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Dive into the World of Digital Products: Exploring the Lucrative Business of 3D Tumblr Wraps

Exploring the Lucrative Business of 3D Tumblr Wraps

By Fathima RaheemaPublished 9 months ago 8 min read

Are you eager to venture into the exciting realm of digital products but unsure where to begin? Look no further! In this article, we'll delve into one of the most fascinating AI-powered digital product businesses you can start from the comfort of your own home—the 3D Tumblr wraps. We'll walk you through the process of researching, designing, packaging, and selling these products, harnessing the power of AI technology. Additionally, we'll discuss the startup costs involved in this venture. So, let's get started!

Understanding 3D Tumblr Wraps

3D Tumblr wraps are essentially digital papers with a unique twist—they feature images in three dimensions, giving them a lifelike appearance. Unlike traditional digital papers, 3D Tumblr wraps are specifically designed for 20-ounce tumblers, measuring approximately 9.3 inches by 8.2 inches. The major distinction lies in their size, as typical digital papers are usually 12 by 12 inches. These wraps create stunning visual effects that captivate the viewer's attention, despite being static images.

Exploring Successful Stores and Market Demand

To gauge the market demand for 3D Tumblr wraps and understand the potential profitability of this venture, let's examine some successful stores selling these products. One such store is "Drover Creative Shop," which opened in August 2022. Although they sell various types of Tumblr wraps, their 3D tumbler wraps are among their top sellers. According to data from Alora, this store generates around $3,000 per month, with over $33,000 in revenue within less than a year.

Another notable store is "Tumblr Wrap Designs," which opened in April 2022. This store has made over 74,000 sales and generated an impressive $636,000 since its inception. With a monthly income of approximately $48,000, it's clear that there is significant demand for Tumblr wraps in general. Customer reviews further validate the popularity of 3D Tumblr wraps, with users praising their beautiful designs and overall quality.

Creating 3D Tumblr Wraps Using Me Journey

To create your own 3D Tumblr wraps, we'll demonstrate the process using "Me Journey" version 5.1. After accessing the platform, you can follow these steps:

Use the command: /imagine

Specify the prompt: "3D Till Pink Floral" (add "--tile" for a seamless pattern)

  • Set the desired aspect ratio for the image
  • Allow Me Journey to generate the images
  • Review the results and select the most suitable designs
  • Save the chosen image(s) to your device

Preparing and Upscaling the Images

Before proceeding, ensure that the generated images are seamless patterns. You can use a pattern checker tool for this purpose. Next, upscale the images to enhance their resolution using platforms like "" to achieve the desired quality. After upscaling, you will have the final images ready for packaging.

Packaging the Images in Mock-ups Using Canva

To package your 3D Tumblr wrap images and create mock-ups, you can utilize Canva, a versatile design tool. Follow these steps:

  1. Upload the mock-ups and images to Canva.
  2. Position the images within the mock-up, ensuring they are visible.
  3. Right-click on the image, go to "Layer," and select "Send to Back" to adjust the layering.
  4. Fine-tune the positioning and alignment to achieve the desired visual effect.
  5. Once satisfied, click "Share" and then "Download" to save the mock-ups as PNG files.

Are you ready to break into the fascinating world of digital products? If you're wondering where to start, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be discussing one of the coolest AI digital product businesses that you can start from the comfort of your home: 3D Tumblr wraps. We'll take you through the process of researching, creating, packaging, and selling these products, leveraging AI technology. Additionally, we'll explore the costs involved in getting started. So, let's dive into the world of 3D Tumblr wraps.

First, let's understand what 3D Tumblr wraps are. Essentially, they are digital papers with three-dimensional images. Unlike regular digital papers, these wraps are designed specifically for 20-ounce tumblers, measuring about 9.3 inches by 8.2 inches. The key difference is that 3D Tumblr wraps give the illusion of depth and make the images come alive. While they may appear realistic, it's important to note that they are still static images.

To get a closer look at these fascinating products, let's explore some of the stores that sell them and see how well they are doing. One such store is Drove Creative Shop, which opened in August 2022. They specialize in selling 3D Tumblr wraps along with other types of wraps. By analyzing their sales data on a platform like Alora, we can see that they make around $3,000 per month and have generated over $33,000 in revenue within less than a year of operation. Their best-selling wraps are predominantly 3D designs, indicating a demand for these products.

Another successful store is Tumblr Wrap Designs, which opened in April 2022. They have already made an impressive 74,000 sales and generated over $636,000 in revenue since their inception. With a monthly income of approximately $48,000, it's evident that there is a significant demand for Tumblr wraps in general. Positive customer reviews further support this notion, as people express their satisfaction with the designs and the overall quality of the 3D Tumblr wraps.

Now that we have identified successful stores and gauged the demand for these products, let's move on to the process of creating 3D Tumblr wraps. For this demonstration, we'll be using Me Journey version 5.1, which provides desirable results. By inputting prompts such as "3D Pink Floral" or "Butterflies Layered Forms Paper Quill Patterns," Me Journey generates a variety of images. We can choose the ones that resemble three-dimensional designs the most and save them for further use.

To ensure that the generated images are seamless patterns, we can utilize a pattern checker tool. It confirms that the images seamlessly tile, which is essential for a high-quality end product. Additionally, we can upscale the images using platforms like, which enhances the resolution and sharpness of the designs.

Once we have the images ready, the next step is to incorporate them into mock-ups. Canva is a user-friendly platform that allows you to create professional-looking mock-ups for free. By uploading the mock-up template and the upscaled images, we can easily position and layer the designs onto the tumblers. Canva provides options to customize and align the images to create visually appealing listings.

For an added touch of creativity, we can also explore animated mock-ups. By selecting an animated mock-up template and setting the timing and movement style, we can create a captivating visual experience for potential customers. Canva's animation feature enables us to showcase the 3D designs as if they are rotating on the tumblers. These animated mock-ups can be downloaded as MP4 files and included in Etsy listings to grab attention and stand out among competitors.

factors to consider when starting a 3D Tumblr wraps business. Here's a breakdown of the costs involved:

Software and Tools: To create and edit the 3D Tumblr wraps, you'll need access to AI-powered design tools like Me Journey and pattern checker tools. While Me Journey offers a free version, you may consider upgrading to a paid plan for more advanced features. Additionally, you can use platforms like Canva for mock-up creation, which has both free and paid subscription options.

Image Upscaling: Upscaling the generated images can enhance their resolution and sharpness. Platforms like offer upscaling services, and they typically charge based on the number of images or the resolution required. Be sure to research different options and compare their pricing to find the most suitable one for your needs.

Etsy Seller Fees: If you choose to sell your 3D Tumblr wraps on platforms like Etsy, keep in mind that there are seller fees involved. Etsy charges listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees for each sale. Familiarize yourself with their fee structure to understand the costs associated with selling on the platform.

Marketing and Advertising: To reach potential customers, you may need to invest in marketing and advertising efforts. This could include creating a website or online store, running social media campaigns, or using paid advertisements. The costs for marketing and advertising can vary depending on your strategy and the platforms you choose to promote your products.

Packaging and Shipping: When you receive orders, you'll need to consider packaging materials and shipping costs. Depending on the size and weight of the tumblers, you may need custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. Research different shipping options and carriers to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

It's important to note that the costs mentioned above are just a general overview, and the actual expenses may vary based on your specific requirements and business approach. Conduct thorough research and create a detailed budget plan to estimate the initial and ongoing costs of running your 3D Tumblr wraps business.

Once you have your designs ready, your online store set up, and your marketing strategies in place, it's time to launch your business and start selling your 3D Tumblr wraps. Be sure to continuously monitor customer feedback, adapt your designs based on trends and preferences, and provide excellent customer service to establish a strong reputation in the market.

Remember, starting a business requires time, effort, and dedication. Stay focused on your goals, learn from both successes and challenges, and continuously improve your products and processes to build a thriving 3D Tumblr wraps business. Good luck!

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