Dear England, Why Don’t You Want Me?

by John Romanov 2 years ago in teacher

An Open Letter to the United Kingdom from a Depressed and Frustrated Young Lad in Love

Dear England, Why Don’t You Want Me?
Windsor Castle

To my beloved United Kingdom,

I have so many beautiful memories of you from my childhood, spending my summers in Windsor with my second cousins. I remember waking up every morning, looking out into the sky and staring in wonderment as my view was eclipsed with a picturesque view of Windsor Castle in the skyline. I remember my auntie taking me on a boat ride on the Thames river and when it was all over she’d tell me about the Tower Bridge in London and I proclaimed I would climb it one day.

I remember spending spring break in Scotland, encompassed by the beautiful nature of the Isle of Skye. What a sublime experience, this is what I imagined the kingdom of heaven to look like; the endless landscapes and the beautiful blue open skies. I could just run away from the perils of daily life, put down my phone and just stare out into the nature for hours on end.

As I grew up, unfortunately, we grew apart and I spent the better part of 10 years away from you. I’ve tried to make it for it with as many visits as possible in the past four years, but for me, it doesn’t quite make up for lost times. My heart is in the United Kingdom and it always will be, so why don’t you want me?

I’ve done everything the right way. I have attended university and received two degrees, a bachelor's and a master's degree; I’ve become established in my field and have studied hard in order to be a well-rounded citizen of the world. These past two years while navigating the process of moving to the United Kingdom have really beaten me down; I’ve met every brick wall along the way and my hopes have been built up and torn down with each job interviewer’s response “I’m so sorry, we’d love to have you but we can’t afford to sponsor your visa right now.” I think its utterly ridiculous that British law requires employers to consider all British citizens first before even taking a glance at a foreigner’s CV.

We have illegal immigration as the central issue of every right-wing platform but how do you imagine, those people who have a legitimate love for and desire to live in any country to successfully do that through all the proper legal channels when you’ve made it so bloody hard to do so? You have smart, talented and innovating individuals at your door who are ready, willing and able to contribute everything they have to offer to British society. Why not make it easier for those people to have a chance?

I’m an educator with a passion for making an impact on the lives of young people wherever I go. Even though I’ve been educated in America, I have taken the time to learn about how education in the UK works and have taught myself the details of the national curriculum of the UK. This was a lot of extra work for me, especially during graduate school when I was not only taking a full docket of classes each term but doing practice teaching placements and working on research at the same time. I have spent countless hours looking for work in the UK, planning out my life and thinking about where I can make the biggest impact on British society. I dream of moving to the most remote part of Scotland to start a school and do whatever I can to improve the education and lives of those who live there.

I dream of being a teacher at a prominent boarding school in England, using my knowledge and passion to create a classroom environment which fosters creativity and compassion while learning new skills and discovering new places. I want to be a part of a vibrant, innovative and highly developed community where I can only dream of contributing to.

I know it sounds like I’m whining a wee bit, but enough is enough. It should not be this hard to make a change for one's own life. It shouldn’t be so difficult to become a Brit that it makes one re-consider all their life choices on a regular basis. I love you, England. I love you, Scotland. I hope that one day I can call you home but until then, please keep me in mind as a potential suitor.

Much love,

Your depressed admirer

John Romanov
John Romanov
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