a guide to frame the main paper.

3)Superficial arguments

Pressing on the main topic is essential, but overdoing it is never appreciated. Do not add simple statements to prove your point. Instead, for every piece of information you put, try to insert some evidence that relates to your argument. Instead of just stating facts, you can add charts, analysis tables and pictures to be visually pleasing.

4)Lack of proficiency

Your dissertation is the time for you to show your skills. How well you can write, how much you can research and so on. The lack of these things in the paper shows your disinterest in the topic. It also indicates that you did it just for the sake of it. Hence, try to be familiar with your subject and professional way of inserting methodological approach, literature review, and references in your paper.

Now that you know some of the common mistakes students make, you can avoid them to get good grades.

Five Professions That Do Not Need A College Degree

Students hire an essay helper to get their papers well written, which guarantees good grades. But if you are not good at studying, then do not worry. There are still professors out there which you can opt for. Some of them are:-

1)Travel consultant

If you love travelling and have travelled to some of the best tourist destinations, you can become a travel consultant. For this, you do not require any degree. You have the proper knowledge to help the tourist get the most of their journey. Meanwhile, if you are still a college student, you can hire an essay helper for assignments.

2)Personal trainer

A personal trainer goes home and teaches something. It can be singing, dancing, or even gyming. If you are good at your hobbies, you can look out for students who might be interested in learning from you. You can also start your own in house training for any service which you would like to provide.


If you love making videos, then you can start creating your own YouTube videos. For this, all you need to do is create videos and publish them on the internet. There are a lot of people of every age getting paid for making videos. If you become a well-established creator, then the opportunities for you are many.

4)Massage therapist

If you are good at providing massage, then that could be your profession too. If you are interested in opening your spa or love giving a message, you can get training. It does not require any such educational background, but a certificate of your workout makes you professional in it.


And finally, you can start a business of yourself. Be it monetizing your hobby or creating something you dreamt of. You can start with what you have and expand your company with increasing money. Once you know the marketing tactics for your product, you will do wonders in the business area.

These are some of the professions which do not require educational background.

Clara Smith has been a guest lecturer in one of the eminent colleges in the USA. She is also associated with, and provide essay writing services online .


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Clara Smith has been a guest lecturer in one of the eminent colleges in the US. She is also associated with, one of the leading essay writing services online .

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