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fleeting dream persistence

by JUANITA TEIXEIRA 2 months ago in high school
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fleeting dream persistence

The quiet years passed by like a horse's hoof, and the quiet time drifted away like drinking water. It's a long road, they say it's thorny, muddy and twisty.

They said that no matter whether it is tears of disappointment or decadent despair, you must not step back, you must straighten your waist and move forward proudly, because this unfinished journey requires my footsteps to step through the whole spring and autumn.

The raised wrinkles on their foreheads after the growth rings have transformed, their temples are turning white, and when they cry in secret, I know that I need to become stronger, and only by becoming stronger can I protect these because of my contribution A man of his time.

Yes, I have to move forward. The voice of youth had already struck, and it rang throughout the depressed time. In front of me, I can clearly see the little stars in the steep cliffs, and I can clearly see that the never-ending road is not bumpy, and the end that is shrouded in darkness is clearly filled with fragrance.

I can't escape the road that has been washed by the wind and rain, I can't take off the still immature shell, and I can't forget the people who have given me infinite support at every intersection. They told me that the dawn ahead can give me a dawn and make me prosperous and bright. They said that if I crossed the seemingly endless ditch, everyone would look at me with admiration, and all the bleak haze would regain its beauty.

However, I am afraid of the jagged boulders ahead, I am afraid of the road covered with withered and yellow leaves; when the branches inlaid with needles seep into my skin, when the mud baptized by lightning blocks the way forward, my Legs trembled involuntarily. The light of hope is so far away, how many fearful moments will appear in the unknown days. Thinking of this, the relentless reality strikes me as if it will never work out.

So should I throw in the towel? Even if the chance of winning is zero, I will fight for it. Because the dream is on the other side, the flower of ideal is blooming little by little, it is so low, charming and beautiful, and the branches are twisted so beautifully, how can one be more intoxicated than a dream. There are ideals on the other side, dreams can still fly, even with the obstruction of thousands of mountains and rivers, it can't stop the heart that can be excited. It is not a beautiful thing to fight for this, I want to fight for it. There is a vast sea of ​​people and a vast universe. In the journey of life, you will be afraid and hurt, you will be disappointed and hopeful, you will feel pain and you will be moved, you will fail but you need to stand up again. The song of youth will always be sung. Our youth journey will never be as easy and comfortable as we imagined. This is a road full of thorns, which requires careful management and hard work. Those things that we try to avoid but cannot always be avoided are only part of the journey of youth growth. After the fermentation of time, the once unbearable has given off a fragrance. Our youth will eventually become something else.

The road is a long way to go, I will go up and down to seek, my journey of youth will never stop.

In the middle of the night, the road is long; when I look back, I find that the dream is in the dim light.

high school

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