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Format for Leaving Application in School by Self

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in how to

Here is how to write a leaving application in School by self.

Format for Leaving Application in School by Self
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There are certain moments in the school time when you have to take the leave application from your headmaster for some holidays or even for sick leave. It would not be wrong to say that in school, even for one holiday you have to attend yourself to pass through the application process that needs to be submitted at any cost.

For the students taking leave without providing consent, the application is not less than putting yourself at risk as some of the schools take serious action against that particular student. So it is always important to prepare yourself with the leave application and should know the proper pattern of writing the leave application in school by yourself. As you might have seen different formats of leaving application by self on Quora so we thought why not write an article explaining different formats of school leaving application by self.

Leave application in a school is mostly written in the name of the teacher or the headmaster. If they sign on the leave application, it means your leave application is approved. If not, then you have to attend school at any cost. Right here we will be explaining some of the essential guidelines about how you can write the leave application in school by yourself. Let’s have a look:

Important things to mention in the leave application:

Some of the essential points which you need to mention out in your leave application are as mentioned below:

Format for Leaving Application in School by Self

  1. Salutation
  2. Subject
  3. Reason for your leave
  4. Period (Number of days) of your leave
  5. Contact information

Leave letters in school are usually written by the side of the parents, along with their signature to inform the school management about the absence of their kid from the school classes. The student needs to have their parent's name on the application without which no school would be accepting the use of leave in your favor.

Hence this letter would be issued or taken straight away to the Principal or even in the custody of the class teacher of the student. You will be mentioning your reason for the leave in the letter.

If you are taking leave on some medical issues or sickness, then most of the schools would demand the attachment of the medical documentation with the leave letter. This is the real and accurate process of accepting any leave letter. Some of the schools have a regulation where they make sure they confirm the leave letter application from the parents through a personal phone call.

Essential reasons for leave letter application:

There are so many reasons due to which a student would require taking the leave application. Some of the common causes are mentioned as:

  • Marriage
  • Going abroad
  • Visa
  • Health reasons (fever, head pain, chickenpox, etc.)
  • Accident
  • Death

Important School Leave Letter Writing Tips:

  1. The student needs to keep the tone polite while writing the letter so that it would bring a feel of genuine request to your application.
  2. You should be mentioning the significant reasons for your leave-in clear words.
  3. You should be using a formal tone in the leave application letter.
  4. The letter has to be brief and much to the point.
  5. Recheck the whole letter once again before submitting it. Any mistakes in spelling or punctuation should be avoided straight away.
  6. The letter should also be mentioning your relationship between the ward and the sender of the message.

Sample format for Leave Application in school by Self:

Sample No, 1:






The Principal,

School name,

School address,

Subject: leave letter

Dear sir,

Chintan Shah could not attend the school from 15th March to 21st March because unfortunately his grandmother passed away and we had to rush to our native place in Gujarat. Apologies for not informing you before taking the leaves but I hope you would understand the critical condition.

I have made sure that Chintan has taken notes from his friends and completed his homework. Also, students were asked to give their names for the annual function participation from 16th March to 18th March. Since Chintan couldn’t attend the school during that period, I would like to request you to consider his involvement.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

Father name,

Class, Roll Number,


Well, these have been a few of the significant points which you need to keep in mind when it comes to the submission of a leave application letter in school written by self-help. It is not a tricky task at all, but for sure writing for the first time will make you appear with some mistakes for sure. We have mentioned a few tips in this article for you along with a sample that can make your wholesome task easy to perform.

I hope this helps.

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