Critical Literacy and its Importance

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It's impact on the knowledge.

Critical Literacy and its Importance
Critical Literacy

Have you heard this ‘critical literacy’ term before? I am sure you all have had, maybe in some other words. Critical literacy is considered as an important element. Critical literacy refers to the way one thinks, research or delivers the information.

Of course, the way teachers think or perceive makes an equal impact on the knowledge which students acquire. Imagine yourself as a student (in case, if you are actually a student then my sympathies are with you) and now think that your teacher has no critical thinking skills and everything is right for her.

Yeah, this means that you will be having wrong perceptions about so many things. Be prepared to have difficulties in your professional life.

Apart from this, there are several reasons which are enough to justify ‘why critical literacy is important’. Let’s have a look!

Critical Literacy and Facts

As content editor at UK NursingEssays One of the associated facts of critical literacy is that it helps people in differentiating between truth and false. Yes, this is the significant role that critical literacy plays in the life of an individual. If you do not have a well-developed critical sense then you will surely be able to understand or distinguish between right and wrong. Also, I claimed that this is not only one profession where one is supposed to think critically but, each profession be it nursing, engineering, media person or any other one. In each field, having a critical mind is equally important.

Power of Objection

Do you know what? You all have the right to object but only if you have all evidence or a logical rationale to present. Maybe, some of you have gone through the situation where the teacher intentionally gave a wrong statement or at the time of the interview, the employer pointed something with the wrong reference. Well, if you think that they are illiterate or do not have knowledge then you are absolutely wrong. This was their technique to check out your critical thinking level. If you failed to figure it out or even after knowing that they are wrong you couldn’t raise a voice (politely, for sure) then you are lacking the critical skills badly.

Acceptance and Ignorance

People are only able to have a power of acceptance or ignorance when they know the power of words. Are you sure you have enough capacity to accept or ignore? Well if you are lacking this power then this means you are quite far from critical literacy. Because, when you have a critical literacy then you eventually get the power to view different things from a diverse perspective. So yeah, this is how a ‘critical’ factor plays a crucial role in your life. Once you start having a diverse perspective, you will start learning when to let it go or when to show an expression of opposition. Each thing you say, think, or perceive matters obviously!

Persuasive Argument

Have you ever watched those talk shows? The ones where there are at least two or three panelists. If not, then let’s think about the lawyers, who are known as the ‘argument masters’. We all know that many times, the person who is sentenced guilty is actually a victim. But see, a lawyer made him look like a criminal. Ever thought how? Yes, exactly with the power of critical thinking. Well, this doesn’t mean that you should also start forging the truths. This simply meant that when you acquire critical literacy, you will understand how to take onset decisions and how to come up with wise decisions. Also, this indicates that your emotional involvement in the process of decision making could ruin many things.

Now you understand? What role a simple ‘critical literacy’ plays in our lives. If you think that you do not have well-developed critical perspectives then start looking for the tricks and tips now.

Carmella Baszler
Carmella Baszler
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