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Every day is afraid of notice suspension! These 18 tips must be prepared in advance

On Friday, D's school was temporarily closed, and many of his friends started working from home again.

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I thought that this spring, the epidemic will be over, but I did not think it was close to us again.

In addition to worry and tension, there will also be some disappointment, such as feeling let down by such a beautiful spring.

But watching the videos of medical workers on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic, I still feel that we can stay at home, have three meals and a bed to sleep in, and we are really extremely happy.

Very time, let us refueling together! Today, I have prepared 18 "little magic beasts" to discharge games at home for you.

Although sharing is how to play at home, but at the beginning of the instead to say to everyone, parents can be lazy.

Especially in this very time of the resurgence of the epidemic, if you yourself are in a bad mood, not in the state, then more should be lazy.

It IS NO problem TO LOOK AT the video and listen to the audio for the child, one or two days, even if a week, also do not immediately appear myopia and other problems.

The resources I've recommended before, and you can also see what you haven't seen yet:

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Parents are not superman, everyone should first be responsible for their own state, don't be too harsh on themselves. State adjustment is good, then the following discharge methods at home, for your reference.


Human body remote control

Take turns with your child and pretend to have a "universal remote" so that the person holding the remote can command the other person, "Little D, sit down!" ", the other party must comply.


Elsa magic

This is little D taught me the game, recommend to everyone. Pretend that a person has magic powers that can freeze them, and that only loving hugs and kisses can thaw them.


Magic changes and changes

Similar to the one above, pretend that one partner has magic and can turn the other into any animal. For example, "Mom, become a puppy", I will become a puppy sitting on the ground, but also issued a "woof woof" sound.


The piggy bank

If you have a box with a lid at home, poke two holes in the lid and give your child a crayon she usually plays with and see if she can fit it in.


Shooting game

Take the KIND of trash CAN THAT PUTS A STUDY, LOOK FOR a FEW WASTE NEWSPAPERS, IT is the "shooting game" OF local materials. If you don't want to use a trash can, you can also make a circle on the ground with your children as a "basket."


Sticker into the picture

Many friends must have a lot of stickers at home, it might as well draw some lines, or write a few large Chinese characters, let the children stick stickers along the line


Tape jump jump

This is the simplest. Put some tape on the floor at home. It could be a long jump, and each time have the child record which number they jump to.

It can also be one hop, and see how many bars can you jump while keeping your balance? The tape can then be kept for the entire holiday season, allowing the child to keep challenging his or her own record.


Spider web maze

Create spiderwebs of tape in the hallway or between chairs, and ask that the child not touch the tape from one end to the other. The good thing about this game is that the child can climb down or step up.

My house is small and space is limited, so I tried the simple version on the right, which is also good,

It can be a lot of fun for the whole family to play together, or for our children to play with older children.


Auto orbit

Energetic children, the most headache is that if there is no "constraint" it is easy to "make trouble", outside in the open place to play crazy is good, but at home so easy to trouble.

But we also know that children can't always say "don't, don't", so this car track is good, it is equivalent to an invisible "constraint".

Generally speaking, as long as the children who love cars will like this game, holding the car along the tape track, in addition to physical consumption, it is very important to exercise shoulder strength, especially for the children who climb less before.

And you can set up some different stations, such as the gas station next to an empty bottle, the concession stand next to some pretend food, a few different car models in the parking lot, there are several Lego figures standing there.

This allows the children to be creative and act out a lot of plays, and it is also a way for tired parents to take a break, with the remote command "calling the station" (sticking out your tongue).


Pillow tower

I also use pillows a lot at home. The simplest one is like this. I usually build a tall tower with Little D.

Then he asked Little D, "Are you ready? The tower is down!" ", then buried Little D under the pillow and let her crawl out. She loves it. She can have a lot of fun.

Friendly tip, this is also very suitable for lazy use, lying in bed with half closed eyes with the bed pillow bury her, haha ~


Pillow roadblocks

For something more complicated, build an obstacle path at home like the one pictured below and ask your child to go on a treasure hunt without touching the floor.

Like, find those balls I've been hiding. This is the need for children to start playing after the walk has been quite steady, the mat is relatively soft, but also to exercise balance ability.


An island adventure

This game is more suitable for children after the age of 3, which can not only discharge, but also exercise children's short-term memory and self-control, killing multiple birds with one stone.

I started with the island mode with Little D, and then I worked with her to design some rules:

ο‚· To the Island - Jump on the pillow

ο‚· Into the Ocean - Jump on the floor between the pillows

ο‚· Lie on the beach - Lie on your back on a pillow

ο‚· Swim in the sea - Lie down on the floor

ο‚· Tree (Palm Tree) - Stand on a pillow with one foot

Little D needs to follow my instructions to complete a variety of tasks, if you forget or don't do it right, you need to accept the "punishment" of love kiss, haha.

You can refer to the idea, simulate some of your children familiar with the scene.


Animal imitation

It is also a good idea to use body mimicry to let the child learn some of the movements of animals walking.

If your child has participated in sports early education class, the following actions must be very familiar, most of the early education class will be used, each action for the child's great motor development is very good.

(The flamingos stand, or the children can balance themselves without the help of their parents).

Reference: Pediatric Therapist


Crab transport

Put fake food at one end of the room and a basket, stuffed animal or, like us, resting parent at the other end and say, "Baby crabs are hungry, let's go get them food."

The child is then asked to walk to the other side of the house to get food, which is then placed on the belly and transported back.

The harder version is to drop all kinds of food on the floor and see how much food you can pick up and put on your stomach at the same time without falling off.


Animal revelry

The game takes turns giving instructions to each other, and the person receiving the instructions has to do an animal action, and then add another instruction, and keep taking turns until someone forgets.

For example, I said "brown bear walk", little D will imitate the brown bear walk, after finishing and I said, "frog jump"; I need to imitate the brown bear walk, frog jump, and then say to little D, "crab walk"; Little D would have to do three moves in a row, and so on.

In the process of this game, we will often deduce a lot of new animal actions, such as elephants drinking water, cats yawning, birds flying, can be very happy to play for a long time, is also very suitable for the whole family.


Tear up the paper baby box

One of the easiest games that few children do not enjoy is tearing up paper. Here is a tip to share. How we give our children toys/materials can directly affect their attitude when playing.

Although the small D is a pile of waste paper, but I will seriously put in the box, called "baby box", which makes the child will have a "special precious" feeling.

It's also easier to clean up at the end of the day. "Let's put all the papers back in the baby box and they're all going home" is definitely easier to accept than "It's all over the place, we're going to clean it up."

You can turn torn paper into a Christmas tree



Spin a card

Many people always have cards at home, there are a lot of play.

1. A poker treasure hunt

The playing cards scattered on the ground, agreed on the treasure hunt rules, such as looking for red, looking for diamonds, looking for all 6, and so on. See who can find more, find faster.

2, solitaire

Some of the poker games we used to play when we were young can also be played with older children, such as solitudes, counting 24 points these, do not unfold.


Mah-jongg mathematical Enlightenment

It was shared by a foreign family and used dominoes. When I saw it, I felt that our mahjong tiles could also play a role. Counting and matching, even simple stacking, will also bring freshness to children.

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